What makes a great breakfast in India?

Asma N.
not much, you could try any thing that's healthy!
add as much as veggies you want to your breakfast. or have an Apple, you can add all the Indian spices if you want 'cause they get your diet on fire!
Mia T.
That depends on person to person.. some like to have light food and some heavy food and some healthy food… I prefer food according to my mood
Mathilde Y.
In India? I’m not sure but when eating Indian cuisine I am most familiar with naan, samosas, and chicken tikka masala and curry – so maybe curry for breakfast is common over there but that’s is only a guess. 😊
Leonard P.
Honestly i dont know. I just think if you want to start eating healthy that is considered as start waaay too big. So, for me starting witj never skipped your breakfast is a great breakfastt then slowly change your meals
Edward W.
I'd love to help, but I'm not from India. I'd however suggest eating a bowl of oatmeal with a side of fruits (apples or bananas)