What is your favourite healthy breakfast to eat out at a restaurant?

Oscar F.
Starbucks blueberry oatmeal. It have whole grain oats, nuts, blueberries and dried fruit. You don’t need to put sugar in it. Good way to start!
Milton O.
Croque madame or croque mosieur as I love French vuisine. They sre great gor the weekend and indulgence. Or the simpler version : eggs toast and salad
Baldur Y.
I rarely have breakfast out but for a healthy option I’ll choose beans on toast, fruit, spinach and mushrooms or porridge.
Andr A E.
Oooh, great question! Usually a veggie omelet but if it comes with hash browns I ask for fruit or a salad or fried tomatos instead
Joris E.
Usually, I don’t go out for breakfast. Instead, I stay at home and make a parfait. I use bananas, yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, and crushed cashews. I love this breakfast, as it doesn’t take long to make and its SO yummy. Just be careful to limit the amount of yogurt you put in, as you want a balanced diet.
Sylvester U.
I'd go for an omelette especially at one of my favourite restaurants where the chef makes the omelette while you wait…I can select the ingredients based on what is right in front of me. I choose loads of chopped veges and leave out the bacon and cheese.
Marita T.
I will always start with a dairy free berry smoothie, then I’d order a 3 or 4 egg omelette with lots of veggies but no cheese. If I’m training on the day I might have some rye bread toast as a treat with the omelette.
Mads W.
I am not a big egg person, so for healthy options I like to look for a granola parfait or whole wheat toast/bagel or fresh fruit.
C Me Z.
I really love an old fashined denver style omlet my dad used to make a version of this it was bacon onions green peppers and fresh eggs all scrambled together then he would warm up stewed tomatoes and spoon it on top with buttered European Jewish Rye toast to slurp up the juice. Yum! Makes me remember good times with my dad. So now I would order a Denver with bacon omelet with rye toast and ask for stewed tomatoes on side or salsa heated up but not cold it makes the eggs cold.
Hanna F.
It depends how health oriented the restaurant is. If it’s super hip and healthy I get either a wholewheat waffle with fruit, or a yogurt/chia pudding. If such options are not available you can never go wrong with some eggs 🙂
Maria E.
Usually a veggie omelette, but I’ll replace the fried hash browns that often come with it with fresh fruit or fried tomatoes 🙂
Adolf A.
well, i’m not healthy, i normally get a sausage and cheese biscuit from like hardee’s or something because warm grease but if you wanna be healthy, get you some greek yogurt or fruit or eggs/egg whites. and drink w h a t e r
Roger Q.
I like having a plate of fruits; scrambled eggs with avocado; croissant with jam; coffee with milk and a natural juice.
Yolanda T.
Depending on how I am feeling, and what is available for dairy light/free, I do tend toward a veggie omelette for protein (no cheese), and side of fruit. I do treat myself to roasted potatoes, if it is a quality restaurant and appreciate this may not be healthiest of choices, but I do treat myself now and then. Toast will be whole grain/whole wheat – light butter. I do not eat their peanut butter or jams (heavy in sugar).
Elias Y.
I don’t eat breakfast out all that often but when I do, I usually look for their healthy options. I make sure to eat eggs and I try to avoid anything that might have a large amount of sugar.
Malou G.
A healthy smoothie and something savory but not overly filling like avocado toast! I love salty things in the morning like eggs but also sweets like fruits!
Amandine Z.
That's a hard one as there are loads of hidden sugars in restaurant food. I guess I would go for something oat based, although I do love pancakes and blueberries!
Dustin B.
Veggie and bacon omelet with no cheese, add avocado. Grilled tomatoes (or veggies, or potatoes) and no toast. Hot water and coffee.
Letitia J.
I actually hate eating breakfast. I know it's supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but it just weighs me down. My perfect breakfast is black coffee and an apple or banana 🙂
Louis A.
I've actually never really eaten breakfast at a restaurant! Once or twice maybe. I think I would really like a warm sandwich with light bread, mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto. Alternatively, something similar but with eggs. Like a variation of eggs Benedict. I think these would be my favourite choices at a restaurant for breakfast!
Jonathan W.
I like vegan breakfast bowls. The ingredients will vary, but something with grains like quinoa, beans or tofu or tempeh, lots of veggies (especially leafy greens) and sauces like salsa or tahini sauce. So filling and so much good stuff.
Arnoldo S.
I can't eat gluten and I'm trying to eat mostly vegan food, so my choices at most restaurants are pretty limited. My usual go-to is a carb like hash browns with sauteed veggies thrown in (look for a list of veggies that you can add to an omelet), or I can do oatmeal with fruit and nuts. I splurge on fresh fruit, and try to drink a glass of water and stick to black coffee or hot tea and avoid juice/soda/sweet stuff. I actually work at a restaurant, and if I need something to eat in the morning I will sometimes just order a small salad (super healthy!) and warm carbs (not the healthiest, but warm, cheap, filling, and I only order a small portion) (potatoes with guac, or gluten free toast, or rice with sauteed veggies mixed in).
Edward C.
I prefer the flavour of the place I am in at that time. When I am at home prefer home cooked breakfast, mainly upama, dosa, idly, puri or poha etc., When Iam travelling I prefer Pongal or idly, as it it is oil less & steamed food
Eliza P.
I generally don't eat a healthy breakfast out. Going out to breakfast is a treat. However, if necessary, it would be a scramble with spinach and other veggies, a meat, and either toast or potatoes.

Traude J.
It will depend on your region. I usually eat at home but in that case I’ll try to get eggs whenever it’s possible. When I lived in Spain, tortilla was a great option. And if accompanied with avocado and a whole grain bread it was a powerhouse. This is my choice since I’m vegetarian and apply some keto diet principles.
Elsie T.
Steel cut oats with blueberries and a sprinkling of dried coconut. Or better yet, with mango. Or strawberries. Or raspberries and blackberries.
A large Americano.
Or occasionally a cappuccino.
Time to enjoy it, and a friend or two to meet at the cafe. 😄
Luke Q.
I enjoy going for buffet style breakfast when eating out
Starting with Fruits / Fruit Juice
Eggs with Cheese Salami
Coffee or Masala chai
Zelaci E.
I look for choices that equal my goals, like no sugar, lower fat calories. Then when offered any "extras", just say no! If the restaurant offers pancakes with every breakfast, see if there's a substitute. Still, I don't want to be served anything I won't be eating. It's easier to cut the FAT BEFORE YOU EAT IT!
August N.
I don't eat breakfast at any restaurant. I eat lunch or dinner after church. No meat pop treats or desert unless it's apple pie!☺
Ashley Z.
Protein breakfast bowl (quinoa, fruit, nuts, goji berries, cacao bits, etc.); tofu scramble if available. If a mainstream restaurant without those options, then a veg omelet and whole grain toast.
Judith P.
To be honest, I get up so early with my toddler that I have breakfast long before leaving the house. The last breakfast I had, I got two scrambled eggs and two strips of bacon, avoiding carbs.
Malou E.
Well, that’s a difficult I think because everything is geared towards being a naughty treat when it comes to breakfast out.
I live in London and most places will now offer some lighter or even vegan options. I feel like a nice healthier porridge is the way to go. Alternatively, if you prefer savoury stuff – perhaps simple stuff like swapping fried eggs for poached or ommitting toast on your breakfast, adding some avo might be a good option.