I always tend to have something sweet in the morning. What savoury breakfasts are tasty and quick to put together?

Carl C.
Make egg muffins on the weekend and keep them in the fridge or freezer. Mix eggs with your favorite veggies and a little cheese. Ladle the mixture in to muffin tins and bake until they aren't jiggly anymore. In the mornings you can grab an egg muffin on the go. They heat up well or you can eat them cold out of the fridge if you prefer. If you heat them up just be careful not to cook them too long or they will get rubbery.
Emil W.
If you like sweet, try making a smoothie with whey or soy protein. You can do chocolate or vanilla, powder peanut butter and berries with banana; delicious. For more savory breakfasts, try scrambled eggs with spinach, chicken breast and roasted potatoes! If you don't worry about too many carbs, breakfast burrito is the best breakfast of them all.
Sohan T.
Fried egg over hot, white rice. Make a bunch of rice to use each morning. The egg is simple, and can be topped with a variety of seasonings, herbs, and/or sauces.
Melissa S.
Avoid sweets in the morning, I also struggle with that. My options are banana if I don’t feel hungry or blueberries. I also use banana to make peanut butter sandwich instead of using the bread. If I’m hungry I’ll do the scramble egg whites and use coconut oil or sometimes boil it instead. Then I will eat it with reddish and avocado.
Anael Q.
2,Broiled eggs, turkey bacon omelet spinach, tomatoes,cheese with water or ginger tea
Avery U.
I always eat some wholemeal toast with avocado every morning.
Its very sweet and delicious.
And if you are still hungry you can get an apple too.
I know you can do it.
Lisa J.
I will whip an egg in a microwavable bowl (rub a small amount of butter inside the bowl first to prevent the egg from sticking and for easier clean up) with a teaspoon of water, a tablespoon of grated cheese and a sprinkle of a herb or spice I like. Microwave the eggs for about 1 minute and 15 seconds depending on your microwave. Remove it carefully as it is hot and eat as is or on a piece of toast.
Brayden E.
Hi! It depends on at home or on the go. At home, throw some dried fruit into oatmeal with the water. The fruit will swell and become juicy, and dried fruit is like candy, so do it in moderation. At work, set out some yogurt the nite before and top with frozen mixed berries, they will thaw overnite.
Line G.
I would prefer, get yourself some sweet yogurt, 2 bananas, a double egg omlete and some fries (it may have cholesterol but you can't do anything with nothing)
Marius U.
It's hard to go wrong with a spoonful of plain greek yogurt, a handful of mixed nuts, eggs, and toast. The first two take under a minute to prepare and eat, while the toast and eggs ca easily be made at the same time in about five minutes. I also like to throw some cheese and meat coldcuts onto a tortilla, fold it in half twice, then stick it in the toaster oven. It's surprisingly good.
Carl W.
I don't like sweet breakfast so it's good for me. But when I eat something it is banana/apple or something like that, but it happens rarely.
Edda A.
I like to have some hard boiled eggs on hand. Sometime, after slicing one in half, I put a drop (or 2) of Tobasco Sauce on each yolk. Gives me a shot of spicy with a good supply of protein.
Marie W.
Sandwiches are your best bet. An avacado sandwich with pepper and salt or an egg sandwich with some organic spread & cream seracha are good & quick starters.
Jeanne T.
My breakfasts always tend to err on the slightly sweet side but not the overly sweetened cereals that are aimed at children. So porridge oats with banana or with fruit juice instead of milk, toast and marmalade…
Irma N.
If you prepare a few ingredients the night before like grated cheese and chopped bits and pieces (of whatever you like) an omelette goes very quickly. Its just the preparation that takes time.
Deborah O.
I am a big fan of breakfast sandwiches. Right now I am enjoying one that had turkey sausage and the bun is quiche-like and has spinach and turkey bacon.
Eli P.
I like making mini egg quiches and freezing them. In the morning I grab a quiche and microwave it.
Noah C.
I like to start my day with a bowl of fruit and some yogurt. It's a healthy way to have something sweet for breakfast. Plus you make your breakfast fruit bowl before bed that way it's ready in case you're running late!
Romane S.
I like to eat oatmeal with cinnamon, apples, and honey.
Richard W.
I personally like to eat eggs in any form. Or whole grain bread with some cheese, salami of sorts, green salad, something simple to put on a sandwich. Whole grain bread keeps me fuller than white bread.
No Lie Y.
Sometimes, I'll take a fruit or a berry, cut it into chunks and put it in vanilla yogurt. Peaches, strawberries, blueberries, tangerines, pears and raspberries are all great options.

I prefer Greek yogurt, as opposed to regular yogurt. Greek yogurt has the whey removed from it. It's healthier and tends to be more dense in texture. And, because of the higher density, it's more rich in protein.

Finally, sometimes I'll also add granola.

Herlander Q.
I almost always have a croque-monsieur type of thing, with various fillings i.e. any veggies in the fridge. And some fruit on the side. And of cause black coffee.
Jeppe P.
If you’re looking for something savory, eggs are always one way to go. You can pair them with an English muffin for some carbs, too, or you can mix them with avocado to increase the fat content. Eggs take about 5 minutes to pull together, and if you have the veggies chilling in your fridge pre-cut, that makes it easier. You could also whip up a quick sweet potato hash for a healthy starch, and depending on how you season it, it could be savory or sweet.

Another option is to create more savory versions of your favorite foods or reduce the sugar content. For example, you could add basil to your French toast or reduce the amount of sugar in your pancakes and pair it with almond butter instead of syrup.

Full-disclosure: I’m a pescatarian, so I don’t typically eat meat at breakfast. Thus, my recommendation about eggs as a protein.

Engr Cio N.
Eggs, be it scrambled, sunny side up, or over easy are always quick and easy for me. While it cooks I add salt pepper and whatever seasonings I am feeling, garlic, chili powder, etc. I also have it with some whole wheat toast for fiber.