Is a protein/meal replacement shake a healthy option for breakfast? Why or why not?

Miss N.
Personally, I just don’t think that a meal replacement shake is a great idea. Sure, you get in those vitamins you would get in an actual meal, but what else? Whenever you make a meal for yourself, it shows you that you care for yourself, it helps you to connect with the present moment without judgement (mindfulness), and it helps you to tune in with your actual hunger rather than tuning out. I also wanted to add that you won’t be getting those important food groups in such as your fruits, veggies, grains, etc. and these things make a good impression on your health. Being able to reap the rewards of making yourself a meal, even if it’s really small makes a big difference. I hope this helps you and I hope you have a fabulous day!
Ben Q.
I don’t have it personally. I think that you should have something that resembles ‘real food’ in there. If you’d like the protein powder, mix it in with a smoothie.
D N.
In my opinion yes because sometimes you don’t have the time to eat a decent breakfast. It’s also like something sweet but also giving you what you need to get through until you can have a decent meal.
Lynn A.
It is not a healthy option as a breakfast replacement since they are some proteins, minerals, vitamin are only found in the breakfast ingredients and couldn't be replaced by a protein shake
Elyce E.
Yes I believe so. Especially when followed my your workout routine in the morning. I tend to focus on weight lighting and so it helps me with muscle building and recovery
Daniel C.
It can be helpful some days but is preferible that real food be the base of your diet, I mean specifically fruits, vegetables and meat
Muhammad N.
Well, no. Because it takes the fun out of it, may lack some of the nutrients a variety of breakfast options could provide, and may just make u hate breakfast because of the same bland taste every morning over and over.
T Rkan Q.
I would saybit is not because it is basically a concentrate. The vitamins and minerals in food are extracted through the digestive process at a rate the body can handle. Concentrates mess with the normal extraction pace
Mariam R.
Drinking a protein shake for breakfast can be a quick and convenient way to squeeze more nutrients into your diet and increase your protein intake. Protein shakes can also be an effective tool to support weight loss and enhance muscle growth.
Gary O.
I think no, because protein is not enough you must have something else with it so it's better to have a food and fruit specially fruit because it has sugar in it with protein if its banana