At what time do you eat breakfast?

C Saro Z.
Usually I eat at 2:35 in the car since I have to be up at 2am in order to be at work and ready to start with all my gear by 3:30
Filippa A.
Around 7 am on week days and 7:30 am on the weekend but it's close to when I wake up I don't wait too long to eat breakfast
Claudina Q.
i was used to skip breakfast or i was used to had it around 11 or 12 pn …but from 3 dayz regularly i m having my breakfast between 6 to 8 am
Evan Z.
My day doesn’t start until 9 am so my breakfast is more like brunch as I eat it at around 10:30 or 11:00 am. I make sure to hydrate and take my meds first thing in the morning but I don’t eat until after my workout as doing so tends to upset my stomach.
Mitchell E.
Around 9 am, after waking up getting some water. Stretching and logging into my work email. Then I take a break to make some breakfast
Eleni E.
Depends on the day and what kind of shift I am working, or if I’m off. But I usually leave breakfast to last in the morning: 30 minutes to an hour after I wake up.
Eddie Z.
My first class is at 9 AM, so I eat breakfast after I drink water, exercise, and journal- around 8:20 AM. On days where I don’t have to be up early, I make a breakfast that involves cooking or blending and have it ready so that after my other habits I can just pick it up and begin eating!
Holly J.
I don't really have a set time when I eat breakfast, it usually depends on when I wake up and if I'm immediately hungry or not.
Raymond Y.
Either right when I wake up, or after I exercise and shower. I don't recommend eating before exercise, but otherwise I eat before I get dressed for the day.
Renate O.
I eat breakfast between 7.30 and 8am. Normally this is after I’ve done my self care for the morning (water, gentle exercise, stretching and washing) and before I get ready for work.
Amber Z.
Usually between 7:30-8:30. My daughter leaves for school at 7:40 so if I can get it in, in those last 10 minutes before we rush out the door it allows me to come home and get started with my day. Sometimes the morning are chaotic and that’s just not going to happen so I make it as soon as I get back from drop off.
Hugh P.
As soon as I get up, but only after I have taken my pills & other meds & I always make sure to have an 8 oz. glass of water with the pills. But, since I am on Peritoneal dialysis I can only have so much fluids., so I only drink 1 8oz. glass of water a day, because my total amount of fluids is less than someone not in kidney failure at all.
Chad U.
Breakfast is malleable for me currently in the time frame of when I get up, to when I finish drinking my water and doing my exercises. It is usually the morning habit that takes the longest to complete.