What’s a light breakfast that will satisfy for a few hours?

Ross E.
What works for me is making overnight oats using steel cut oats and vanilla almond milk (1/2 cup each) then mixing in cinnamon and adding fresh apple in the morning. When I eat that I’m full for hours. A granola bar and some fruit also works for something light but it won’t fill you up for as long. As someone who feels ill if they eat too much for breakfast both of these options work well for me.
Ninon O.
Scrambled egg and cheese sandwich is my favorite breakfast, but my Kashi cereal and Silk coconut milk are great for breakfast and keeping me full. So is oatmeal, and sometimes I enjoy just having some nyts and banana chips, as they fill me up good.
Debra Q.
I like to have a Tbsp of crunchy peanut butter, a banana, and a protein drink. To me, this is tasty and keeps me satisfied.
Donna Y.
I love having some fruits, like apples and grapes along side with nuts or pretzels and a bit of cheese. I also have a cup of coffee or tea.
Dircen Ia Q.
One egg and a piece of toast with peanut butter! You can also replace the egg with tofu and replace the toast with an apple!
Annie C.
I usually have Greek yoghurt with fruit such as berries, banana, etc. And it also tastes amazing when something is drizzled over it, in my case, I have rubarb sauce, or honey is also an option.
Samata F.
A light breakfast for me is a fruit bowl and some home made snacks . Keeps me energised till luch . You can also give it a try