What do you eat every day?

Simon U.
I try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. I’ve becoming a vegetarian so I don’t eat meant. Trying to avoid sugar by not adding it to teas or cakes and instead using sweet dates. I cook two times a day. It is a good variation of good food

Barcino S.
Usually it’s different every day .Some day I eat scrambled eggs with tea and toasted bread ,and maybe half an tomato,but sometimes it’s 2 sandwiches with tea or coffee and milk .When I’m in a hurry my breakfast limits to a banana and some candy or to an yoghurt.

Adam C.
Breakfast : starting with a fruit a slice of pineapple or orange juice after honey with some dry carob bread and nut … Evening some

Anette W.
I am practicing Intuitive Eating so I eat what makes me feel best. I enjoy vegetables and flavorful dishes like bowls.

Now, more eating routine is not regular because I am vidong my family so eat what they have. But I still try to incorporate fresh salads, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and proteins

Kathy W.
A handful of nuts and seeds each day and a cup of cacao with Maca powder each afternoon. I’m trying to eat kale or spinach daily, I like it with garlic and mushrooms. I have a can of kombucha for the cultures daily too.

Emma Q.
Usually, I have my first meal at about 1. If I am at school, I will walk to a small shop about 5 minutes away called Istanbul Kebab. There, I get a to-go box, half of which is (generously) filled with meat (covered in hot sauce and yogurt sauce), and half of which consists of white rice, French fries, lettuce, and cabbage. If I am at home, I will cook 4 eggs (with 4 pieces of salami and 2 pieces of Swiss cheese, salted and peppered), a Granny Smith Apple with peanut butter, an orange, and a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread. For dinner, I usually eat some sort of meat (either chicken or beef) and carrots.

Thea X.
I’m mostly vegetarian! I drink almond milk, eat seasonal fruits such clementines and oranges, pasta ( I’m italian, can’t avoid😝)
Spinach, avocados, eggs, sometimes cheese.
And water, I drink generally almost 2 lt x day 🙂

Apolline E.
I normally have black tea and some fruit for breakfast. For lunch and dinner it really depends but normally pasta, rice, salad, cooked vegetables, or chicken. My most recent favorite is avocado toast with a lot of lime 🙂 If I snack I eat nuts like almonds or more fruit.

Felicia P.
I have busy mornings so I decided to do something cheap and fast. What fit the criteria are 2 hard boiled eggs with greek yogurt and granola.

Freddie S.
Breakfast; 2 slices of brown bread topped with yellow cheese or smoked salmon

Lunch; main dish (rice or pasta plus protein)

Dinner; sandwich with cheese or eggs

In between i eat some fruits and lot of sweets 🙄