Do you eat breakfast before working out or after?

Ilse Q.
I eat something that gives quick sugars (so carbs) beforehand, like a banana. The real breakfast, containing carbs, protein and fat, comes afterwards.
Kastle X.
I usually eat after I workout because I tend to feel sick during my workouts if I eat before. There's lots of research into fitness nutrition so I advise you to dig a bit so you can be informed for yourself, but over everything else, I advise you to listen to your body. If you find that you feel sick working out on an empty stomach, don't! Grab a small snack and give yourself that energy boost!
Kristopher Q.
I like to stay hungry during exercise and eat afterwards. I think the longer fast can be beneficial, help you stay in your desired metabolic state, and keeps you sensitive to your energy levels while exerting yourself.