Is it a problem if you eat the same breakfast every day?

Felix W.
I eat a banana every day when I wake up aside from if Im still strong out or wasted from the day before… then typically i either oatmeal, a yogurt fruit smoothie or eggs.. I dont know if it's a problem to eat the same thing but it sure sounds boring… oatmeal is amazing… the end
Bob P.
Yes it is if I dont add something new to the meal. For example oatmeal or egg. Probably because I look forward to the new tastes. But eating eggs/oatmeal every morning won't be a problem..
Just need to spice it up!
Otac Lia Q.
Beter the same then none at all. If its a good nutricious breakfast then even beter.
But, with time, when you have breakfast down as a habit, you might ask your self: What would I like to eat, what (healthy), foods do I want to eat? I belive that what we want to eat is what we need and miss in our diet.
Marcus M.
Some find it easier. Just watch for boredom. I personally alternate the same two breakfasts every other day. Steel cut oatmeal and a hardboiled egg one day. Grits and turkey sausage the next. So far it works for me and I have not gotten bored yet after about 4 weeks.
Fredo Z.
Although variety is important, I think having the habit of eating (healthy) breakfast every day is even healthier. So if your way to eat breakfast every morning is to eat the same thing every day then well done you!
S L Na E.
As long as it's well balanced. If your only having a banana for breakfast, every day, I would say that isn't the best for you and your overall nutrition.
Russell O.
Hey, i dont eat the same breakfast every day, but if i would, it's not hard for me. Because i eat my favorit breakfast and i'd like to eat it.
Hana T.
Both yes and no. It is easyer because you don't have to think about what to eat. It is easier to pick a healthy option then. But I am a person who easily gets board and eat something so often that I adventiolly feel sick when eating it. So I need a few healthy options to chose between. Then it is easier to pick and I don't get bored of something
Brunhilde F.
No it is not a problem. Having the same breakfast every day removes the process of having to think about what to eat. Removing the friction of having to think increases the likelihood of success.
Bertha U.
Yes. Definitely. Daily breakfast should be altered at the least and changed at the best for better nutrition and energy boost. Taking same breakfast everyday may create unusual allergies towards the ingredients in your breakfast, also, it may make you intolerent towards other healthy food substances.
It will also be counted into excessive comsumption.
Marilyn Z.
No, as long as it's healthy and you take pleasure in eating it. I might get bored but I know many people prefer the simplicity of a limited diet.
S Rgio S.
I would struggle to eat the same thing every day. A variety of veg, fruit, fat, carb and protein gives me the variety of nutrients I need to get on with my day.
Heinrich P.
On the one hand it’s important to eat as much variety of foods and therefore nutrients as possible. On the other hand might the same breakfast every day keep you on track and as long as you vary within the rest of the meals, it should be no problem to eat the same breakfast everyday.
Dariusz H.
I don’t eat the same thing every day
I try to vary a little
Different fruit or veg and protein
I’m not a sweet eater so happy with leftovers from dinner is a good place to start
I bring two meals with me and sometimes switch lunch and breakfast
Hatice J.
Its not a problem of you like what you eat for breakfast. I eat porridge most breakfasts. I vary the fruit I add. Peaches one day. Blueberries the next. Or banana. Whatever I have on hand. I look forward to breakfast
Gladys Z.
If it gets you out of bed and gets you going then I suppose not. Especially if you're budgeting. Personally, I get bored with the same breakfast so little tweaks to my meal like having a different fruit or a different beverage every day helps keep me on track. So if you find yourself bored don't be afraid to make those tiny changes! Otherwise if it works for you then keep at it!
Ethan T.
it is not a problem for me eating the same breakfast every morning. i prefer to eat two slides of bread, a piece of cheese, two boiled egg, some olives and coffee.
Nikolaj E.
If your breakfast is healthy, i don't think it is a problem. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it would be better if you enjoy your meal.
Nolan Z.
Not if you are still eating different kinds of food for lunch and dinner. I eat the same breakfast almost every day (oatmeal), but then I aim for something different for lunch and dinner every day to make sure I still get enough essentials that my body needs. If you are eating too unilateral, this can be bad for your body.
Emily P.
I, personally, get bored if I eat the same thing every day. However, I've had weeks when I don't have time to plan different breakfasts, so I just ate toasts with boiled eggs and a fruit. And I don't feel worse with time. It's still a great energy source. I guess it's good if you eat various food types in general. But you can accomplish that at lunch or dinner. So I think it's ok to eat the same breakfast every day. 🙂
Klemens U.
I don’t think it’s a problem if it’s something healthy. I think keeping a routine with as few changes as possible helps to build an everyday habit that lasts. If you now what you’re having every morning for breakfast then there’s nothing to think about it just becomes second nature 😊
Marine Y.
It’s not a problem. I think I used to eat the same kind of products every breakfast. Just different variations. But sometimes I have mornings when I eat something different. I try to act by my body needs
Ma Line E.
I don’t have a problem with having same breakfast expect Sundays mornings I love to celebrate those with special breakfast
Francesca Q.
No, as long as you keep your breakfast healthy and mix it up for the rest of the meals to avoid nutritional deficiencies. You could also switch one ingredient in your breakfast every day/week (for example: different toppings for oatmeal/ sandwiches).
Darryl E.
I think so, cause your body needs different types of food for different types of nutrients so you have a variety . You might like to changeit every week
Roberta J.
If you're eating a healthy meal then it's fine. You might get tired of eating it but it's not like the nutrients will be less effective over time.
Irene S.
Exactly the same becomes boring. Similar with variations works for me. I prefer to know I'm getting a good breakfast, but with some variety.
Justine O.
No, not really. The goal here is to make sure you are eating every morning. If you need to eat the same thing, by all means keep it up. It's better than the alternative (not eating).

You will do better with a breakfast that is well rounded, so, if you're just eating one thing every day try to add something to it. Say you eat a yogurt every morning, try eating a cheese stick one day, or some berries the next, maybe toast or boiled eggs– but keep eating the one thing you want to eat every morning, that's your habit! And that habit is good for you!

Unless your doctor says to stop, of course. Then try to find a compromise 😉 (ie if you get gallstones then instead of whole milk yogurt try lowfat or Greek etc)

Judith Z.
No. I usually change from time to time and have a better one on weekends. But on week days I usually take the same thing for some time
Michele Z.
Not really but it is good to mix it up a little. Try and get decent amount of protein, mix up carbs? Toast one day with peanut butter toppes with banana, next day porridge, dollop of almond butter, with chopped strawberries. Not really a prob but makes it more interesting.x
Ella S.
Not necessarily although with variety comes well rounded nutrition. And to be honest, I simply can’t stomach tasting the same food every day!
Annette T.
Why would it be a problem? As long as the breakfast is healthy and gives you energy to go about your day and is fulfilling your hunger, i'd say don't go out of your way to try and find different breakfast ideas for each day of the week. Find a healthy, simple, "cheap" breakfast that works for you, and enjoy it everyday! Scrambled eggs, whole grain toast and a fruit (apple, banana) is my go-to.
Kay Z.
Sometimes it is for me. When eating becomes monotonous, I begin to go back into the same routine of eating junk and craving for food that isn't healthy. However, there are times when having the same breakfast — one which I like — will prompt me to eat despite the sameness.
Scarlett U.
No! People who promote habits suggest that it is good! I personally don’t like eating the same thing every day, so I don’t, which is fine as well!!
Hatice S.
It depends. I eat an omlette every morning with a wide array of veggies on it. I feel it gives me a good amount of protein, as well as important nutrients from the veggies. The problem with my breakfast is that it can get boring. I just remind myself how healthy it is for me.
Alma Y.
No, it isn’t a problem but it can get boring quickly! Eating the same things in some type of rotation helps me feel like I have options but also keeps my choices healthy.
Friedrich Karl F.
Yes it is a problem, I want different foods and nutrition and my body changes daily I dont see why my food shouldn't too.
Joy S.
No it’s not a problem. As long as it’s something I enjoy. Simplicity and routine makes me more likely to eat breakfast and also helps free up ‘brain space’ up for other tasks. It is nice to mix it up a bit though and enjoy variety. Having a few ‘go to’ breakfasts helps make decisions easier and still enjoy a variety of nutrients in a morning.
Micha O.
As long as is a balanced breakfast I don't think so. I try to always include carbs, protein, healthy fats and a piece of fruit. I just switch it up because I get bored
Terry Z.
As long as it's nutritious, filling, and you love it, eat what you like for breakfast, even if it's the same thing everyday!
Loeci Q.
It’s not a problem for me. I pre-plan my meals for the workweek so having the same breakfast every day is easy and I don’t mind it. I don’t have to think about it.
Jeanne Z.
I don't think so. I have oats with seeds and banana. Sometimes I add strawberries or blueberries. On the weekend maybe I have brunch or eggs and bacon.
Julia O.
I guess if that breakfast doesn't have a balance of nutrients, then yes. But if it's balanced and helps you energize, I'd say it's fine!
Halina S.
Personally I tend to alternate between oats and bananas depending on how much time I have. It shouldn't really be an issue if every other meal is a balance of different things but mentally, you may bore yourself and there might be a danger that if you're bored of it, you won't do it. That said, if that's part of a routine for you that works, use it in your celebration that you're committing to something solid like that and that allows you to feel proud and happy of your stable breakfast but also keeps you aware of it and mindful of any changes you might see or feel 🙂
Jonathan W.
I imagine it's not problem if gives you what you need (protien, complex carbs, fat and fiber) and you enjoy it… I get bored and picky and sometimes don't eat because it's hard to decide.
Shannon C.
It Is most important to build the habit and in order to do so I think it better to strat routine with some meal everytime. You can always change the dressing or the dish but not the ingridiates