How do you eat a breakfast that is s balanced and quick?

Holly F.
I’m lucky that I have time in the morning to whip up a hearty breakfast. When I didn’t have time in the past, I’d pre make my meals on Sunday’s. I’d make overnight oats or breakfast salads and they worked out really well for me!
Yari F.
I purchased ingredients in advance and made egg cups so they were ready for the whole week. I also got ingredients to make an instant oatmeal and added almond butter and a dab of maple syrup. Quick and satisfying and filling. Two options.
Filip O.
I always eat the same thing. Eggs with meat and vegetables, whole-wheat bread and green tea. It takes 10 minutes to prepare and it's delicious.
Sander A.
If you want you can prepare things the night before to make things more quickly. If not, choose items that are convenient to grab and go like apples, bananas, nuts, smoothies, protein bars, yogurt cups, etc. It’s a good idea to have one fruit/veg item for immediate energy and one protein item for slower burning energy.
Maya T.
Well I usually boil an egg to have my protein and then I make a quick toast of bread, cheese and vegetables like tomatoe and lettuce. Oh!I also drink orange juice
Nathan O.
I normally prepare my breakfast that night before at a time where I'm not busy I normally make meals like refrigerated oats.
Marianne I.
Ik zorg er voor dat ik genoeg in huis heb om uit te kiezen. Denk hierbij aan volkoren crackers, volkoren beschuit, Optimel kwark en verschillende soort beleg. Daarnaast zorg ik voor eieren en fruit in huis.
Niloofar W.
Well it makes me to force myself to wake up earlier to prepare the breakfast, which is a good habit by itself. I boil some eggs , put a fruit or a vegetable beside it , bread and a cup of coffee. I also add small bite of honey to my breakfast. I feel so energized after that.
Kim O.
Prepare as much as you can at the start of the week to make it easy. Pre-cook what you can and store in the fridge, such as boiled eggs. Make up yoghurt / granola / fruit pots to go in the fridge. I make a few different things so I don’t get bored, and my meal is ready for me, no excuses and saves me time each day.
Georgia J.
I keep it really simple! I’ll do egg whites with turkey and tomato and onion or I’ll do some oatmeal with fruits or some yogurt with fruit. If I’m feelinn sluggish in the morning I’ll do some protein waffles in the toaster for on the go! I find that keeping it simple, but high protein keeps me full longer and it gets my day going a little bit easier than when I skip breakfast.
Siouxsie J.
I like to grab some fruit, like an apple or orange along with a granola bar or a single serving of yogurt if I’m in a serious rush. If I have a little more time I can put on the kettle for oatmeal, berries and tea. A nutritionist once told me that a great breakfast is a hard boiled egg that you can prepare ahead of time. Whatever I choose, hydrating first thing in the morning makes the most noticeable difference in my day.
M Lody Q.
I have been prepping and packing breakfast and lunch the night before. Something high in protein and a fruit that is filling for breakfast. This week it has been rxbars (no junk but can have high sugar) and grapes. I'll probably switch with smoothies, eggs, and almond butter. I'm good to go until lunch time 🙂
Lorenzo C.
Try a smoothie for breakfast! I usually leave my frozen fruits out in a bowl the night before to let them defrost. I wake up in the morning, put the fruits, some milk and yogurt in a blender, and in less than a minute I have my breakfast. It’s balanced with fibre from fruits, and protein from milk and yogurt (Greek yogurt would be especially nutritious!). It’s also packed with lots of vitamins.
Oliver J.
Have fruit, nuts and seeds readily available – I enjoy porridge with some fruit conserve, almond butter, mixed seeds and blueberries; or 0-sugar yoghurt (alpro specifically) with banana, walnuts and almonds, drizzled with just a little honey. The key is having the ingredients there – then everything can be thrown together in a jiffy!
Courtney Z.
I try to keep my breakfast simple and use a few ingredients that I can vary. I usually try to eat a slice of whole grain toast with a protein, such as beans or avocado. This makes it quick to make and I can change up the spices throughout the week.
Didi F.
Whole grain bread with cheese or eggs and any veggies

Oatmeal with fruits yogurt , honey and nuts

An apple and peanut butter

Brittney Q.
Stick to the basics and make sure you have a good source of protein, fiber, and veggie and or fruit. My go to is egg whites with spinach and a bowl of oats with a banana or berries.
Mylan P.
Every morning I wake up and prepare myself for the day. The first thing that comes to my mind is breakfast. I make sure that I make time for breakfast because it prepares me for what is up ahead.
Meg E.
I have about 4 alternate breakfast meals. I make sure that I always have the ingredients ready in the fridge so that I can decide what I feel like in the moment. This helps me believe I don't have to stick to a diet plan. I can have what I want.
They alternate depending on how much time I have. Either protein porridge with berries, eggs/avo on toast, Weet-Bix and banana, or toast (normally peanut butter and honey). I love breakfast. Sets me up for the day and leaves me less hungry later.
Hope this helps!
Ann E.
Your could try stone cut oatmeal with a piece of fruit. Some varieties of that oatmeal take 30 min to cook but some only take like 5, ex. Great value. The longer it takes to cook the healthier but any stone cut is much better than instant oatmeal! It's yummy with salted butter, honey, and milk. If you train your palate by avoiding most sugar, a little will start tasting quite sweet – and honey is always the healthiest sugar. Add in an egg for protein maybe, those cook fast and you can even get a tiny skillet so there's not much to clean. Contrary to popular belief, eggs are not dangerously high in cholesterol – your body only absorbs what cholesterol it needs from your diet and the rest comes out the other end. There are a few healthy cereals too, you can recognize them by how bland they are lol. Some cut up fruit could help that though.