Can you please suggest me some breakfast ideas?

Blanka E.
If your mornings are rushed, I recommend preparing overnight oats ahead of time. There are lots of different recipes. They last for several days. It’s easy to grab as you walk out the door.
Samantha Z.
One good breakfast idea, I can consider overnight oats. You can make it with different toppings and fillings but the base is yogurt, oats and milk.
Another suggestion is to make scrambled eggs with ham and a slice of bread
Layla Z.
Hands down my favorite breakfast is peppers, corn, and turkey sausage and you pan fry it all together than put it to the side in a bowl and scramble an egg or two to mix in. You can add other things like beans or avacado or cheese to make it even more of a South Western skillet bowl! It's so good!
Lester Z.
I love smoothies. I use spinach, frozen fruit (could be berries, it might be pineapple or melon), a banana, greek yogurt (plain) and soy or almond milk. Blend and drink. I also cook a 1/4 cup oatmeal, natural peanut butter, greek yogurt (plain), banana and chocolate soy or almond milk. Blend it up!
Daniel T.
There are eggs, oatmeal, some healthy cereals, granola and yogurt, cheesy toast, smoothies, shakes, and more! Be creative. Anything goes!
Jessica F.
For breakfast I like to have plain full fat yogurt with toppings like fresh blueberries, chopped pistachios, and a little cinnamon. It’s fun to get creative with toppings.

Also great: big green smoothies. Filling your body with vitamins and minerals first thing gives so much energy.

An avocado toast is super easy and tasty.

Mila Z.
Overnight oats. Oats, milk (soya works fine too) and then some cinnamon and fruits, seeds and/or nuts. Put in the fridge overnight ready to eat in the morning.
Eliot O.
Eggs but not fully dry one try to leave at least just a tiny bit of yok on them. Helps your stomach and the production on certain chemicals that tour body produces naturally. Yiu can have ut with bread or anything else too. It works. I got this from a professional and been doing it since i love it.
Johnni J.
Best smoothie ever
1/2 tsp maca
Blendable with green apple, pineapple, mint, kale
1 cup coconut milk
3/4 Cup coconut yogurt
1/2 tbsp hemp seeds
1 scoop whey protein
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
Agnes O.
I normally eat two boiled eggs, a glass of orange juice, one apple and ginger shot and some black coffee or a oat milk latte. I have heard that if you eat an egg and drink a glass of orange juice, you get all the nutrients you need from that meal.So it is a nice way to start my day I think. Or I could also sometimes eat home made cereals which consists of granola, goji berries, and some other super berries and walnuts with oat yoghurt or coconut milk. Hope this helps as a suggestion 🙂
Tasso Q.
I usually have a protein shake. It’s fast and easy and has a lot of great nutrients in it. It’s a great way to start the day.
Val Rio N.
1. Oatmela, vegetable milk, nuts, dates, peanut butter, flaxseed, hemp seeds.

2. Same but instead oatmeal use millet. Add coconut shellls, coco milk and cacao.

3. Oil in a frying pan, put jale with sliced garlic, stir 1 min. then add eggs, cover and wait for eggs to be ready, salt and pepper

Cecilie Z.
I’m always in a hurry, so sometimes I just throw it in a bag and fix it at work.
I enjoy taking whole grain cracked wheat sourdough bread or toasting it and adding avocado and then either spooning my homemade salsa over it or drizzling balsamic syrup/dressing over it.
Very flavorful, has texture and fills me up,
Ralf Dieter F.
I would suggest some fruits, nuts, some oatmeal or any other cereal like wheat and also you could include green tea which have anti-oxidants which are good to start your day right and healthy if you are allergic to oats
Achim C.
Aside from standard eggs or oatmeal try Shakshouka. It tastes great, it isn’t that hard to prepare and you can experiment with variations of it until you find the one that you like the most.
Anthony E.
I think shredded wheat is great! Easy to make first thing in the morning (cheap if you buy the Aldi version) and versatile – you can add in museli, oats, fruit nuts etc.
Don't worry if you have a dairy allergy, you can use milk alternatives – I have mine with oat milk 🙂
Theodore G.
I like mashing up a banana, mixing it with two eggs, then putting (a little!!!) butter in a pan and having a “pancake :)” you can add almond butter flax seeds etc to make it more filling if you want 🙂
Mads Z.
Hello Fabulous user. A healthy breakfast should include some sort of protein, like an egg, a slice of meat, or you can make a smoothie made with protein powder. Your breakfast should also include some fruits and or vegetables. Some put together ideas are scrambled eggs with some sausage and bell peppers, an English muffin, or some oatmeal with some fresh or dried fruit. I hope these ideas can help you feel and be healthier. Stay Fabulous!
Noah Z.
One of my favorite breakfast ideas is overnight oats with some fruit because you can stick it in the fridge and it is good to go the next morning.
Dunja Z.
8 geral bread toast with peanut butter, avocato slices, and a half hard boiled egg. Drink homemade flavored water with cucumber, cinnamon and mint
Florence Y.
I like to eat some protein, for example, chicken breast meat or ham. I combine this with fruit. This could be anything from melon to apples. Also have some cheese with apple.
Some days I have Yogurt with cereal and nuts.
Hope this helps x
Karl C.
I love eggs, they keep me full longer and I can focus better at work. I made a breakfast casserole over the weekend to have something ready to go in the morning that I can just heated up in the microwave.
Noemie N.
Depends on what kind of day you are in for, if you have alot of moving around to do keep it light like some toast and eggs or even just a granola bar or yogurt but if you sit at a desk all day dont do anything too heavy bc while you will be full you will crash during the day. So maybe just eggs, toast and some fruit or something like that.
Agathe Y.
Persian Tomato Omelet is a simple breakfast recipe and different than the other kind of omelets. It is so delicious and would be perfect if served with Lavash bread.
Taliciana I.
My favorite is oatmeal, but oatmeal with a whole lot in it 😊. Vanilla protein powder, almonds, and strawberries is one of my favorite combinations. My fall favorite is pumpkin spice with apples .
Clarence O.
Eggs are good, excellent source of protein and are actually good for making you feel energized in the morning. If you’re short on time, beat one egg in a small bowl and microwave it for 49 seconds. While that’s cooking, toast an English muffin or bread of your choice and when they’re done, make yourself a little at-home McMuffin, adding cheese, mayo and/or a slice of ham if desired. Another great option is boiling eggs the night before and either just eating one or two whole with a glass of juice or some toast, or mashing them up on a piece of toast or English muffin. Super tasty, very quick, and keeps you full.
If you don’t like eggs, try some oatmeal with fruit and/or yogurt, or even just a banana if you’re not that hungry or in a rush.
Whatever you pick, just make sure it’s not too heavy or greasy as this will only tire you later on, and try to go for something fresh like fruit or juice for energy.
Analide A.
Peanut butter with jam toast

Oats yogurt fruits and nuts

Fava beans with olives and tomatoes

Boiled egg with cheese and cucumbers

Phyllis O.
Smash one banana, half a cup of oats and a bit of milk/soy milk/almond milk in a bowbowl. Fry it on a nonstick pan likepancake and youare good to go
Oliver Z.
Chia pudding – chia seeds, coconut milk are the base. Add peanut butter, banana, berries, protein powder, or whatever you like!
Sam T.
I got hooked on protein smoothies. I don’t like cooking in the early morning but my body kills me if I don’t get protein. I keep protein powder, almond milk, and frozen fruit in stock. Then I can throw a combo together easy peasy. I add in spices or extracts if I feel like it. Or peanut butter with the chocolate powder and a frozen banana!
Jessika Q.
Eggs in a mug. It's pretty quick and simple. First, just prepare eggs(crack them, mix, etc) and then pour it into the mug you want to use. Be sure to spray the mug with nonstick first. Then, add seasonings. Finally, throw it into a microwave for however long it takes(usually around 30-50 seconds) to get the eggs nice and fluffy. Then, enjoy.
Joshua T.
Breakfast tacos are an awesome way to start your day. You can not only cook these ahead of time but it is easy to get protein from eggs, Turkey sausage or chicken sausage and load them up with precut veggies. Warm your tortillas in the morning, wrap them up and go!
Myrtle G.
I have a banana with peanut butter on it. It’s quick and easy and it allows me to go a while before getting hungry again.
Kaitlin F.
Bread slices plus preserves, one hard egg cooked the previous evening, one banana and one yogourt. And a glass of milk. I run 30 miles a week so adjust to your own needs and mileage:-)
Hazel U.
Some great breakfast ideas can be chia Pudding with some fruits of choice , vegan cheese and bread ( or pastry of choice) and orange juice or tea
Elio Q.
Yes! Overnight oats are a filling and yummy breakfast. You prepare them the night before and pop them into the fridge. I add peanut butter in mine for added protein.
Margie J.
I boil a bunch of eggs ahead of time, microwave eggs, or have bananas at work. Make inconvenient food into convenience food. That's my strategy.
Maja X.
My mom's recipe for eggs benedict is a good option. Toast a slice of oat nut bread, layer on a few slices of avocado and sliced ham, a poached egg and hollandaise
Fel Cia F.
So I hate eggs so much and that’s like a staple healthy breakfast food. But if you love eggs ou should eat them in all ways with minimal oil added to them. And if you’re not watching your sodium intake definitely add loads of spices. I’m a North African Arab and I looooove spices. They jazz up anything. Like today I had an everything bagel, an iced coffee, and potatoes Obrien with some cayenne ,seasoned salt, tajin, and Chuli powder. If you’re more of the sweet kind of person, which I am a lot of the time, have a smoothie. They’re great to take to work. I also looooove baking. So on the weekend before the workweek, try baking some yummy muffins with honey as a sweetener and dark chocolate as on of the fix-ins. Soo yummy. 😁
Carlos C.
I have an awful appetite in the mornings, so the thought of cooking and eating solid foods is near impossible. I stick to a smoothie with a frozen banana, almond milk, peanut butter & chocolate protein powder. Lately I’ve snuck in some chia seeds and spirulina green powder (can’t taste it at all). I like the bananas but they go bad so quickly so I find freezing them at perfect ripeness works well for me. Everything else is pretty close to non-perishable.
Higina E.
Overnight oats are a great option! There are lots of great recipes online and since it uses yogurt and rolled oats it’s a great source of protein. Eggs are also a good option!
Nikolaj Z.
Eggs. Don't be shy with them. Have as many as you need to feel satiated. 4 or 6 is not uncommon for me. Mix in some salsa and avocado for some extra goodness!