What is your favorite healthy breakfast? Do you eat the same thing or change it up sometimes?

Evelin N.
Usually i eat oatmeal every day. Not the same flavour always but sometimes i get tired of it so i change it. That's when i make crumbled eggs and avocado/vegetable cream and put it in a whole grain bagel or bread.

Diora Q.
Ok I'll b honest I don't eat healthy breakfasts much but if I do I have mixed berries on home made low sugar waffles or pancakes. Then I add honey cos its a healthier topping. The sharp berries rlly wake me up! And I drink tea with it
Have a great day!<3

Eden Z.
I always eat 200 g of fruit, 10 g of dried fruit (almonds, cashews, etc.), 30 g of bread, 200 ml of milk and a cup of tea. I change the fruit and dried fruits depending on the season.

Alice O.
I like to have 3 options available if I can, including 1) yoghurt granola and fruit; 2) cereal (low sugar) and milk; and 3) toast and spread/marmite, or eggs. It’s good to try to include fruit in your breakfast so your have started your fruit&veg daily intake first thing. If I’m not hungry I’ll try to have yoghurt, and come back later on for more. I prefer “little and often” to large meals!

Elisa F.
When i eat breakfast, i always go for a fruits to give me the vitamins that a need for the day, or a yogurts, but I never really get a large breakfast, I just think it's too much calories.

Nora N.
Cocoa oats! I have been eating them every morning for a week or so. I top the oats off with banana, seeds, coconut flakes, vigs and a little bit of honey. You should definitely try this! If you want a vegan breakfast, replace the honey with maple syrup. Bon appetite!

Jessica Y.
I love making fruit smoothies. They are super easy to make with frozen fruit from the grocery store and milk of your choosing. With a fruit smoothie, there’s plenty of variety so long as you pick the fruits you want to put in, and it’s really healthy too!

Marika S.
I change it every day. I love to drink cold milk in summer and hot tea in winter, but sometimes I drink coffee. Once a week I like to eat a croissant with marmalade. I often eat fresh fruit like apples, cherries, or strawberries, and I like to eat a couple of nuts. Sometimes I eat biscuits specially made with wholemeal flour.

Rebecca O.
I feel like I change my breakfast every day and I depends on my mood. However on my favourite breakfast is avocado with egg on rice cakes

Jennifer N.
My favorite breakfast used to be oatmeal. I used to eat it everyday and switched it up every now and then. Cinnamon, brownie, apple, raisin, you name it. But now I can’t stand the taste, texture or smell. It’s weird, really. These days I enjoy eating granola with dairy free yoghurt with raisins and honey. The honey is completely unnecessary, but the sweetness fills me with a feeling of comfort.
Someday I will grow tired of granola and find something else I enjoy.

Julia N.
It really depends on how much time I have in the morning. Sometimes I’ll take the time to eat a really fulfilling, healthy breakfast, and others I will grab a granola bar and a yogurt smoothie and go. I don’t eat super healthy every day and for every meal but I try to balance it out with a healthier breakfast and lunch. For dinners I usually eat whatever I feel like

Grace Y.
Well, I love home-cooked food. So most of the time I eat breakfast at home. I would love to have a simple yet nutritious meal, and I usually eat traditional food of my country. Sometimes I just have a boiled egg with rice. Sometimes I change and go outside to have some soup or Pho. It is interesting to eat outside, but I don't always like eating out.

Sophia Y.
My favourite breakfast has to be either banana pancakes or granola/oats. As you can tell, I do not eat the same breakfast everyday and I eat what my body is craving, some include banana/berries with weatabix and milk, avocado and scrambled egg on toast, yogurt and oats or even an easy and quick fruit salad. Banana pancakes, however, are most likely my favourite. They just fill the gap I need filling at the beginning of the day, after a short stretch. All you need is 1 banana, 1 egg, 1 pan and some oil (fat free if possible), for one serving. Firstly, you wisk together the banana and egg and then place them in a lightly oiled pan. Cook until lightly browned on each side and serve with honey/berries/whatever your heart desires.

Rebecka O.
I try to eat the same thing every morning. That way I dont have to put any extra energy into choosing what to eat! I eat two eggs, two toasted slices of bread and a cup of coffee every morning, then if course I add a glass of water to that:)

Diora Q.
Ok I'll b honest I don't rlly eat healthy breakfasts much but when I do I like berries and mixed fruit on some home made low sugar waffles or pancakes because then I add honey instead of caramel or condensed milk because its tasty but wayyy healthier
And the sharpness from the berries rlly wakes me up! And I drink some green tea
Have a great day!<3

Diora Q.
Mixed berries on home made low sugar waffles or pancakes with honey on tip. And tea
The sharp berries wake u up and the honey makes it tasty and tea is relaxing
Have a great day!<3

Mathias X.
Honestly, these morning I haven’t really been eating breakfast. I’m just not hungry in the morning. I’m also getting less and less hungry during the day. Also during the morning I don’t feel hungry, but I also just don’t have time. I don’t. My dad doesn’t eat breakfast and he’s fine but he also doesn’t eat lunch and then is hangry by the time dinner comes around. I might have to have something small in the morning, but not really something at lunch.

Madina N.
Fried Eggs with vegetables. I know that most of people can say that fried food is not a healthy choice. But for me it much more important to enjoy my breakfast which will allowed me feel much more better in the rest of the day.

Pookan X.
Actually, i love to eat croissant for the breakfast. It's so healthy for my mind! But if the breakfast that healthy for my body, i'll choose a granola with a milk or plenty yogurt.

Sonja O.
I change my breakfast every now and then, although most times I'm fairly repetitive. Most often I'm eating bread with butter and jam or honey – that's my absolute favourite thing to eat in the morning. I don't eat sweets during the day, so I think it's not that bad. When I want to mix things up, I eat bread with cheese and cucumber slicea, and on cold days I like simple oats with a coffee.

Hector Z.
My favorite healthy breakfast is oatmeal with dark chocolate and strawberries. I usually have oats to breakfast, but I try to switch it up so I can be creative with the food I eat. My second favorite breakfast is healthy oat pancakes with dark chocolate chips. Those are delicious. And my go-to breakfast is toast with a sunny side up egg.

Madeline N.
I would say that my favorite big breakfast is two pieces of toast, a slice of provolone cheese, bacon, and a very thin slice of egg (you can make it thicker though, it is just my preference).
For a quick breakfast would be something like bacon and a yogurt or an English muffin with butter. For drink I like orange juice or cranberry juice.

I also do like changing up my breakfast quite a lot, I get bored by the same every day so maybe one week I will have bacon and English muffin but the next week I will have granola bar and a banana. It all depends on how much time you have and your mood. Hope this helped.

Best wishes 😊

Gordon Y.
I usually have the same breakfast which contains bread, cheese,butter and milk but somedays I add fruits to it like an apple or a banana

Debra P.
I try to change it up. But now im thi king that i should stick to the same stuff to make it an easier habit. Maybe i can switch it up each week to keep it intwresting. Or go with different items but the same theme. Like fruit options or nut options.

Kunta U.
I change it up, but My favorite breakfast probably consists of grits or oatmeal, sliced apples, ham, 2 piece's of Rye Bread with Cream Cheese, Or a Bagel with Cream Cheese. Bacon, 3
Sunny-Side Up Eggs every other day and the others Hard boiled.

Jo S F.
I usually eat something sweet like a brioche accompanied by fruit like a banana.
I often change my breakfast like today I eat an apple and tomorrow a mandarin

Max T.
If I’m putting effort in it tends to be yoghurt and granola with honey, I’ve added raspberries sometimes but I rarely have any in stock. I tend to eat the same thing every day, either the yoghurt or I have rice crispies with soy milk, that’s my go to brekky

Lydia J.
Still a long way to go
Normally my favorite breakfast is something without bread or flour
Like authentic native Sri Lankan rise with a protein source like an egg or fish
add some simple fruits like papaya banana or avacado

Terry N.
My go-to is overnight oats. That's porridge oats, with frozen fruit, and then in the morning I add yoghurt. I tried smoothie yesterday, but it didn't keep me full. My friend has recommended that I add protein powder to bulk it up and help me stay filler for longer!

Isa N.
At the moment I haven’t been eating breakfast- I have a protein shake after my morning exercise – I’ll have dried fruit and nuts around 9/10am

At lunch at 12/2pm
It’s only a 2 week trial

Henning R.
My go to breakfast is peanut butter sandwich with a cup of coffee. Finishing it up with a bottle of water and a banana while driving to work. Occasionally I'll have a big breakfast with eggs sausage hash browns and 3 eggs over easy with a couple pieces of toast. Or even have a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit and nuts. On those days I work early though that small go to breakfast is what gets me out the door.

Sheikh N.
I eat vegetables and flat bread. I normally make changes to my vegetable like I try dofferent recipies in it. And overall it is realy healthy

Tobias W.
Provaly overnight oats with banana, cinnamon and some nuts! I do switch it up, but normally I have the same for a few days, befor I get tired of it 🙂

Fabio Y.
For the last week, I’ve been waking up getting ready for the day and eating some fruit along with natural almonds. To be specific, I’ve been eating a few pieces of cut up pineapple and a handful of almonds. Hope this helps!

Andreas X.
Eggs. All kinds of eggs. But time to time I like to switch to something else like polenta or oatmeal. When I don't have the time to eat breakfast, I mostly eat a sandwich which I made out of a tortilla.

Roland X.
I dont love eat first thing in the morning. so after my morning walk and therapy i like to have a protien shake, protein powder, chis seeds and a cup of frozen berries. sometimes if i have it i will add spinach and avacado as well.

Yin N.
Personally I have a harder time when it comes to eating breakfast. My stomach doesn't like to accept food in the mornings. I've learned that boiled eggs, fruit of any kind, and meat help me feel the best later on and don't make me nauseous. Maybe 3 hard boiled eggs, a sausage or two, and fruit/toast with butter. These are my favorite!

Gabriella O.
I think my favourite breakfast is granola with milk. And I always change my breakfast everyday because my mom who cooks it love variety of foods

Eric N.
I had three different breakfasts on my first three days. The first was toast with plum jam from lite n easy, which I found boring. Then I tried a piece of fruit with peanut butter, but the peanut butter tasted a bit funny with fruit. On the last day, I went back to my roots, I had porridge. It was quick to make, and very healthy, but it looked very gluggy. Yet, the moment I put a spoonful into my mouth, it took me back years and made me feel so happy. This is it. This is the breakfast I need to use going forward.

Logan N.
My favorite healthy breakfast is having a cup of yogurt with 1 egg and 1 arepa. An arepa is a traditional Latin food made of corn wheat and is very healthy.

Jordan T.
I eat oatmeal with some fruits like strawberries and blueberries. Other times I eat an avocado toast with a fried egg, but I always drink coffee

Jerry J.
i usually don't eat breakfast but if i do i like to change it up depending on what i feel like. but i gotta say i reeeeally like avocado on toast

Anne N.
My favourite healty breakfast is scrumbled eggs, avocado toasts and almonds!
Although I could gladly eat these things every morning, i do not actually 🙂 because ai try to keep in mind that variety is also extremely important to be healty.
By far, a little plan that has been working well has been eating a salty breakfast on odd days and sweet breakfast on even ones!
For example yesterday (18th) I had milk and cereals (unsweetened), a slice of melon and marmalade toasts!

Silas X.
I like to mix things up and think of different foods for each breakfast.
i.e- yogurt with fruits, an omelet and a salad, a vegetable smoothie etc.

Moon C.
My favorite breakfast would be yogurt! I usually eat yogurt with apple or banana or even both! And a bit of honey makes it even more delicious:) if I’m not in a hurry i’ll make me an egg and a salad. Its good to have diversity with your food

Yomy L.
First, thank you for asking me my favorite is oatmeal flaks with milk or you can use yogurt with any kind of fruit that you like .
Finally, it feels boring when eating the same things so I change it you can make a schedule or something like that search for healthy meals in other countries try them and if you like it put it in the schedule. Hope it helps 😊 thank you for working hard to change your life 💜

Jessica Z.
My favorite healthy breakfast is scrambled eggs and a clementine however I do change it up some days I will have a Greek yogurt with fruit on top or just grab a hard boiled egg . Whatever it is it’s simple and healthy and kick starts my day !

Hana E.
My favorite healthy breakfast is fruit 🍎 and yogurt and if I am feeling extra I add granola or nuts 🥜 and I mostly eat the same thing but I do like to change it up 😊

Nitin E.
So okay, I love to eat healthy breakfast daily. Sometimes it would be overnight oats, fruits with milk, peanut butter sandwich and at last banana smoothie.

Stella O.
Toasted sprouted bread, egg, greens, ham sandwich or Greek yogurt with walnuts or greek frittata (eggs, spinach, feta cheese, olives, sun dried tomatoes)

Idaira Z.
I usually have whole grain toast, with peanutbutter and bannana (in slices). If not, I sometime have a smoothie or overnight Porridge. And on my lazy days, I have cereal

Anna Z.
Try to stick with your local cultural food because that is the healthiest. Like in India there are lot many options and if you are any other country person then you may eat what is local like seasonal fruits and milk or fruit pancakes. Try to eat at least one fruit everyday.