I like breakfast but I sometimes find it’s a choice between food prep and getting my hair and make-up and clothes ready. Any tips on how to strike a balance?

Judy R.
You can have cereal or oats with milk beside an apple..it's simple easy meal..and for variety you will found thousands of bunches for easy meals with no time on YouTube or any platform else 🙂
Falc O Q.
For me I was suffering to do both , but I tried to prepare my breakfast the night before for example I cut the cucumber , I make my cheese sandwich ,and finally I boil 2 eggs . Then I put them all in refrigerator, in the morning I only have to put the eggs and the sandwich in the microwave and at that time I make a cup of tea 💛✨

I hope it was useful for you fabulous one 🔆💛

Lenka A.
What helps me most is to prepare as much things as possible before I go to sleep in the evening. Try to prepare food in the evening, or at least part of it, so you have more time in the morning. Same with the clothes – choose what you are going to wear in the evening and put every piece of your outfit at one place. It seems that it only saves a minute or two of your morning time, but I feel that I am also less stressed when I do not have to make these little decisions in the morning. Instead I can sit and eat some good breakfast. 🙂
Frank T.
I cannot do without breakfast in the morning. It is the fuel to my day. So I make a breakfast menu on every sunday and stick it to my refrigerator. I understand that it is really hard to have an elaborate breakfast in the morning, so I prefer keeping it simple and nutritious. Options like egg whites with whole wheat toast or cereals are easy and healthy. Hope this helps.
Genta N.
You can always choose your clothes in the evening,before going to bed. Also you can think of what do you want to eat for breakfast in the evening so you don’t spare time for that in the morning. You can go to the market and get the things you need for breakfast and so you’re ready. Try to eat breakfast first and then do your hair and make up. You don’t need to prep a lot of things to eat in the morning but choose those that are healthy and don’t take you too much time to prep. Hope this helps 🙂
Lexy N.
Get your clothes ready the night before and skip the make-up. I’m sure you’re beautiful as you are! You can also batch cook meals and pre-prepare breakfast and lunches the night before or at the weekend and keep them in the fridge
Jones N.
How about some Overnight-Oats with fruit? Prep it in the evening and just take it out of the fridge the next morning. Saves time and you can focus on hair and makeup.
Elaine F.
I usually wake up a little early in the mornings. I start my day at 7:55 so I wake up at 6:30. I do that so that I can get my morning routine in (eating breakfast, getting dressed etc.) as well as a light workout! I'm not saying to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, but even waking up just 15 minutes earlier can make a huge difference. I hope this tip helps!
H Lo Se T.
I selected a healthy powder drink, so my husband prepared it for me. 😊

Sometimes, we will buy a breakfast set of sandwich 🥪 with drink for saving time. 😊

Moritz F.
I think that in order to strike a balance between these "activities" you need to try to prepare your breakfast before sleeping or while you're cooking dinner. This way, when you wake up in the morning, you have your breakfast ready to be eaten!
Another way is to wash you hair in the evening and style it in a way that won't ruin it, for example a loose ponytail. Moreover, you can decide what to wear the night before, take your clothes out of your wardrobe and place them o
in a visible spot (a chair or a sofa), so you won't forget that you had already chosen your outfit and won't waste time trying to figure out how to dress up!
Hope this will help yo!
Miss N.
I have three suggestions for you.
1) Try waking up a bit early than usual. If you were to wake a half hour earlier than you normally would, that would give you a good amount of time to make a healthy, balanced breakfast that also gives you enough time for other things in your morning routine.

2) When you’re at the grocery store, try picking up healthy foods that don’t take long to prep. Pick up some fruit, oatmeal, or even healthy protein bars (Make sure to read the labels on the back to make sure it is healthy). This way you don’t have to skimp on other things in your morning routine and you can still have a healthy breakfast without putting in a lot of effort.

3) If you have a day off (Possibly on the weekend), try meal prepping breakfast or any other meals you want to meal prep for. I just stated this, and it’s saving me a whole lotta time. I pick 2 to 3 quick recipes for breakfast for the week, and I choose one of my days off to make them. If you’re looking for clean recipes for breakfast, I really recommend looking at recipes by Clean & Delicious and MindOverMunch on YouTube because the breakfast recipes that they share are easy, healthy, and delicious! It takes me about an hour to do this while multitasking each breakfast recipe.

I really hope this help you, and I hope you have a lovely day!

Darja T.
I think you should prepare your breakfast the evening before, so that you'll have time to make your hair and do your makeup in the morning 🙂
Abd Nago E.
You don’t have to choose. Just wind a way to get ready AND have a breakfast. Maybe you can prepare it in evening, or eat something that doesn’t need to be cooked (like an apple with a peanut butter). Only you can find a way:)
Selina U.
Prep the food in the evening before or do something fast like breakfast burritos. Really delicious! There are many receipts for porridge jars to go, too. (Where you just have to put all ingredients in a jar)
Marilena G.
maybe you can wake up a little earlier so you'll have more time. And ofcourse sleep early. So when you wake up you ll eat your breakfast and then have plenty of time to do your hair and makeup
xoxo marilena💋
Ainhoa S.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how you do it counts . With fabulous you can create a morning routine set 15 minutes to do your hair and make up . Picking an outfit is also easy you can do it the night before or in the morning . Set a 10 minutes timer for making breakfast .And you will be ready for the day.
Baylie N.
Prep, prep, prep! Prep your breakfast food as much as possible. Prep your clothes and set out hair / make-up products. If waking up a little earlier isn’t working for you, maybe you could bring your breakfast to work (or wherever) with you. Some breakfast meals I like to prep are: overnight oats, omelets (cut up all veggies, sausage, cheese, and everything into one bag. Except for the egg of course), hard boiled eggs, smoothie bags, protein shakes, and parfait bowls. I also like to make quiche or breakfast casserole and heat up a slice in the morning.
Bernice Q.
i think it is better to eat breakfast first thing because it will give you a boost over energy in order to do your make up, hair, and get ready.
Luk Z.
You have two different options.
One is to wake up early. You probably don't like to hear this but it's the best way to get both things done. The other one is an option if you have a partner. You can create a plan called "breakfast duty". One day you get up early and make food the next day your significant other ideas the meal prep. It's a fun way to make breakfast as well.
I sincerely hope my advice helped you.
Keep up the good work (and wear your seatbelt).
Philip C.
For me, I feel like it’s important to do both in the morning as well. My current goal for myself is to go to bed earlier and wake up at a good time in which I can get everything done. I also like to budget my time by setting alarms so I don’t get distracted by anything else around me.
Brad J.
I try to do food prep for breakfast in the evening while dinner is cooking. I need to be in the kitchen anyways so chopping up my veggies for morning is easy. Also, I love making granola to eat with milk, like cereal. You can get lots of nuts and seeds to make sure you get a good dose of protein. Finally, set clothes out for the morning before bed so you don't have to make choices when you're still sleepy.