Ideas for best breakfast on the go items?

Mar A R.
A banana is a perfect breakfast on the go! It's full of nutrients, leaves you feeling full, and gives you energy. Maybe two of them is better. 😅
If you prefer something salty, I would recommend my family's favorite: an omelette sandwich. Just break one or two eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper, cook them in a pan with a liiiiittle butter, toast two slices of bread in the same pan and then put the omelette between them. You can add something else that you like; I personally like a slice of a salty cheese, like edam or havarti.

Cassandra S.
A handful of Nuts works if you don't normally eat breakfast. Or you could pack an Apple and Banana. Or this is a healthier option overnight oats. There's this last one though a protein shake.

Rachel F.
Kind bars; homemade smoothies with Greek yogurt, chia seeds, fruit and juice; homemade breakfast sandwich with english muffin, over hard egg, grated cheese, and avocado; toast, eggs, avocado and juice/coffee/tea. And a big glass of water!!

Anna V.
I normally get Greek yogurt and cut up some fruit and put it all together the night before. Also a huge fan of English muffins with sugar-free jam. The key for me is prepping breakfast the night before if I know I’m going to need it on the go.

Carmen N.
We’ve all had days when we’re running late and we end up skipping breakfast. On those days, I go for the fruit. I’ll grab an Apple and a banana or make a quick peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich that I can eat in the car. Simple, fast, and helps me get through the morning.

Hedy E.
preparing all the dry items of oatmeal with nuts and fruit the night before makes the morning preparation very easy! you can put it in a deli container and take it to go if need be.

Tiffany N.
Fruit & Greek yogurt or a protein smoothie are pretty good starters. Even an almond or peanut butter sandwich will do the trick.

Hanne Lore E.
Hi! When I'm on the go fruit (banana & orange or apple) are my go to's for a quick breakfast. I also love boiled eggs. Cooked the night b4 & put in a plastic baggy with a sprinkle of seasoning. Hope that helps!