What are some healthy breakfasts to eat on the go?

Volkan N.
Low-fat guacamole Paired with a thin slice of wholemeal bread and diluted pomegranate juice. I always at quality proteins such as low-fat cheese or one egg and I always compliment it with leafy greens.
Howard T.
Some ideas of healthy breakfast are:
Cereals with milk, one fruit and a glass of water.

1-2 boiled eggs, a glass of water and a cup of coffee.

Sandwich one fruit and/or a glass of orange juice

Somi Q.
I usually have omelette and oat pan cake and honey with black coffee super healthy, keep you filled for longer time and it’s very quick too.
Gustav P.
Avocado toast with fun toppings like Parmesan cheese, chili flakes, or just salt and pepper. A banana is quick. Or a steamed pack of edamame’s in a Tupperware.
Kaila E.
you can either eat a fruit or a salad, or if there isn’t any vegetables or fruits at all you can buy a fruit bar at the nearest store, like 7 eleven/circle k
Elsbeth O.
Eating on the go is not something that I like to do. But if I have to, I make sure that I’ve already had a big mug of tea at home before I leave the door.

Then I bring a smoothie and/or a protein bar. If possible, I wait with eating those until I’ve reached my destination. If that takes too long, I’ll eat them on the train.

Alla F.
i like to mix skyr with chia seeds, crushed cashewes or almonds, one cut up apple (or half an apple and use the rest for apple slices) and a tiny bit of coconut sugar. its really quick to make, delicious and easy to take with you in a yogurt to-go cup. sometimes i use a banana instead of an apple but be careful, both skyr and bananas are really filling! of course you can change out the fruits or nuts or add oat flakes too.

another good idea might be a bulletproof coffee, a very popular keto breakfast you can find many recipes for online. since its a liquid its really easy and convenient for on the go too. i havent tried it myself but two friends of mine are big fans of it.

Regina Y.
I like to eat breakfast bars they’re really nice and a good option when you’re in a rush but still wanna eat something healthy 🙂 <3