Do you exercise before or after breakfast? Why? How do you feel?

Madison T.
I stretch before breakfast because all that food can get in the way of being more nimble, plus I don't want to get sick. It also allows me time for my stomach to wake up!

Rosa S.
I exercise after breakfast. It’s only because I feel very hungry when I wake up and want to start my day off with something in my gut. At least after water and something to eat, I can plan my day and morning with working out and getting errands done.

Irene Z.
I generally exercise before breakfast. I do this because I don’t like the feeling of food bouncing around in my stomach. I also find if I eat before all sorts of excuses and interruptions crop up and I sometimes don’t get to it even though I had the best intentions. In terms of building habits I think the sequence matters a lot so that might be the reason doing things out if order generally doesn’t work for me.

Aymeric O.
I exercise before breakfast because I feel that exercising right after I wake up gets my ready for the day. It also works up an appetite for a healthy breakfast. I feall very up and ready to go after the exercise and it gives me motivation for the rest of the day.

Sheyanne Q.
After breakfast because its not beneficial to work out on an empty stomac, its best to have some fruit about 20 mins before working out to give your some natural sugars and carbs that turns into energy to fuel your workout, and then get some protein into you shortly after your workout to help the recovery process!

Angel F.
I wake up, drink water and get right to excersise to start my day. Then I treat myself to really good coffee, more water and about an hour later a great breakfast.

Ricardo E.
Before. I feel sluggish if I start exercising too soon after eating. Eating afterwards is also a nice reward for a session.

Esther U.
I exercise before breakfast. I may do a small snack just to get me through my workout like a small banana, or a handful of berries, or half a protein bar. I don’t like how heavy I feel if I have breakfast before my work out. Drink plenty of water too.

Kyle W.
Because I am trying to lose weight I find it helpful to workout before breakfast in order to burn fat rather than the food I consumed right before

Suryodaya F.
The answer may vary from people to people. It's better to be done with the exercise and then have a high-protein diet. Yet, if you feel tired or have a high metabolism you'd benefit from some amino acids, carbs before the exercise.

Gina F.
I exercise with my sister she is coaching me. So whenever we are both free we exercise together. It is giving me more motivation to be honest. I enjoy it more when she’s with me and I feel like I’m even feel like I’m achieving more.

Arron E.
I exercise before breakfast to stay active all day as well as to burn more calories and after that I eat breakfast as my post workout meal

Тирион Ланистер N.
Usually I exercise before breakfast, cause it's easier for my body — I don't feel heaviness in my stomach, so I can literally fly

Tracey X.
I exercise before breakfast. I found out that it is easier to do exercise first thing in the morning and then relax and have a nice breakfast. I think it's better to exercise on an empty stomach. It works well for my morning jog, at least. (Maybe be not so much for a long gym session, but i wouldn't know since i don't go..) good luck 🙂

Ingridt Z.
I feel much better after I have had a chance to fully hydrate and nourish my body! Then I can go for walks, play with my children, or even have the energy to clean up

Carrie N.
I have the means and opportunity in the form of my stationary bike, but have not got up the gumption. It sits there begging to be used. I have a serious roadblock to exersise. It's as if I dread it having in mind my exertions at work and some of my walking on errands out and about town. Maybe this and other apps will get me motivated.

Arron C.
I exercise after breakfast as I feel more energised and motivated. It makes me feel more strong having green tea immediately after breakfast give me the energy to do a good workout

Avery C.
I exercise before because I'm more likely to do it when I'm right out of bed. It also stokes my appetite so I feel more motivated to eat breakfast after.

Serpil T.
before. because if i do it after breakfast i feel like throw up. after breakfast, my body feel more calm, maybe it because it do the digestion. and there's no energy i needed for exercising. i think its better to exercise in empty stomach ☺

Corie Y.
I personally work out after breakfast. I need something in my stomach. If I don’t eat and work out I feel sick to my stomach, have cramps, and am now not in a good mood. When I eat some oatmeal with fruit in it and then work out, I feel awesome! So much energy, my mind is clear, I feel so ready to do anything. Hope this helps.

Cl Ment Y.
I have a very small breakfast before my workout cause when I workout on empty I don’t have the fuel to keep going. Then I’ll follow up with a post workout breakfast to feed calories burned in my morning workout