How often do you skip breakfast? Do you notice a difference?

Gesa M.
When I don't eat in the morning I'm not hungry until it's 12 . But when I do eat I already start to get hungry around 10 or 11 😅😅. I try to eat daily but I think I skip it approximately 2 times a week.
Silje C.
I try not to skip breakfast, as I get pretty hungry in the morning and foregoing any food would leave me feeling nauseous and lethargic. So even if it's a little, I always have something to eat in the morning.
Linda U.
Maybe once per week, because I get diatracted with other things or Im in a rush. When I dont have breakfast, Im usually very hungry during the day and night. Also, I feel less energy.
K R At F.
I rarely skip a breakfast. I need to hurry i just have cornflakes as breakfast. When i skip one, i notice a difference in the following 2-3 hours. I want to get something involving sugar.
Jack Z.
Never. I can't function with it, once your body gets used to having it and relies on it you can't not have breakfast in the morning
Ajinkya Z.
I don’t skip breakfast. However, when I am in a rush, I keep easy and fast to make/heat food stuff. Worst case I grab a protein bar. Use these tips to keep up with your habit and give yourself every chance to succeed.
Rania G.
I have never tried skipping breakfast (intermittent fasting) because not having eaten breakfast I cannot continue and consentrate on the staff i have to do that day. I recommend eating a nice healthy breakfast so that you can be energised the whole day. You have that! Have a great day from me!
Ionut O.
I haven't skip breakfast 4 days :D. For me is a personal record, since I didn't usually make time to eat in the morning.
Juan B.
Not often anymore as I’ve been trying to consistently use the app. If I don’t use it, I will surely skip. My norm is no breakfast.
Kasper C.
yes it feels good to eat in the morning and ibhavent noticed a difference in eating throughout the day because i have a binging problem that im trying to conquer
Stephanie J.
I skipped breakfast all of the time because I always stay up late. I don’t anymore because I feel more positive and have more energy, now I just need to get up at the same time every day.
Alberte A.
Lately I gained the habit of have breakfast whenever I wake up,it does not matter,4 in the morning,1 in the afternoon,I need to get something healthy in my body first then I will do whatever I want,this gives my day structure and my body helps me keep going and get stuff done,it also gives me time to get my mind starting,I have been sleeping for 6,7,8 hours,sure thing I'll need time to wake up and get ready to face the world
Marc Y.
Well. I was not eating breakfast for the reason of fasting which I did not have hunger pains. Now that I eat breakfast I find that I can have hunger pains well before lunch. Are hunger pains a good think?
Suzy E.
Most mornings I skip breakfast because I drink coffee. I do notice that at work I can be a little more irritable until I eat my first meal of the day which is lunch. Eating breakfast does make a difference with my focus and ability to multi task and not feel overwhelmed and irritable while trying to work.
Becca N.
I don’t intentionally skip breakfast, I just have a very poor morning (and night) routine. I don’t make time to be productive and fuel my
Body correctly in the mornings, I’m more of a grab and go kind of person. Adapting better habits and setting a morning routine makes me feel more energized, and more productive as well as keeping myself on track with making better food choices throughout the day. It’s definitely something I want to take more seriously.
Lydia V.
I tend to skip breakfast 4 out of 7 days a week. Reason being is I don't have a very good morning routine so it's one of the last things I think about.
Deborah U.
I hardly ever skip breakfast! The only time I skip breakfast is when I am having a lazy day and sleep in super late! I can tell a difference on the days I skip breakfast. I am a lot less energized and I stay tired throughout the day.
Frida C.
I skip breakfast more often than not, but when I do eat breakfast I am more noticeably energised. I am going to try supplementing with BCAA and doing a 16:8 fast, but if this leaves me feeling tired in comparison to eating a full breakfast in the morning, I will try to implement that habit instead.
Sebastian T.
I skipped breakfast every day before, now i have a tiny or a big one every each day. I feel good eating a big one acctually, and more fatigue if i just have fruit ans some nuts, but Better than nothing. Sometimes I eat an early lunch, on weekends, instread. I feel I can go without food some hours in my own home by myself, and it works really good for up to 20 min workout. But for meeting other ppl and doing more workout I need a stready breakfast and some rest in between
Xavier O.
I skipped breakfast almost every day for a long time. I noticed now that I have been eating breakfast that I have more energy in the morning. I also have better focus.
Ella X.
I used to eat breakfast every single morning, because I thought it was the most important meal of the day. Now I just started with intermittent fasting, so I 'skip' breakfast and eat a healthy lunch at 12/13h. I notice that I am more in tune with what my body wants, so I don't get hungry in the morning. But: I'm also not very active in sports atm, could be different then 😉
Frederick Z.
It depends on how busy I am or if I sleep in. I have been trying to get up go to the gym come home make a good breakfast and start my day. I feel much better if I do this.
Adele G.
Regularly and I always regret it. I find having some veggie cookies or a popcorn bar in my car or next to my bed helps a little bit. You need to “break the fast” first thing or you won’t feel hungry and you’ll make your body run on empty all day
Hector Q.
I don't remember last time I skipped breakfast to be honest, it's my favourite meal of the day, I know that if I don't have it, I will start my day worse than usual, I become more lethargic, my mood is down and I can only think about when I will eat.
Mae F.
I try not to skip breakfast, I try to have something even it’s a piece of fruit or a yogurt. I do notice a difference I have more energy and feel more focused
Ily S Z.
I do skip breakfast in some occasions, but like you bring something with me that is healthy to eat later. If I don't I am vulnerable, as I become very hungry and become tempted by the unhealthy foods that I have easier access to.
Brianna P.
I skip every now and then but it effects me a LOT if I've kept a good schedule and randomly hurt it. Let your body have a good routine especially breakfast.
Francesca Z.
I used to skip breakfast all the time, probably 4 out of 7 days a week the first meal I'd eat would be a sandwich around 11am – now I've started drinking water as soon as I rise and having breakfast shortly after I've noticed a big difference. I eat much better for the rest of the day and I feel much more energised from early morning for the whole day.
Andy H.
I skip breakfast very often because I dint feel hungy when I wake up or I wake up late so its time for lunch. Usually I have sugar cravings when I dont eat breakfast, so yes I notice a difference.
Pauline N.
I rarely skipped breakfast the past month. Fabulous helped a lot. I did notice a difference but it wasn't that drastic. I just couldn't think that clear and I would loose my train of thought more than usual.
Elise F.
Typically not. I may have a late lunch but I always make room in my schedule to have 3 meals, no matter the size. With breakfast as one of the most important meals of the day, I'm careful with what I choose to eat because it'll affect my body's health, mood, and energy for the rest of the day.