If I’m not hungry when I wake up in the morning, should I still force myself to eat?

Victoria P.
I do and I find I feel content later when I normally would be starving after that initial not hungry feeling has passed.
Vera O.
Breakfast is the most important meal of all, as you probably have heard many times before. The reason why it's so important tho, is because it fuels your body for the day. It also kick starts your methabolism so the food you eat througout the rest of the day is digested well. My advice: try to eat something even when you're not hungry, eat a piece of fruit and some yoghurt, so you can start your day right
Avery R.
First drink water, then wait 30 min and go eat.
Even if you are not hungry you will accept food more easily.
And don't eat every day the same thing
Teri O.
Maybe eat something small! I understand that its not nice to eat when you are hungry and forcing is not good. But its still very important to eat so try to eat something little so it doesnt feel like forcing but you still eat something which is still important. I dont know a lot about this maybe ask your doctor next time you see xem
Indigo E.
It depends on what you normally do in a day. If you sit at an office desk, then yes you must eat or exercise. If you don't then your metabolism won't start and you'll gain weight that's hard to work off. If you have an active day, yes you need to eat to keep your energy. My answer is that you need to eat at least a little bit.
Katie E.
In my experience, the short answer is no. I find I'm not hungry when I first wake up as I'm most likely too busy getting ready for work. What works for me is bringing something with me to eat when on the go as I find I'm hungry about an hour or 2 after I wake up. Find a way that works for you. Perhaps eating just a slice of toast is better than having an empty stomach till lunch time if you don't have the option to eat while at work.
Jenna N.
Its always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your body needs every nutrient and source of protein it can get. I do recommend having a breakfast every morning but if you feel like you can’t eat, then I suggest maybe trying smoothies? You could also just try drinks that are actually made for people who’d rather not actually eat breakfast. 🙂
Maxwell O.
Yes. Even if it’s something small like a banana, apple, or a hard boiled egg. A protein bar is a great thing to have in the morning. That food will give you an energy boost for the day and wake your body up and get your insides moving making your body put in work. Don’t eat until you feel like you’re about to puke, just have something so that way your body has energy and you won’t feel like you’re starving in the middle of the day. It is possible to have severe migraines as well from lack of food. Those migraines are the worst and feel like they take the longest to recover from. So have some food to prevent those from happening!!
Arusha N.
You can eat something small. Like dates. It gives you energy and is not heavy on your tummy. If you don't feel hungry every day, then you must reflect on your food habits. Maybe you're not hungry in the morning because you eat a heavy dinner. It is important to eat light for dinner because your body won't get much movement at the night as you sleep which reduces the rate of digestion. This effects your long term health and makes you gain weight over time.
Kathleen Z.
Yes, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You may not be hungry, but still, our body needs a source of energy from foods since we were fasting while asleep.
Simon A.
I would not force myself to eat, I would rather wait some time and then eat a little something like a granola bar. If I force myself to ear, I will not feel good physically and mentally.
Wera V.
If I’m not hungry in the morning I could go for a lighter option to fuel myself. Though I don’t feel hunger my body still needs food to get through the day
Vedanti E.
Your body needs energy to stay energetic throughout the day , so skipoing breakfast is not beneficial, Eat something as light as fruits or nuts or cereals. Yes eating at least a smalk amount is necessary
Meshwa C.
No you should not force yourself and it's not necessary to have heavy breakfast instead you can have a glass of milk or juice instead of having heavy breakfast…
Sparkie P.
No, don't force yourself to eat. But do try; You could make yourself something small (Eggs, toast, a small bowl of fruit, yogurt & granola/fruit(or both) or maybe just an apple or some other fruit) A breakfast smoothie also works, it's still nutritional and it sits better in your tummy (if eating in the morning makes your stomach upset) But if non of that sounds appealing; You could also just wait for a small chunk of time till you find yourself hunrgy then make a nutritional meal
Jimena N.
You should never have to force yourself to do anything. When you're hungry you eat but even if you aren't that hungry maybe have something small like an apple it isn't going to be much but it's something.
Jerry I.
Try to have your dinner the day before early like between 7-8. Then the next day you try to workout and make to sweat your body and I will get hungry automatically
Nick W.
Yes you should. If you don't for a long period of time your body starts to confuse hunger signals and you will start to feel very ill in the mornings, making you unable to eat, which will make you feel ill later in the day- when this occurs everyday that's when you start building an eating disorder, and it will become a challenge to eat at all.