Can I eat breakfast at 2:00 pm?

Mutlu N.
I would not recommend anyone eat breakfast that late, because it becomes lunch not breakfast anymore. However if you are late to have your breakfast then it’s better to eat than not eating at all🙃☺️
Joshua I.
No because that's too late. I usually eat lunch in the afternoon. Eating at that time is basically lunch and you're skipping breakfast.
Nicolas O.
Yes, but it has to stay that way. If you constantly wake up at that time (for exemple, because of your job) and eat your breakfast, then it shouldn't be a problem
Rona Z.
You can but I wouldn't recommend it. Unless you're doing intermittent fasting in which case that's totally different situation
Naz M.
No. Breakfast shd be eaten when you wake up in the morning. It is thev1st meal of the day for your body after a long rest. You would need try to wake up early.
Narendra I.
By 2:00 pm it isn't called as breakfast. It is called as lunch.
Coming to the question.
It is not much better to eat BF in 2:00 PM. It is my option
You can do as your wish. 😊
Rona Z.
No I would not recommend it. You can eat at that late hour but you're not doing your body any favors. The only exception would be if you were doing intermittent fasting
Gabby O.
no. It is fine if you eat lunch then probably, but since breakfast is meant to give you nutrition and energy for the day, eating it when almost half of the day is over doesn’t really make any sense. Also, from the time you wake up to 2:00 pm you will probably have eaten something and that something is probably just snacks, which is not healthy.
David P.
I do a late breakfast but I don't skip breakfast time because it's hard on my body and my brain does not work as well. I have a brunch and then a early dinner and fruit or other healthy things for little snacks in between. I don't like to eat heavy before bed
Oskar Q.
Yes, if you’ve built up your intermittent fasting time you can fast until 2pm. Make sure you break your fast with healthy fats and proteins rather than refined carbs.
Carolyn E.
It depends on when you wake up, for a healthy start to the day I would recommend eating breakfast within two hours of waking up. If you wake up around 10 try to eat your first meal before noon. Your body needs energy and eating too late isn’t good for you in the long term. Remember to still eat lunch and dinner at appropriate time relevant to when you eat breakfast.
Emily E.
If you have woken up around 2pm then of course it is ok to have your breakfast then but if you have been up for a while, maybe this time should be for your lunch.
Arlette A.
I wouldn't advise that, because your body needs food for earlier activities, remember that your soul is performing inside a body without food means driving in a car with an almost empty tank, can be done but will burn out your reserve and you'll feel tired a few hours later and for the rest of the day… Eat something, fruit, cereal, a smoothie, a protein bar even! leave it ready the night before so you don't run out of time and help your body do it's best!
Angelique F.
I do not think that you should eat breakfast at 2:00 pm because breakfast helps you get ready for the day not finish it off.
Rajit F.
Yes! Of course. The idea of breakfast is not the time you eat it, but the purpose of it. Now we can talk literally, and say it's whenever you break your overnight fast, but that's not what I mean. The idea behind breakfast is a meal to start your day. A meal that sets your path for the day off on the right foot. That gives you the mood lift and the energy to go about the rest of your activities.

Who am I to say when that must be? If you fancy waking up at 4pm and having your breakfast then, does that make it any less purposeful? Nah, and that there is the answer to the question.

A moment of sincere honesty though. For myself, sleep has always been a problem. I always find myself up into the wee hours procrastinating and refusing to sleep. For me, waking up at 4pm and seeing the sun setting shortly after is a reminder that I've failed again, and that hurts. So for myself, a breakfast at 2pm hurts a little. I'm trying to love myself a little more, but I'm not quite there yet.

Lia F.
You can eat breakfast anytime. In fact breakfast for dinner is delicious. However you need to start your day with some kind of meal. This will jumpstart your metabolism you’ll start the day with energy it’ll wake you up and you’ll feel better throughout the day. You’ll also be less hungry throughout the day
Sander C.
If that’s your first meal of the day then it’s still technically breakfast because you broke your fast. Or if you mean breakfast foods then sure why not
Brayden O.
I guess the real question is what time are you waking up? If you’re waking up around 1 pm then absolutely you can eat breakfast at 2. However, if you get up around 7, then you should consider eating breakfast between 7 and 9 am. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and your body needs it to get energy.
Brittany E.
Absolutely! As long as you eat something whatever it. Now, if you are having digestive problems related to not eating in time, I would suggest setting alarms for when you need to eat. I always have a hard time eating which causes stomach pains so my solution is I set my alarm to eat first thing I wake up at 8 or 9am, then I set alarms for 3 or 4hrs later to eat again. I have found this helpful. It also may be helpful to eat small meals every 3 hours so that way you don't end up feeling hunger pains.
Maria Z.
Sometimes I wake up late like at 2:00 pm , so i think it depends what time you wake up , since I wake up at 2:00 pm I usually eat dinner not breakfast. 🙂
Adagabriela P.
I can eat a breakfast at 2:00 PM but I rather eat breakfast at 12:00 it just feels better for me and I am hungry at that hour.
Average C.
Its best to eat breakfast as soon as you wake up to get enough energy for the day but I’m not a good example because i don’t eat anything and barely sleep. In my opinion its fine to eat whenever and whatever you want as long as it keeps you alive and somewhat energised.
Angie O.
I think it really depend upon when you wake up if it's 11 clock I'd say in my case it is not as I get up early around 6-8 am
Shadaaaah N.
Actually i dont think eating breakfast at 2:00 pm is a good thing. If you are eating it at 2 its no more a breakfast.
Breakfast sjould be eaten in the morning.
Philip U.
If you wake up late, its probably better to have breakfast at 2:00 pm than not at all. However, waking up in the morning and having a breakfast at the same time as everyone else does will make you feel like you start your day on the same foot as everyone else.
Lya O.
No, because the breakfast gives the energy to start the day, it's also can't be called breakfast if you eat at 2 pm, that is the lunch.