My partner doesn’t understand the importance of a high energy breakfast (I have porridge with sugar and peanut butter then a bacon sandwich or eggs on buttered toast after). She keeps telling me to meditate and eat more fruit. How can I explain to her why it is important to get as much energy in your breakfast as possible and that meditation doesn’t work?

Line Q.
People are different something that might work for you might not work for other meditation and fruit might work really well for her and she just want to share her joy just as you want to share yours. The best thing that could happen is both of you coming to an understanding. You are both being healthy in different ways. It's about acceptance and support. You are both doing great. You just need to cheer each other more on with the good habits.
Claudemiro F.
Meditation also works. Breakfast comes first, because your body is starved in the morning. But cut the sugar and butter. That will make the breakfast healthy. Add some fruits once in a while.