What’s a good breakfast to eat if you’re trying to have energy and lose weight?

Jesus Z.
Eggs are rich in protein and have been shown to increase fullness, reduce food intake later in the day and enhance weight loss.

Wheat germ is high in fiber. Studies show that cereal fiber may help reduce appetite, decrease your risk of weight gain and keep blood sugar levels stable.

Yogurt is high in protein and has been associated with decreased hunger and food intake, plus a lower risk of weight gain.

Bananas are high in fiber, which can keep you feeling fuller longer. Unripe bananas also contain resistant starch, which may help decrease food intake and belly fat.

Thea P.
First before eating breakfast always drink water at least 30 minutes before every meal, then you can eat , that will help lose weight significantly , You should eat a breakfast that has vitamins ( like fruit) carbohydrates ( like cereals and bread) and a Dairy products ( like milk and yogurt etc.) with less sugar as possible 🙂
I hope my answer helps~

Mauri N.
Mostly protein, but it depends on your metabolism. Try to incorporate some protein and a side of veggies. Any veggies will do.

Constance S.
I'm not sure but fruit is pretty much always a good choice. A granola mix with lots of nuts is healthy and it doesn't leave you empty. I myself like it with yoghurt but I don't think that's very effective for weight loss, although I believe that you can eat anything as long as it's varieted and in small portions

Olivia U.
When I was trying to lose weight, I found that a good and filling breakfast was peanut butter toast with banana or avocado toast. I wish you luck on your journey!

Paige Z.
Overnight oats. They’re delicious and my favourite breakfast to eat. You can add some honey if you want it to be sweeter aswell!

Rose T.
Something that is high in protein and has a some carbs and healthy fats! Think along the lines of eggs, Greek yogurt, protein pancakes or French toast, etc!