Any other suggestions regarding great breakfasts that specificaly do not include fruits, eggs and cereal?

Naomi O.
One of my go to breakfasts (as a gluten and dairy free high school student) is oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar and peanut butter. You can always substitute toppings that sounds good to you and cater to your dietary needs as well. I use an instant oatmeal, which only takes a couple minutes to put together, and it has helped my school mornings so much! Hope this helps.

Julie E.
I usually have a toast every morning and I always try to put something different on it each time. Like peanut putter, ham and jam, almond butter, butter and hard boiled egg, banana or apple and a little bit of healthy chocholate spread. There are so many possibilities! You just need to explore😊

Brandy P.
Oats is my go to if I don't feel like fruits, eggs or cereal isnt enough. Add some Greek yogurt to the oats and use soy milk and it's really great. Dont eat too much otherwise you will feel sluggish.

Wilfried X.
Other ideas for great breakfasts could be a piece of toast, a bagel, or some kind of bar that is easy to grab and go. Anything that works for you!

Stephen O.
High protein granola bars are my go-to or I cook bacon in the oven on a small rack so the fat drips down then you can put them in the fridge and grab two or three pieces plus a cheese stick or yogurt. Just a few options.

Claudia N.
I usually have porridge for breakfast vir sometimes I have pancakes using just oat flour, egg’s white, greek yogurt and sugar cane
Or often i include in my breakfast dark chocolate
I think another recipe could be sliced turkey and bread

Harpreet N.
Look for cereal that have folate nutrient in them so you feel more energy in the morning for example vitamin d it should say vitamins and minerals have a drink like orange juice or milk and a fruite like an apple according to sessions change you fruite it will save and it not boring as you are changing you breakfast eg it autumn or fall have a plum as it in session