What do you like to eat in the morning?

Chlo Z.
I prefer to change my breakfast often. Now I'm eating yogurt with cornflakes, but sometimes I eat milk with biscuits, porridge, or an avocado toast if I want something salty
Pyntha O.
A want to eat sunny side up, with bread, a a bowl of smoothies with almond slices and a glass of milk. But, I’m allergic to eggs so I can’t eat it daily. I don’t have a blender so I can’t make a smoothies. Buying them is too much of expense for me. So, I ended up eating banana or nothing at all
Noel X.
I like milk as I think i pack protein so I want to gather as much as I can . I sonetineschave walnuts and almonds too because they have nutrition.
Shining Q.
Oatmeal, cereal and fruit, smoothies, egg and toast, omelets with spinach and mushrooms, coffee, tea, yogurt and granola
Jonathan F.
In the mornings i usually drink smoothies, they're so delicious.-Of course the healthy ones. Also i like to eat oat cereal bowl with honey or berries, some other people might find it, disgusting, but i feel like that's really tasty, and worth the time making it!