What is the best breakfast for vegetarians?

Cedrico Q.
I think eggs work well for vegetarians. Mixed nuts and fruit are also really easy and accessible for vegetarians: give me a banana any day

Brier O.
I used to be a vegetarian for 2 years! And my go to healthy fulfilling breakfast was avocado toast with a fried egg on top or an açaí bowl! Hoped this helped!!

Jordan J.
Savory: avocado toast or a dress of bagel. Sweet: oatmeal however you like it. Simple: banana with peanut butter.

Ib Rico Y.
Hmm I would say probably cereal with milk since it's the most classic one ,then i would recommend a salad of pieces of fruit with a glass of fresh orange juice. Also a sandwich with cheese , tomato and other vegetables would be great as well .