I sometimes like to sprinkle grains, nuts and fruit on a green salad for breakfast. Is there any reason I shouldn’t eat a raw greens salad after my morning workout?

Br S Q.
No, green salad alone shouldn‘t get you as bloated as raw green vegetables and eating before you work out provides your body with the energy you need to be your best self. Try and always sprinkle some carbohydrates in there to fill your tank with energy for the morning.
Sandra P.
Nah, friend! It was the egg, cereal & milk industries that put the concept of "breakfast food" in our heads through advertising! Eat what you like no matter the time of day! Be well!
Melissa T.
While I would recommend adding some additional protein (nuts are typically more healthy fat than protein) to ensure your body has the amino acids it needs to repair/rebuild your muscles (this maximizing the impact of your workout), that sounds like a perfect post workout morning meal.
Cara C.
After working out, especially in the morning, your metabolism is at its highest! This means that you should have a hefty, protein-filled, balanced breakfast to kickstart your day!
I hope this helps, and keep up the good work!! 🌟🌟
Stephen U.
I can't think of a single reason for why not. Have you ever felt bad after eating raw greens salad post-workout in the morning? If you feel good then I'd say keep doing it 😉
Aniqa N.
Before your workout become if you eat after your workout you would feel sick and vomit the food out with all the excerise you have done
Joseph U.
I don’t really see any reason not to eat them, just don’t drink or eat too much before or after a workout to make sure but you don’t feel sick to your stomach.

Good luck! ♡