What are some ideas you have for healthy, but convenient breakfasts?

Marina T.
I prefer to have homemade yogurt that is plain, or other non grain foods that are under 300 calories. (Perhaps some bread but not a lot ) I really also enjoy oats soaked in coffee with chia seeds though. Anyway I'd stick to a probiotic with fruit and maybe some lunch meat

Noah I.
Simple salad, yogurt with granola, over night outs with fruits, omlet on bread.. sometimes only an apple with coffee will do

Yassmim P.
Some items that can be prepared in advance, like cooked old-fashioned oats, or baked egg cups, are quick and easy to reheat in the morning. Fruits and nuts are always good. I am fond of salads and sandwiches in the morning as well but there’s a bit more preparation work involved there. I am not sure how to cook eggs in different ways yet, but smoothie bowls look relatively simple to prepare as well, especially with a blender.

Stephanie I.
I don’t enjoy eating in the am. So I like to do a protein shake with peanut butter, spinach, banana, oats, flax seed, milk, ice, and sometimes chia.

Clare J.
I like over night oats. I use no fat Greek yoghurt and vary the fruit I use. My favourite is tropical frozen fruit. In the morning I add sultanas and mixed seeds. It’s delicious!

Kaitlin C.
I rarely ate breakfast until about few weeks ago when I started my journey with Fabulous. Previously, I have tried everything – from cereal to toasts and eggs, but my crazy work hours just won’t allow me to sit down for 15 minutes every morning to enjoy my breakfast.

So I went down to my local grocery store to see the options I have for a breakfast food that I can consume while I’m starting my work. Shortly, I came across a particular breakfast nutrition bar – one that is less than 100 calories with muesli, granola and other healthy choices. I bought two boxes and kept them on my desk and viola – I started eating breakfast!

It’s convenient AND healthy – I fulfilled about 20% of my RNI requirement and I’ve been feeling great!

Kyleigh N.
Usually I make myself a smoothie. I add strawberries, bananas, ice, milk, blueberries, and maybe protein powder. I also eat eggs sometimes.

Robert F.
Combine the dry ingredients before you go to bed. Any frozen berries can also be thawed overnight. It may be worthwhile putting some water in a bowl of porridge to moisten the grains again overnight

K The Z.
Eggs are the foundation for me. My breakfast usually consist of a couple eggs –usually hard-boiled– with a fruit and some energy source.

Maria Z.
Overnight oats, with some protein powder added, chia seeds pudding, a smoothie, eggs (tip prepare them the ingredients the night before)

Alexis Y.
I usually go for oats, chia seed, peanut butter and what ever nuts and fruit I have. Usually with tea, coffee or macha latte.

Muireann F.
I was never fond of porridge, because of the texture. But I experimented with it and it is lovely with some yoghurt, honey, and a few berries. In total it takes about 3-4 mins to fix this breakfast (porridge + low fat milk in microwave for 2 mins, and then add the other stuff). I'd definitely give that a go if you are stuck for something quick and easy in the mornings.

Rebecca E.
Scrambled eggs with almond flour pancakes. Chick pea and spinach patties, tomato choka with almond/ coconut flour muffins. Just three of my early energy forming breakfast choices after exercise.

Jerzy F.
Beans with bread. Water with vitamin c supplement. An apple too, little cheese with the beans. Also get something of a banana.

Ekaterina G.
I love oatmeal cooked with water. Then I add some flaxseed meal in it, Greek yogurt and fresh fruits. It's tasty, healthy and easy. You can also add some nuts.

Annamaria Z.
Oat, I think it's the perfect ingredient! You can cook it with milk, add it to yogurt with fruits and chocolate or to any milkshake. Cheap and very healthy.

Kassidy N.
Smoothies are always really quick and easy to make in the mornings. You just dump whatever healthy ingredients you have a craving for in the blender. My personal favorite is spinach, almond butter, banana and almond milk with ice.

Andrea C.
I like to make a breakfast drink . Usually some coconut milk, chia, flax, spinach, and berries. Or scrambled eggs is a quick go to for me

Franti Ek X.
Oatmeal! You might do it plain, with banana, plums, apples, orange, blueberries, cranberries etc. You might mix many flavors or use just one. You might put some chocolate on. You might put seeds and nuts in. And it’s warm and healthy! I eat it (almost) every day for more than year and I am still excited! Oatmeal rulez!

Erwan S.
My go-to os always nuts and berries. They are easy to take along with you, especially if you have limited time to get ready before you face the day.

Agus C.
Oatmeal with raisin, banana , natural peanut butter jam and dates. Or whole wheat sandwich with low fat cheese and hard boiled eggs