When should you eat breakfast before or after the exercise?

Kaitlin S.
I prefer to eat breakfast only shortly after the training. It forces body to reach for “slow sugars”, therefore i have a feeling that the process is faster

Gaspar E.
After as you will need the fuel for your body to go throughout the rest of the day and because breakfast is the heaviest meal for the day you might end up throwing up if you eat before

Anita P.
This is dependent on who you are as a person! Eating breakfast before exercising will give you the much needed energy to train harder and to go further, but make sure you leave at least half an hour before exercising to allow your food to digest. Alternatively some do not feel up to eatin before training, in this case, make sure to eat no more than half an hour after your workout to compensate for the effort put into your workout!

Ang Le Y.
Ithink a breakfast after exercise is the best way to renergize. Eating something right before exercise, especially if it's intense, can leave you feeling uncomfortable

Est Ban T.
I eat breakfast after the exercise bc it fits my schedule better and because if i change the order I'll prbly get belly ache so yeah.

Holly Z.
You should eat breakfast after you exercise, since you will feel lighter and more agile before you eat. Eating breakfast afterwards also gives you time to cool down and stop sweating before you hit the shower.

Brandon U.
I normally do not do heavy exercise! So, what I do is I eat one banana before going for morning run and small exercises. Then have egg breakfast or oats after coming back. Since I eat lunch really early, like 11:30 am. I don’t really feed myself a heavy breakfast too.

Jon U.
I feel that u should eat breakfast before if u are going to the gym one hour after it . If u are going very early I would have it after !

Warren P.
I tend to do a light excercise in the morning before I eat. I eat later at night so I give my body 12 hours between food. So I don’t eat breakfast till 9 even though I wake up at 6

Sophia E.
I have explored eating breakfast both before and after my yoga routine, and i don't find much of a dofference. There are some days where i need the extra energy and i will eat first, and other days i can't yet stomach breakfast and i will do yoga first. Your body will tell you which one you need first.

Heather T.
I think after is probably best so that you feed your muscles and regain energy. I find it hard to work out on an empty stomach tho

Alban C.
I'd say it depends on you and the exercises you do. I would suggest an hour to an hour and a half BEFORE. Choose complex carbs, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice or wheat/ whole grain breads. Do your research on good breakfast before workouts.

Harry E.
I after when u do ur workout you can have an apple and do the exercise. And after workout have a really good breakfast enrich with protein..

Nikolaj F.
You should eat breakfast after exercise. However, you should eat something small before working out, such as an apple or banana.

Adolf C.
Breakfast after exercise because it stimulates fat burning in stead of burning the easy sugar/carbs just ingested. Also you feel lighter and can exercise harder without feeling sick even if you probably wont break any records

Willie S.
If I'm exercising first thing in the morning, I'll eat breakfast. But if I'm doing it after 9am I'll have breakfast before

Eline E.
I personally have found that I feel better working out on an empty stomach (besides the preworkout) and then I feel great throughout my workout and have worked up my hungry which motivates me to actually cook a delicious healthy breakfast once I get home!

Theresa Z.
I find I need something a coffee and a banana before I go running helps me.

Definitely not a full breakfast though or I’d vomit.

Katherine R.
I believe it depends on the type of exercise. I eat breakfast before my training, that is 10-15 minutes of full body exercises. I never had problems this way. On the other hand, I would never go running after breakfast becouse il would be much more tiring.

Erica U.
Eating breakfast before or after exercise highly depends on your fitness goals. If you wish to lose fat, you should exercise on an empty stomach and eat after to replenish and if you aim to pack on mass, then you should eat before your exercise so you would have enough energy to perform heavy workout.

Lillian G.
Small snack before exercise if needed, and take some nutrition alomg on any exercise over an hour. Afterwards have a big breakfast !

Marie Z.
It totally depends on your schedule and your physical constitution. I personally don't like to exercise on a full stomach.

Susan N.
You should eat breakfast before excercice but also you should eat after it to compensate for the lose of muscle. It is prefered that your beakfast be rich in proteins .

Centa Q.
As a nutritional coach I would always tell my clients to listen to what their body wants. Do you feel hungry in the morning? If not, then it’s probably fine to wait until after your workout. If you are hungry, however, you just really need to be careful about not eating, because when your blood sugar is low it causes you to feel weak and faint. Throw on top of this agitation and impatience, and you are almost guaranteed to not have a great workout because your mind will be focused on eating rather than the task at hand.