Do you make your meals the night before to save time?

Helene Q.
Yes, I try to do meal prep the night before or do three or four days in advance. I like to utilize my freezer and freeze individual portions ahead of time.
Sara Y.
Yes. I try to prepare everything I need for next day.

I decide what I will be eating the next day, so I do not waste time and energy for deciding

Hanne Z.
Yes, because I have to make meals for my child lunch. It makes sense to get it done night before. Also, I would save time by having everthing prepared for breakfast. My objective in the morning is making more time in getting ready. Instead of rushing and sometimes I dont eat all my meal. Good Luck
Levi S.
I keep it simple. I make a breakfast burrito. I precook meat and/or vegetables on Sundays. I dice up potatoes, season them and bake them in an oven. I cook the egg each morning. Wrap it up in a tortilla and heat it up in the microwave. You can add almost anything to it. It only take the time to cook the egg and heat it up.
Carla W.
Typically for breakfast I make it that day. For lunch I really make it the night before or I get it ready to get together the night before, dinner is always when I come home from work or if I put it in the crockpot in the morning and it’s on low. My house smells delicious when I come home!
Alan J.
I like to prepare my meals in the morning, it is a good way to wake you up – the smell of the food, the cutting and preparation in the first hours of light… Of course you would gain more time for sleeping, if you did that the previous evening, it just depends on good administration of your time.
Amelia Z.
No… I never seem to be able to make time for that. The kids always need something and when they are in bed I flop onto the sofa!
Brennan E.
I didn't make my breakfast ahead, but I did make sure I had all the ingredients. We had granola and yogurt with bananas on top.
Evan E.
The way I prepare my meals for the week is by making protein-rich dinners throughout the week and taking the leftovers for lunch. I purchase groceries on Sunday and plan my dinners for the week; if I have time I try to prepare some of the processes ahead of time like cutting up vegetables for a Tuesday night stir fry. I try to make breakfast easy for myself by keeping protein-rich cereal, protein powder and milk in a cabinet at work.
Ignatz Y.
I don’t due to family circumstances, but if I lived alone or if it were more convenient for me, I totally would. Instead however, right now, I eat something completely simple and requires no prep for breakfast, like healthy yogurt or a banana and a spoonful of peanut butter. For lunch, I buy something healthy at work, and dinner is prepared for me at home.
Elya S.
No, but I usually make a lot of food that lasts more than one day. Take soup for example. 3l will be enough for a week’s serving.
Neivana O.
I prefere eat food just cocked 🙂
I used to live in a big city, there was a lot of trafic and it was hard to schedule a routine, in that time I eather cook the night before or eat in restaurants.
But I moved out to a small city and now I live one block from the office, so that I enjoy walking to home at lunch time and cook my own meal.
Karla W.
We prep most of our meals for the week on Sunday. Do all the prep steps for a recipe and store in Tupperware containers. Put together necessary ingredients and cook/bake each night
Gimeno T.
I prepare my lunch for the next day usually. I’m better now than I used to be but a lot of room for improvement. I never prep breakfast and dinner I eat too late but will usually warm up leftovers.
Ang Lica N.
Yes I do. I like to make a batch of whole wheat pasta with pasta sauce, brown rice, or steel cut oats. I then place individual 1/2 cup portions into cupcake tins, and then freeze them. Once frozen I remove them , and place the portions in a container, and back in the freezer they go, for whenever I’m ready to eat one.
Lucas X.
I make my meals for the following 4 days on Sunday and do a day to day meal until Sunday again. I prepare breakfast and lunch for Monday through Thursday on Sunday.
Justin E.
Not exactely, have cut up chicken ready for the day.
And vegetables, fruits, and bread available, but don’tall have a plan to eat which items to eat at certain parts of the day. Always have 2 eggs, 1 orange, and 1 slice of bread for breakfast. Also have fish available at all times.
Mario E.
Absolutely! There’s nothing I love more that waking up the next morning and already having my breakfast and lunch ready to go. Preparing extra food the night before can sometimes feel like a hassle, but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t put in the work. Plus, if you’re already cooking dinner, for example, it’s easy to just double up the recipe and save some leftovers for the next few days.
Adriana S.
Yes, I’m a meal prepper. Meal prepping has helped me stick to my healthy eating goals. I take an hour out of my Sunday to prep my breakfast, snack, and lunch for the week. Planning my meals ahead of time helps to reduce my stress level and the likelihood of me eating something bad. I have lost eight pounds so far. Now I’m at the stage where I need to expand my recipe selection. Thanks for asking your question and much success in the future!
Mason J.
I do a meal plan during the week. Then I do my meal prep on Sunday. Sometimes I will make less and make another batch Wednesday if it is something that may spoil.
Johanne F.
Yes. Mornings are busy time. In my opinion, preparing foods the night before is an effective way to have nice breakfasts.
Sigrun F.
On a normal basis yes. I make 2 or 3 different recipees and i try and freeze some so i have some for the days to cone aswell.
Serenity Y.
Yes! I make my meals the night before to save time. I don’t like waking up in the morning too early, so I try to get everything ready as much as I can.
That being said, I also create an allotted time in my schedule where I can focus only on making my meal prep.
Juc Lia A.
Sometimes, but mostly no. I work from home right now, so it’s fairly simple to make my meals. However, I do like to make a few dinner meals on the weekend to freeze. That does make it easier after I’ve picked up my son
Juanita O.
I make meals for the whole week to save time and make sure they fit my caloric needs. Google 'meal prep reddit' to know more
Alma A.
No. Usually my mom prepares it in the morning but when she doesn’t have enough time I prepare it, because it’s easy to make. It’s cereal in milk heated up with a spoon of honey and some blueberries. You should try it and it tastes kinda strange if it is not warm so that’s why I prepare it in the morning.
Roseni Z.
I do not, because I like to enjoy the evening after a long day of work. It is difficult for me to find the motivation to make something for the next day.
Suse Y.
Yes making the meals the night before is a great idea to save more time and so that you don't have to rush in the morning.
Susan Q.
No. For breakfast and lunch I have grab-able stuff that I organize on weekends. For dinner I have a menu plan, sometimes pre-cooked and in the freezer, sometimes a meal kit, sometimes a planned meal that I make in the evening where I have everything, sometimes a planned meal where I know I need to pick up something fresh on my walk home. It depends on the family schedule which it will be. And on Fridays I often do take away.
Victoria W.
This week I made zucchini and pepper stir fry and cooked sweet potatoes in the oven Monday night. Then I sautéed eggs with the zucchini and pepper and brought a couple days worth of breakfast to work with me. Other times, when I’m more on the go, I’ll do overnight oats, or grab an egg quiche at a coffee shop next to work. I also make smoothies with a lot of veggies and fruit for days when I may not be able to stop for lunch until later in the day.
Valeri X.
No but I do get the supplies together and decide what I'm making ahead of time. Indecision takes up a lot of my time in the a.m. I also keep a healthy "on the go" option in case I over sleep.
Maximilian O.
Not all meals, but I will pack my lunch for work the next day. Even that little bit saves immense time in the morning and leads to better choices for that meal.
Gaby U.
Yes. Actually,I usually get my lunch for the week ready on Sundays. Down side to it is eating the same thing during the week but that way I can make sure I'm eatig healthy without spending 4 hours in the kitchen
Rosie O.
I meal prep on Sundays and put the items in containers I then take to work with me, so I have everything I need for breakfast at work. I get in to work early, so I generally eat there.
Christiana J.
Yes and not just for meals but just planning your day the night before is one of the greatest habits to make you not only save time but also feel more confident and be at peace with yourself
Karl Friedrich Z.
I don’t make meals the night before. I like the way food tastes freshly made. If there is any left over then I’ll save it and continue to eat it later. Plus, I enjoy cooking so it’s not something I try hard to save time at.
Maeve A.
Yes. I've always tried to prepare my meals for the next day the day before. This applies to my workout clothes and outfit to work.
Adeli S.
Yes I make my meals the night before, I need this not just to save time but because I prefer taking my lunch to work rather than buying lunch somewhere else. This way I’m sure that my lunch is healthy, filling and delicious
Floyd Z.
I make my meals for the week on Sunday so all I have to do is grab it and eat it. Life has become much simpler because of it.
Ernest Z.
I cook my meals on Sunday for Monday to Wednesday. I find this saves me a lot of time and worry during the week. Then on Wednesday afternoon I cook again for Thursday and Friday (and sometimes I eat out on Fridays!).
Elvira X.
No I actually cook my meals on the day. However I prepare my menu for the week on Saturday so that way I have all I need for each meal. I choose easy to cook healthy meal that involves no more than 20min between prep and cooking
Ann B.
Yes I find it easier when I wake up I can find my food and carry on with my day I also do this when I have a long day I prepare my lunch beforehand
Judith F.
No, usually because the night before i am making the meal forthat evening, and i dont have enough time betwern work andsleep to do both. My evening meal often ends up with enough leftovers for lunch though
Sinara P.
Sometimes. Sometimes I prep all the meals for the week on Sunday so they’re really quick and simple to cook when I want them.
Oneida C.
I don't, only because of my schedule. I have more time in the mornings but I have a fall back easy breakfast for mornings that are busy. I have a tiny one egg pan and a measuring cup that stays next to the sink, for a pack of 1 minute grits and an over easy egg 😊 easy, quick, healthy and yummy
Luc Nio Q.
I’ve come to save about an hour or two a day by making my breakfast and lunch the night before. As I make my dinner for that day, simultaneously I also prepare breakfast and lunch for the following day. It has saved me a lot of time in the morning… and the food taste great. I personally don’t like meal prepping for too many days. But I find preparing meals just a day ahead is something I can stick to.
Scott U.
I boil eggs for a few days. Also have peanut butter and oatmeal ready to use and in sight so I don’t sleepily grab the easy bread sweets.
Ella N.
I look for simple & quick ways to prepare clean foods that meet my nutritional goals. If that includes extra servings of a particular ingredient; so much the better.
Mike N.
Sometimes. For example, to prepare nut milk or soak grain for express cooking in the morning. Or I prepare night oatmeal.
Lucy P.
Yes, sometimes it's best to save some time in the evening so that you can save yourself the morning rush of creating something to eat. However, I wouldn't do it late in the night. Rather make something less elaborate if the hours are late, than spend night time preparing next day's meal
Laly Y.
I make the meal in the morning. In my journey I have found a great meal for champions that keeps you energize through the day. It takes 10 minutes to make. Oatmeal and water and add everything sweet, like dried fruits
Tracy E.
Yes, sometimes I prepare only the ingredients and in the morning I prepare the meals. I usually prepare breakfast in the morning.
Samanta I.
Sometimes. I really like Porridge and I mostly lay the ingredients on the table so that I can just mix them together in the morning. That spares a lot of time and I don't stress.
Kenneth B.
I don’t. But I do try to plan out the week’s meals so that I have a roadmap and 2-3 meals can serve double duty (e.g., leftovers for lunch or taking the elements of a cooked meal and doctoring it slightly to make a new meal with minimal effort). I also try to have at least one “fridge clean out” meal every weekend where I make soup, fried rice or a frittata — and I can often get at least a couple meals out of that, plus limit food waste.
Tim E.
No, I don't like food that is standing around for a long time so I make everything fresh. But I prepare everything so that I minimize the activation energy needed to actually get started.
William Z.
No. But I do want to start cooking again and have been reading recipes and thinking about different ways to meal plan and cook ahead.
Zoey E.
I make my breakfast in bulk when I cook dinner…and the next day I usually eat leftovers from dinner for lunch. Then I'll make something else for dinner… then after that I have a couple of days where I don't have to cook at all, just reheat stuff in the microwave. I also keep some cooked meats and chilis in my freezer for the days that I don't want to cook anything but have run out of leftovers.
Eli R.
If I am having leftovers for lunch the next day I try to separate it into lunch portion containers the night before and then pick out things in my fridge to go with it by moving them to a central location. This makes it easier to throw it all in my lunch bag the day before. It doesn’t happen every day but a lot of days!
Mathias C.
Yes, it’s best to meal plan and cook on the weekend and have meals or buffet style ready to eat during the day and week.
Alma P.
Usually I don’t, in weekdays I just eat something simple, and on weekends I can spend some time in the morning to cook a good meal.
Tyler S.
No i don't because my lunch is prepared by tiffun service people and it directly come to the place wherever i want it. So in the morning I just have to prepare myself the breakfast whichever is available in my stock.
Fernando O.
sometimes. if i have a busy week, ill make a few things that last and are easy to put together quickly – a large batch of hummus or another dip, beans, soup, etc. however, if i know i have time to prepare meals, i would rather take the time to cook in the moment bc it grounds me.
Ida Z.
Absolutely not, fortunately if I stay at home I have lot of time to dedicate for cooking. If I’m at the university I eat somewhere with my friends
Liam S.
Sometimes I make an overnight oats: oats, raisins, cinnamon, water, chia seeds, coconut milk, topped with banana or peanut butter. Yums! Other days I fast…
Bruni J.
I usually prep a bit in the morning (peeling or even cooking the potatoes already), but do most of the cooking in the evening. I do tend to cook double portions, so I don’t have to cook the next day or have a warm lunch.
Sophie A.
No really. I rarely cook meals. I get fresh veggies, fruits and raw nuts for breakfast. For lunch I buy cooked meals from a store near work. I eat simple dishes for dinner that do not require preparation.
Catherine I.
On weeknights I set aside some of that nights dinner for the next day’s lunch, then make overnight oats to soak away for breakfast.
Mikkel G.
Not always, sometimes i like to make stew the night before and then just reheat when i get home from work. It usually tastes better the next day too.
Noe Q.
No, I like to prepare my meals according to how I'm feeling. It helps to boundaries and mentaly challenge mysef to have a healthy meal.
Frances B.
I usually spend a whole day in advance prepping my food that I then have for the whole week. Monday’s is usually my day to do this, however I also have a friend who holds me accountable and sometimes we switch off prepping for for each other if one of us is too busy to get to it.
Heriberto F.
I tried to make time to prep my breakfast, but it just wasn't working out. Instead, I've found healthy options on my way to work.
Tha S P.
Some meals I prepare the night before when I clean after dinner and have some additional portions. I make a list for next 24 h for the rest of meals.
Of Lia I.
Whenever possible, absolutely. I need to be at work for many hours each day and it's best to have something healthy to eat
Malvina S.
No. I don’t. Sometimes I cook asado for my family and there’s usually lots of leftovers that turn into new meals in the subsequent days
Ola Des A.
No, I quite enjoy the food preparation as part of my morning rutine. I never make anything complicated, though. Just fruit, musli, yoghurt or oatmeal, maybe eggs. I also find that food that's prepared in advance doesnt taste as good AS fresh food.
Elsa F.
I will normally make a larger dinner so that I have lunch ready for the next day. And I prep my dinner for the next day. In the mornings I try to make a breakfast item like a egg bake casserole which will last me most of the week and doesn’t take too much of my time in the morning to make.
Tobias C.
Not at all. I improvise what I’m going to have for dinner everyday which is why my meal time is never at a set time.
When I lived on my own I used to plan every meal and bulk cook them, but that was also when I gained a lot of weight so I’m not sure if it has its benefits or not…
Jack F.
I don’t at current, especially for breakfast because I think super simple like eggs or cut up fruit is good for mornings and the act of making it helps wake me up. I would like to start making my lunches at least for days that I work though so temptation to get something off the shelf is lower.
Ethan C.
I don't make my meal the night before because I don't take the time to do it.
I know it could save me craving then for lunch as I eat often too late. So I eat a lot and not healthy often.
I 'll try to make it working.but to be honest, it s hard
Astrid F.
No, but I used to do it in the past. Nowadays, as I work from home, I prefer to keep healthy stuff handy and plan my meals ahead, so I don't spend much time preparing them, but always get them fresh.
Eugene S.
I usually make meals on the day itself or right before. But I prep (slice, cut, boil, steam etc.) during the weekend and place each ingredient or meat in separate containers (some with paper towels to absorb moisture and some vegetables in icy water containers to retain the crunch). When I am ready to cook, the weekend prep makes it easier and faster.
Benjamin W.
I don’t prepare breakfast in advance, since I usually eat quick things like a banana or a bowl of cereal. I pack my lunch the night before. My lunch usually consists of dinner leftovers which I portion out into a Tupperware container to bring to work the next day.
Selmo I.
I often make overnight oats Sunday evening for the whole week! So in the mornings, I just have to take one bowl out, mix it with a spoonful of yoghurt and fresh fruits.
Malou Z.
Usually not, I have something quick and simple like a banana and a few almonds or apple with a little peanut butter. If I do cook ahead, it is oatmeal with a little brown sugar and cinnamon and sometimes cooked apples.
Charlie Y.
I make all my deals on a single day and then have them tfor he whole weeks. It's the easiest way to do it so I can save time and have well balanced meals
Andre F.
Depends on the meal, for breakfast I tend to have the same thing everyday and u don't get tired of it. I prepare some overnight oats and eat it in the morning for breakfast
Daniele T.
I always found it best to prepare my meals the night before. Not only does it save time, you are better able to control what you eat. Having a healthy option (including snacks) ready to go prevents mindless munching. Also, when your schedule is unexpectedly interrupted, you don’t have to settle for a quick option that may negate your personal goals for the day. Bottom line: yes, it saves time and keeps you on track.
Chloe A.
I personally don’t because I prefer to have fresher food or food that was just made rather than food made the other day. I do plan out my meal/meals the day beforehand so I know what I have to eat the next day.
Falco Q.
No, I generally stick with yoghurt and fruits as breakfast. Lunch I did make the night before. But that was also due to the fact that I cooked a bit more of my diner. I wake a bit earlier now and fix lunch while eating breakfast. Still I pick the leftovers every so often if I have them.
Ronja U.
I do not, first of all I'm a morning person, especially after I've had my coffee which I always have before I eat. But I always make sure the kitchen is clean, I have a 10 minute clean up mainly focused in the kitchen for part of my bedtime routine. That way I make sure I have a clean pan and utensils left on the stove for making my eggs and while they're cooking I prepare the rest of whatever I'm having, usually either oats done in the microwave or whole grain toast and a piece of fruit.
Jessica O.
Not even the night before but days ahead instead. Of course, there are some dishes that are best cooked in the moment but you can really optimize your efforts by investing some minimal time planning your meals and cooking it. It’s just my personal experience.
Agata F.
No, but i will plan for next day meals in advance. I want to enjoy the meal preparation time as one of my self therapy.
Jocieri N.
It depends when we are doing health food it is made on the time we are hungry 😋 the food that gives me and my family nutrients we freeze so it the duration is longer 🙂