What are some no prep, non perishable breakfast ideas to have around when you don’t get to the store?

Lola E.
Instant oatmeal packets- go for unsweetened. Soylent meal replacement drink or other meal replacement/protein shakes that come in nonperishable bottles. Single serve applesauce. Any nuts or seeds.
Katherine E.
Oatmeal, grits, canned fruit. I would say granola as well, but granola is better with the parishables like milk or yogurt. I usually buy fruit in bulk and make smoothie bags that I leave in the freezer. No store all the time, still good food.
Emma B.
Granola with some yoghurt. Yoghurt stays fresh for a long time. When you don’t have yoghurt. Just eat the granola with some fruit.
Jeannette C.
I always keep oatmeal, cinnamon, milk and honey. I don't know if this qualifiers as an healthy breakfast, but is quick and non perishable.
Joseph J.
I love to eat oatmeal packets. I know it sounds silly, a simple maple brown sugar oatmeal packet is only 160 calories, and if you add a dollop of peanut butter on top, you can add some protein to it!
Aim Q.
There aren’t many healthy foods that meet those requirements. I suppose in a pinch you could have a handful of nuts and dried (no sugar added!) fruit and then make sure to drink plenty of water. Or maybe nut butter spread on several crackers would hit the spot. I like to make sure to get protein and/or fat and stay low on the sugar/carb content in the morning. Otherwise I’ll be hungry again way before lunch time.
Angelo W.
I can't think of anything that would be 0 prep, but some things on the lower end of the effort scale are:
– crackers and peanut butter
– dried fruit (I usually have some dates with my coffee)
– protein bars (you can buy them for 0 prep or make them if you have time on the weekend or something, though the home made ones are more perishable)

If you have a blender, you can put a ziploc of fruit in your freezer and make a quick smoothie in the morning (using boiling water makes it easier on your blender)

Ronnie P.
Oats with frozen blueberries. Cook up with milk in a pan with a bit of cinnamon. Ok its a bit of prep but look after yourself. It's worth it!
Amanda S.
Bananas, porridge oats, honey, wholemeal bread with reduced fat butter, strawberries and grapes, mango, melon, hard boiled eggs, smoked salmon, pasta salad with reduced fat pesto and pine nuts, sliced peppers, sliced cucumber, carrot batons, organic houmous, muesli, 0% fat natural yogurt, black coffee with sweetener and reduced fat and sugar cereal bar.
Paige T.
Nuts and seeds are a good option to have around. You can grab a handful of them at the last minute to give you a protein boost. Cereal bars are another option although you might want to check their sugar content. Have a good stock and variety of frozen fruits and veggies for making smoothies with as well. I ran out of milk and had some almond milk in stock to use, so it's good to have something like that in your cupboards for when and if you do run out of fresh milk.
Aymeric O.
I find anything good to eat from fridge like eggs, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. If I have money maybe I will order from a healthy restaurant.
Gislinde C.
You can always get dried fruits. They come in large containers so you don't have to buy them often. They are good dry and can be rehydrated to equally as good. It's a good thing to do with cereal.
Greg F.
Mixed nuts for concentrated, slow release energy plus good oils and fats. They make you feel full and you can eat a portion without the rest having to be stored differently. Dried fruit can splice them up if the taste is too boring too!