Do you aim for protein or carbohydrates at breakfast? How long does that last you through the day?

Jimmie A.
I find protein last me much longer than carbs. With carbs it's maybe an hour til I feel hungry again, protein I can go for a good four hours with more. Carbs will give you more energy at first, but it wears off sooner, protein takes a little while to show, energy wise, but it stays for most of the day. Especially if you get some protein in at lunch as well, helps keep it going.
Queila Q.
I drink water first. Then carbs for energy to start the day, but not sugary like OJ or a simple starch like bread. I eat Ezekiel bread, which is a little different. Then protein plus fat, such as 2 fried eggs in butter. See Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill for details. Your liver and brain are made from fat. You don't have to go Paleo, just learn what fats you can cook with. See I have no financial ties to them.
Florence Z.
I go for carbohydrates. I cycle to work and don’t get a break to eat so I need long term energy. I can work well for about 4 or 5 hours before I feel tired. Plus I find focusing my breakfast around carbs, mainly, is easier to stay clean. I recently made granola with oats and berries and crushed nuts so there’s some natural sugar, protein and fat in there too. If I think of protein rich things I only like bacon, sausage and egg for breakfast and I struggle to make those low fat so I have those rarer. I suggest trying to balance the two.
Ken F.
I aim for protein and generally eat the same meal to make meal prep easier. That will get me to about noon before I get hungary again. However, I eat smaller meals throughout the day, so it really only needs to last until about 10:30.
Ludovico S.
I aim for a protein packed breakfast, as I usually workout at lunch break. It lasts around 3 hours before I need to eat a snack.
Maricelda Z.
I aim for protein at breakfast and since I live in a hot climate I drink more water and carb up during the middle of the day to keep my energy level going because I’m going to burn those carbs. At night I’m eating extra as I’m trying to gain weight.
Sam A.
Personally I prefer more protein than carbohydrates but you should combine those two and try to see what works best for you
Freja A.
I try to balance my plate at all meals in line with the newer “My Plate” recommendations. So my focus is actually going to be on vegetables and fruit while adding in protein and carbs as the smaller portion, going with a lower glycemic index. How long it lasts varies with seemingly less to do with what I eat and more to do with my metabolic energy on the particular day. I have always found snacking on healthy choices throughout the day, to be very beneficial.
Marvin Z.
Because I'm not a fan of breakfast, I like to go for protein because it fills you up better and increases the release of satiety hormones, helping you feel fuller for longer. I usually eat around 7:30 and usually lasts me till 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Hope this was helpful 😊
Devon G.
I try to get both. My breakfast is enough for 3-4 hours, depending on my activity and the amount I eat. Usually it is smaller during the week and bigger during weekends, when I have more time.
Adam Z.
I aim for protein just because it makes you fuller longer and gives you more energy. Usually it will last me until lunch or early afternoon depending of how much protein i’ve eaten for breakfast.
Catalina Z.
Usually good mix of protein and carbs, but focused on protein. For example, I often make steamed egg with chickpeas mixed in, and have a milk tea afterwards. This may be a personal thing but too much carbs in the morning seems to cause bloating and gastric discomfort for me.
Benvindo P.
I aim to have a combination of both, there will always be protein (yogurt, milk) in my breakfast , but often also muesli or similar things. However, I never eat fatty breakfasts or sweet (unhealthy) ones
Jeremy E.
I aim for equal amounts of each. A fist size of both. My go to breakfast is oatmeal Andrew cottage cheese with blue berries and almonds. Try it. It pretty good. U get use to it.
Amadeu P.
I honestly am not strategic about my eating at all. I sometimes get breakfast and sometimes I do not and it was usually quick easy and accessible. Sometimes granola bars. I have thought about it a little bit more about jus having breakfast since I started this app.
Lucas O.
I aim to balance both along with vitamins and minerals. The whole meal should Ben balanced depending Omni how taxing your da is set out to be. It lasts me all day if I let it and my days are always taxing.
Ian J.
Since carbs make me feel sluggish, I go for protein. I've been taught you need an eating moment every three hours, so I eat enough to sustain me till then. It's not a large breakfast and I like it this way.
Alison E.
I prefer carbohydrates in the morning. I always have that craving when I wake up in the morning. I like the ritual of making my morning toast. It's an easy thing I can makeeo there is no reason to skip it.
Anna W.
I usually do egg on toast,fruit juice, tea, yogurt and cereal and finally nuts and honey, so I cover both to make sure i have the energy i need for the day. Thanks for listening.
Selmaan A Ali
Paula O.
Yes, I try to have protein and carbs at breakfast. I think it lasts me to about lunch time since I’m an athlete and have been for a long time so my body burns calories quickly.
Pauline E.
I’m aiming for more protein in all my meals. It helps to fill me up and also boosts my metabolism. If I have too many carbs for breakfast, especially simple carbs, I crash later on in the morning.
Abigail F.
I aim for a balance in carbs and protein. Usually somewhere between 10-15 g of protein to 40-60 g of carbs.

The carbs are great for energy and the protein helps me to feel full until my mid-morning snack.

I recommend using a BMR calculator and adjusting protein/carbs/fat macros to determine what will work best for you.

Ekrem U.
I aim for carbs at breakfast and It lasts me a few hours. I’m not really sure how to incorporate protein in my breakfast.
Laura C.
Protein because it helps me feel full longer and it contributes to less fat than carbs. Also, most of the carbs that i crave are high in calorie content.
Gunar U.
More protein than carbs, but both. I usually have protein powder with a banana and oatmeal. I was chia seeds to the oats.
Timeo E.
I like including both carbs and protein and healthy fats. Protein from foods (eggs, meats, quinoa, or any other whole food source) is more filling than only carbs.
Marion U.
I aim for protein at most meals of the day, try to keep same percentage of carbs and protein but sometimes I end eating more carbs than protein
Herminia U.
Protein mostly and some carbs – this gives me energy for most of the day! I then eat something light and healthy for lunch.
Victoria Z.
I aim for both by having some fruit and eggs or peanut butter.

I have two snacks during the day between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner.

Torquato Q.
Most days I try to have both, however we got up too late to go to cafeteria and we don't have money to go out right now; so I made oatmeal here at the apartment. It will last us until lunch and hopefully it will be descent to get us through to dinner.
Adam E.
I go for a bit of both, usually some some carbs with my medication because it helps keep it down and then if I have time for it then eggs
Susanna T.
I always aim for more protein. I am not an expert, but protein-rich foods are more likely to keep me full until my next meal.
Julie O.
With a lifelong addiction to carbs, it was always my go-to for breakfast (the only meal where sweets are outright encouraged). It usually lasted about two hours. Fabulous has me focusing on protein now, which lasts me twice as long!
Hugo S.
I have noticed that eating my largest meal in the morning helps me stay full throughout the whole day.

I also learned from various podcasts and Dr Mosley’s tv show that carbohydrates is best metabolised when you eat them in the evening rather in the morning.

So, a large protein based meal in the morning with healthy fats and low carb to keep your blood sugar stabile and have you energized the whole day, then if you do carbs, have them for dinner to provide your brain with glucose for a better sleep.

Don’t eat after 3-4 hours before bed and try to eat your breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, especially if you are suffering from leptin resistance.


Dietmar O.
I usually aim for a balance of carbs and protein for breakfast. I feel best if I eat something fresh. My usual breakfast is oatmeal with a handful of walnuts thrown in, paired with my usual cup of tea and a fresh fruit.
Erik J.
Still try to balance both of them but lately I've been reducing the portion of carbs I ate on bfast, while adding more protein and fibres from veggies and fruits. I eat bfast at 7 or 8 am daily, and it lasts till 1 or 2pm
Lloyd O.
I discussed this with my doctor and worked out a proper balance of protein and carbohydrates that will fuel my body specifically.
Everyone is different. It is VERY Important that you discuss your dietary needs with your primary care provider before beginning any new dietary regimens. I am glad I did. I'm feeling better because I tailored a plan with my doctor.
Luise J.
I choose carbs, but lately I’ve been having a carb and a protein or a piece of fruit or something. It lasts me around noon or 1, if I drink water in between. Yogurt, granola, and strawberries is my go to for lunch or an after workout snack
Elmer Z.
I always aim for proteins and complex carbs. Simple carbohydrates break down easily and won’t sustain for very long.
Whole grains are always good- oatmeal, whole wheat bread if you want toast. Eggs, sausage, Greek yogurt, or similar sources of protein are also good.
Jon P.
Due to bad schedule my breakfast is divided in two – a quick yogurt and coffee for commute and later at noon another richer lunch
Emily G.
Neither protein, nor carbohydrates make time untill next meal much longer, because I'm very active and need some snacks!
Manfred F.
I like to follow a balanced approach to breakfast macronutrient ratios. I make sure to include something high in protein, a whole grain carb, a bit of fresh fruit, and at least a little of a healthy fat.
Breakfasts comprised entirely of carbs can spike your blood sugar but burn off quickly, leading you to feel hungry well before lunch time. Including a good amount of protein and a bit of fat in your breakfast can keep you satisfied longer as these sources of energy burn off more slowly. I choose to include carbs because I find it helps me keep a balanced metabolism and whole grains have other health benefits. Many of the fact diets than drastically restrict carbs can be very difficult to stick to and could potentially be unhealthy over an extended period of time.
Balance just seems like common sense to me.
Alice Y.
I aim for protein because carbs will usually leave me starving by 10. When I eat protein, I get hungry (not starving) around closer to noon.
Ga L Z.
Both. After much study and trying this approach for a week, I've found a blend of protein, carbs and fruit to work best.
Taciana Z.
I aim for a bit of a mix, but more protein. I find it keeps me feeling satisfied longer and helps me avoid as much snacking. I usually eat scrambled eggs with some veggies and a bit of cheese in it or plain yogurt with fruit or a bit of honey.
Hannchen Y.
I do both – I make eggs (sometimes on toast), and a small side of oatmeal with peanut butter. It’s a lot haha, and it leaves me full for at least a few hours – sometimes even to early afternoon! If I had to prioritize one, though, I would choose protein, and try to pack some carb heavy snacks. If I ate late at night, and I’m still full by morning, I sometimes just do fruit and then make eggs and oatmeal as a late lunch, too!
Fred E.
Varies during the week. I make a massive batch of museli on the weelend; toasted jumbo oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raw hemp seeds, raisins, goji berries and cranberries. Other days I have eggs and bread. Both fill me till lunch, 4-5hrs
Everett J.
I eat food with protein. I get up very early (5:15 am) and if I eat a carbohydrate meal I’m hungry by 8. When I eat food like eggs I ‘m satisfied until 11 am
Eduardo S.
I tend to naturally be drawn to or crave carb-y breakfast foods. However, when I eat something high in protein I feel better and have more energy. An everything bagel with cream cheese is my favorite, but i feel guilty for eating it later and the energy doesn't sustain me. Lately I've been going for a gets, spinach, and kielbasa scramble in the morning. It's fast, easy, and so dang delicious. I don't feel guilty and I stay full and focused longer.
Emy I.
I have a green smoothie with plant based protein, 🌾 grass, matcha, marine collagen, vitamin C and turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and pepper blended with coconut water and a banana.
Diana J.
I mostly have a combination of both, and sometimes it's carbohydrates only and it's not because of preference but because of habit. It keeps me energised for the time between my meals. But if you're unsure about your breakfast or are in a hurry, an apple on the way to school or work really keeps you going.
Thilo Z.
After I started using Fabulous I exclusively consume proteins for breakfast. It’s been three days so far and to be honest, I did not feel any difference in terms of having more energy or lasting longer through the day.
Jacob C.
I find protein, fiber and probiotics are best for me in the morning. Carbohydrates and sugar create a energy crash followed by more hunger.
Oliver R.
I prefer dalia besides anything else in breakfast as it provides me natural sources of protein, carbohydrates and some essential vitamins as well.