Is it good to eat yogurt every day as your breakfast?

Alfred A.
I prefer eating eggs, vegetables, bananas, some nuts for breakfast. Rarely I may eat yogurt, but I will feel hunger after it very fast. Moreover, yogurt is not one of my favorite breakfast-meals. That’s why I don’t eat it very often.

Laura C.
It depends. I imagine the daily intake of probiotics is very beneficial, but the consistent dairy intake could be fattening without exercise to offset it.

Anamika W.
Yoghurt is a healthy option but try combining it with fruits/eggs or other healthy options. A good breakfast will Keep you energetic throughout the day.

Est Ban Q.
I feel like this is such a simple, wholesome question but also kind of deep. Eating the same thing every morning is okay, but I feel like it’s good to have a wide variety of breakfast foods. Like cereal, toast, waffles, porridge, pancakes. After all, a variety of foods is a variety of benefits. But then again, if you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet throughout the day – I don’t see anything wrong with eating yoghurt each morning. Happy eating!! <3