I just answered a question on quick breakfast ideas but curious as to what other suggestions people have. I generally eat an egg in a mug so would be nice to mix it up a bit.

Shirly U.
I work four days a week. On those days i eat two pieces of brown bread with cheese. On my days off i take more time for breakfast: one day yoghurt with fresh blue berries, raspberries and seeds and nuts from the brand eat natural. Other day the same but with banana instead of the other fruit. And on sunday i try different kind of eggs… i hope this suggestion will help you. Too bad i cannot send you photo’s…
Aquilino S.
I sometimes make instant oats or Weed-a-bix. It's quick and easy. You can also add fruits, nuts, and berries to create some variation.
Gin N.
I take an egg in a mug and cook it too. Then I take a low-fat English muffin, a slice of 2% cheese, and a piece of Canadian bacon and use the egg to make a breakfast sandwich.
In S Q.
If you like eggs in the morning and are used to prepare them you can do them different every time. Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, omelet. Both scrambled eggs and omelets can be spiced up with different accessories lite peppers, corn, spinach and so on. If you don't feel full, ad a dark slice of bread, a smoothie or just an apple.
Neaka N.
Cut up veggies as you would for an omelette then crack a carton of eggs and mix it all up, divide into muffin tins, bake then boom… grab and go omelettes (like tim hortons new little egg bite thing)
Travis U.
Millet, cooked on water, then with bit of soy drink and grated apple, bit of xylitol if you like. It also tastes good with natural yogurt and additional fruits when cooled down.
Magnus Z.
Maybe you can do aghanim's hook and eat a salad on the side if you want oatmeal be fine there's more to eat like you can add some something to your eggs or you can take the eggs out of a picture and just eat oatmeal with nuts in it and yeah that's why I think you should do
Megan F.
Hardboiled eggs are easy to prep. If you've got access to a refrigerator, plain yogurt/yogurt with honey is another great option. You can add a little granola on top. Not into yogurt? I pour coconut milk over my granola.
China E.
I’m a big fan of overnight oats, you just put all the ingredients in a jar the night before and in the morning they’re ready to go. I usually add some fruit to mine in the morning.
Baldomero E.
I don't understand everything cause English is my second language.. But I guess this is the answer.. I usually eat Omlet eggs.. It's famous in my country.. Or I just eat normal eggs.. I hardly ever eat a boiled egg.. I hate it's smell.