Do you make your breakfast in the morning or the night before?

R Bia T.
In the morning because that allows me to take time before my day starts. I can do this because my breakfast is super simple: fruit, hard boiled eggs and a yogurt. Generally speaking, I already have boiled eggs in my fridge, so, there's really no preparation at all. I just have to put it all on a plate (maybe cut the fruit) and eat.
Marissa R.
I make breakfast when I get up in the morning, so it's fresh and I can make whatever I'm in the mood for and have time to eat.
N F.
As long as I have breakfast, sometimes I make it the day before, sometimes the same day, sometimes times I order and get some other kind person to cook it for me if I’m not feeling the strength that day. Anything to keep the streak goin u know!
Patty Sue S.
Usually I make breakfast in the morning, but on busy days it could cause missed breakfast or unnecessary stress. Having fruit or a breakfast bar to grab solves that problem.
Ken F.
I make my breakfast in the morning. I like slowly waking up and thinking about my plans for the day while i’m preparing my food.