Are there any breakfast ideas with a short prep time and ingredients that are easy to buy?

Jeppe W.
I wipe mine down with alcohol wipes after every use or every other use, but if its deeply stained or smelly because its made of foam its not really going to come out so, I would just get a new one.
Hiltraud C.
If i wake up early enough, i’ll make sure to have it an hour or two before working out. If i don’t have time, i just have a quick banana or some nuts for energy and get to my workout
Gisela E.
Scrambled eggs with Salsa on an English muffin.
2 eggs
1 Tsp of butter
1 Tbsp of mild salsa
1 English muffin
Put the English muffin in the toaster. While you wait for it to toast scramble 2 eggs in a frying pan with the butter. Remove from heat when moistly scrambled. Take English muffin from toaster and butter each side. On each half open faced add scramble eggs topped with salsa. Now enjoy.
Joel X.
Have some sunny side eggs with some avocado or organic peanut butter on a toasted whole wheat bread. It is quick an easy ❤️
Annalucia F.
I prefer boiled meat or chicken , so the easiest way is to prepare everything in the evening for few upcoming days. You spend one evening cooking, but enjoy healthy food for three days 😋