What’s your go-to healthy breakfast when you’re on a time crunch?

Celeste P.
I have an A,B,&C:
Grits, eggs, & toast maybe bacon. Sometimes plain old peaches & cream oatmeal or cereal rice krispies are my fav. Depending on how much of a crunch time I have.
Marlen S.
Since, im an asian and the diet mainly consists of rice and stuff, my usual breakfast consists of dosa or idly, which are made out of rice flour and lentils which create a batter, and for sidedish it's usually sambar or chutney, which are made out of vegetables and lentils, rich in proteins.
Adam U.
I have a healthy protein shake with banana, if it's not enough I have fruit and yoghurt. it's simple, light and healthy.
Lyna Z.
Just a quick yoghurt with loads of nuts in there. It’s healthy and quickly prepared. You can even take it on the way with you.
Taylor M.
when i sleep in and don’t have time to sit down and eat, i usually drink smoothies. i buy smoothies from the grocery store and then i put them in my fridge. i drink then while i walk to school.
Astrid B.
Nothing beats some nuts and fruits when you don't have enough time to prepare. I also love eating honey and almond corn flakes with cold milk when I'm on a time crunch.
Just get come salad (cucumbers, carrots etc) and some fruits (any high fiber fruit) and some nuts (almonds, walnuts etc) take them along if you don't have enough time to eat at home.