Do you have breakfast on the go or always at home?

Savannah Gillette F.
I do both. I try to always have a protein berry smoothie I make myself but sometimes I need a few more calories (on work days) and sometimes I don’t have time. Occasionally we grab something out, like a biscuit, and I’ve got to say I feel better on the days I have time to eat the smoothie and maybe a granola bar instead. I’ve been trying to get up a little earlier to make sure I have time for that every day, but things come up sometimes that get in the way.
G Lnihal X.
İ usually have my breakfast at home because i'm in a holiday now and i don't have to go to school or work yet. But ı'm studying English and math in home sometimes out of home. İt's not my habit Having breakfast on the go
Lei L.
I have breakfast at home if I am making it (microwave omelette), but on the go if I am getting it from a restaurant on my way to work.
Jeffery W.
both is good. as long as i have time to eat, I'll eat at home, maybe even make myself something super fancy and healthy. but if I'm late, there's nothing wrong with just grabbing an apple to eat on the bus
Neroli Z.
Breakfast at home is one of the best feeling whenever I start my day. It just gives me the motivation that everything has its own pace. Breakfast is one of the things that shouldn't be rushed and should be enjoyed in peace.
Pauline Z.
I usually take the time to eat breakfast at home. starting the day with a relatively relaxed meal, vs stressfully choking down some food while I'm running out the door, seems to set the tone for the day. leading to me being less stressed overall.
Angelina S.
I have breakfast on the go because I don't have enough time in the morning. I get up around 6:30 and need to be gone out the house by 7:15 or I'm late.
Diop G.
Should I wake up earlier i prefer taking time to prepare the first meal my body will consume thorough an unknow journey.