What do you find to be your go-to breakfast for a protein kick?

Roxane Q.
I usually have an egg on toast with avocado as well as a protein shake. The shake differs depending on what I have in my fridge and how I’m feeling that day. One includes spinach, pineapple, banana, avocado, honey, a little splash of milk and protein powder. It’s a great way to get you’re greens in and it leaves me feeling refreshed throughout the day.
Karen P.
I try to eat whole grain oats everyday as it has a good percentage of protein, fiber and minerals. I'm not very adept to eat fruit during the day so I eat them in the morning with the oat meal porridge. On weekends we prepare hotcackes with oat and wheat whole grain flour and eat them with fruit, nuts and honey or syrup. You can add protein podwer to both meals if you want and need the extra protein!
R Mi Z.
I eat a protein bar and a container of yogurt. Sometime I eat eggs and a cup of milk.. But I usually drink water with my breakfast. I last till around 11:40-12:30 when I get hungry again but I eat breakfast around 6:30 so it might be a little early. Usually when it does not last that means I ate to quickly so it digested to quickly but that is for me.