What do you guys eat?

Erin F.
For breakfast? Matcha, bai, or earl grey tea with either a pack of belvita breakfast biscuits, a pack of microwaveable egg bites, or a bowl of raisin bran in coconut or oatmilk. Lunch is usually the same or an occasional tuna salad or ramen stir fry. Dinner is a small, healthy portion of whatever I want (even pizza, yay) with bai or just water instead of soda. I eat fruit and or fresh veggies throughout the day as both snacks and with dinner. I also try to drink between 12 cups to a gallon of water every day. Hope this helps 🤗

Grace X.
Fruit and croissants for breakfast, eggs, bagels and bread for lunch, and bolognese, pasta etc for dinner. With some snacks.

Arthur G.
Most of the time for breakfast I have a hard-boiled egg, feta cheese and a vegetable like bell peppers, radishes or whatever is in the fridge. When we don't have that available, I make oatmeal with maple syrup, nuts and cinnamon. It's very tasty, I recommend it!

Marlijn Z.
Ik heb lasagne gegeten omdat ik geen zin had om te koken. Dit kwam omdat ik in de nachtdienst zit en ik pas laat op bed lag door de mannen van het glasvezel dus ik was ook later wakker vanavond. Vanochtend ontbeten met alleen een banaan omdat die op moeten. Vannacht heb ik een cracker met gebraden gehakt, een appeltaatje en een boterham met gebraden gehakt gegeten.

Sarah F.
Smoothie water with vit c in the morning. Coffee and soup for lunch and usualy pasta or pizza for dinner and try to add greens too.

Kelly Q.
I’ve been blending up a smoothie every morning with collagen, a metabolism booster protein, fresh ginger, turmeric, a healthy fat, chia seeds, frozen fruit, almond milk, water, and veggies. It’s delicious as a smoothie bowl or as a drink.

Palak Z.
Morning breakfast: one fruit, 2dates , 2 walnuts and cornflakes with milk.
Snack : one fruit
Lunch: Protein + carb + veggie ( ex. Chicken+ sweet potato + green beans.)
Evening snack: sandwich or corn salad etc.
Dinner: Protein + carb + veggie

Suzy U.
Literally anything. I am not into fast food, instant noodles and stuff, so I think it's okay to not be so focused on proteins, fats, sugar, etc. I love veggies and fruits, so I try to eat more of these.

Makeda O.
For breakfast we alternate between a turkey sausage breakfast sandwich and avocado toast an English muffin. Our general lunch prep is greek salad, but every 3-4 weeks I like to switch up lunch and do a burrito bowl for the week or a chicken veggie stir fry. As much as I love salad I need to switch it up so I can appreciate it.

Shaquilla E.
Well, I am currently trying to eat healthier options, so lately I've been eating things like oatmeal, protein shakes/ bars, drinking loads of water, etc. Still trying to learn new plates to make so I don't get bored. My fiance is still stuggling with his relationship with food. I'm hoping him seeing me getting better he will be motivated to do it too!

Nenee N.
Moving on from my addiction to marijuana, i have lost my appetite. I have no desire to eat honestly. So i just eat protein bars at least & drink my water

Johan W.
It all depends on the day and my work schedule. I have eggs and toast or a yogurt for breakfast. A sandwich or leftover dinner for lunch. Dinner is always tough though and with 2 kids who are extremely picky sometimes it’s pasta or fast food. I’m trying to eat healthier but it’s hard at times.

Nguy N G.
I usually have pho for breakfast. Then at lunch time, I have rice with vegetables and fish or chicken or pork. Dinner ussually have the same food as lunch, but some time, I'll have milk oat with fruits

Jessie X.
Weetabix, topped with a super seed mix (flax, chia etc) and brown sugar. I have a sweet tooth, so the sugar was a bit much 😩😅

Selma Z.
For breakfast today, I had a smoothie, for lunch, a slice of cheese pizza with a salad. For a snack I had a milkshake and some fries, and for dinner and snack, fruit and a smoothie.

Amanda P.
It depends when I Have time and I’m feeling good something nutritious, when I’m down or sad I tend to eat some fast and don’t really think about if it’s going to help me be better or put me down.

Kati F.
What I strive to eat and what I actually eat are often two very different things. I aim to eat a balanced, happy diet of plenty of vegetables, chicken and fish with some red meat sprinkled in, I love rice and potatoes, with some treats in moderation when the mood strikes me. Though sometimes the mood strikes me the wrong way and those treats are all I eat. I’m trying to work on that.

Josefine N.
Čebatus a salad pasta and alot more things i eat diffrent verieties off food couse its better for you and you try new things every day

Heather P.
What do we eat? Oh boy…whenever I ask my husband what we should eat for dinner, his “helpful” response is food. So here’s a question for you…what do you like to eat? What are some of your favorite meals? The answer to that question will help you find recipes to fit your needs. I personally am a pescatarian. I really like eating seafood. Seafood can be expensive so I don’t eat it all the time. I follow a vegetarian diet when I can’t eat my fish. And because I have specific allergies and health concerns, certain items of food and methods of preparation are not part of my life. I have high triglycerides so eating dairy is not a daily option. I also can’t eat gluten, so breads, crackers, cookies, and fried foods are not options. That also means that fast food and most restaurant offerings are not in my life experience anymore. My husband has to watch his sugar levels so we’re cutting sugar out of our household and switching to Stevia and the occasional use of honey. So I pose the question to you…what kind of food do you love eating and if you have any dietary restrictions, what are they? Once you know that then finding recipes online or through cookbooks will be easy and satisfying. And remember that you can always experiment with substituting ingredients to make your cooking and eating experience special and specific to you! Bon apetit!

Lotte S.
I eat by starting my day off with drinking a glass of water, a cup of green tea with some yogurt and granola. Sadly enough I forget to to eat snacks in between. Lunches and dinners always diverse. But next week I am starting a diet.

Sara W.
I focus more on vegetables than meat. For instance, at dinner, half my plate is vegetables and the rest is split evenly between a grain (usually brown rice) and a piece of chicken breast.

Christina Z.
I am currently going to a whole foods plant based diet. I'm very close. I currently rarely eat meat or fish. I am cutting out dairy and eggs now. The hard part for me is sweets. I have noticed a lot of health improvements such as less joint pain, swelling and fatigue. I have gained energy and just over all feel better.

Lina P.
For breakfast, I usually have scrambled eggs, a slice of bread with some avocado. Also, a bowl of yogurt, nuts, oats, and some fruit (often papaya and banana ).