How do you start a healthy breakfast?

Albert X.
I cook a inspiring and delicious food for myself and it feels so good to be eating something so good in the morning it cheers me up and gets me going the whole day
Franjo O.
Grabbing a premade egg muffin from the freezer to warm up. Fresh fruit is available on the counter and oatmeal is available if desired. I chose not to have nuts at this time.
Nina Z.
For me, I have to do things that are quick. If I plan to actually cook something on the stove in the morning, it just won't happen once I'm rushing around in the morning. The top three things that have been working for me: green smoothies (I put everything in the blender and in my fridge the night before and blend it in the morning), overnight oats (also prepped the night before), or a piece of wheat toast with nut butter and sliced bananas (surprisingly filling).
Justin U.
A lot of it depends on the types of things you like to eat for example I know that I enjoy overnight oats because it’s sweet and cool and not too heavy but not too late the problem is sometimes that I forget to make it the night before and when I wake up in the morning there’s nothing available for me to eat that’s not always true but that’s what my mind initially thanks I also like eggs but often times That means a full on breakfast with sausage and hashbrowns or bacon toast that’s a lot of work and that’s a lot of cleanup one thing that I have found especially since I’ve been working from home is how easy and filling and satisfying south boiled eggs are that doesn’t require the whole breakfast around it but just a couple eggs and some toast to dip into it and I’m set.
Derrick C.
Vjerovatno ću napraviti kobasice i jaja, pri čemu će jaja biti neizostavan element zbog proteina koje sadrže. Ostatak je proizvoljan. Mogla bih jesti kajmaka sa hlebom i isjeći jednu breskvu sebi, a nakon nekog vremena napraviti sebi limunadu.
Caroline J.
I start by making a smoothie packed with frozen fruit, peanut butter, flax, and include a superfood boost to decrease stress and improve energy. It usually takes me 10 minutes to make.
Eliza O.
It is quite difficult for me to keep this habit as I wake up very late in the morning to get to work. An energy bar would do for the time being.
Lucas P.
Nothing out of you currently do, go improving with time. Here in Brazil, coffee and milk for basics, than add the protein you are able to (I cook eggs in the microwave, but there's a bunch of other recipes as easy as lol)
Helmuth U.
I would start by looking at a list of healthy breakfast foods. For example, eggs, greens, avocados, any source if protein, and oats. Then, I would choose the foods from that list and keep them in your brain as a go to breakfast food. I have a list of the breakfast foods I like to eat, and I mis and match them every morning to change up what I had.
Diane F.
Recently I've been having an apple or mixed nuts and dry fruit in the morning. Something fast and easy since I'm not a morning person… yet.
Casey E.
Glass of water – that way I feel refreshed and cleansed before I start so that I can enjoy the flavours of breakfast more. Also means I'm satiating my thirst before I eat so that I'm not eating in place of drinking.
Harriet N.
My need is food and new energy from the moment I wake up. Portein on bread is a standard. I learn to substitute my bread with different healthy alternatives. I habe always protein and fiber. I think I will try «dinner» as breakfast and use medtovers. I recognize my bread and something on is a habit more than a choise. I do not eat much, rather often. Breakfast is most important to give me a good start. Water and tea is also part of the meal. I am figuring this out while learning to cook 🙂
Herminia N.
I'm pretty bad about eating breakfast, so I started by eating a breakfast/energy bar on the way out the door. This has quickly turned into me buying apples, smoked salmon, and some nuts to have ready for this week. I'm actually excited for breakfast tomorrow, it's been forever since I've had smoked salmon!!

So my recommendation is to get easy food and something you really like to set aside just for breakfast. That way even if you wake up late you can grab something, and you might even get a little treat to start your day! c:

Erika O.
A glass of water to kick off the day, and then a balance meal of protein, complex carbs, and unsaturated fats. That could look like an egg scramble, with broccoli, avocado, and black coffee.
Laura O.
Start off with simple stuff like fruits one day, maybe eggs on toast another, and maybe peanut and banana on toast another. Don’t eat super big meals in the morning. You want energy not to feel extremely full in the morning
Laurie B.
I start my best breakfast with eggs! Scrambled eggs with a touch of salt and pepper, with sour cream mixed in is the perfect decadent protein filled start to my breakfast!
Rossy J.
My parents always insist that I should eat a healthy breakfast. I think choosing a careful choice is great. Like the healthy plate, we can’t only eat one of the food and be fussy over it. Every food and vegetable has the advantage.
Amor C.
I have a a toaster that also steams eggs. I put the eggs in and let them steam until they were hard boiled. When they were finished, I cracked the top off and ate them