I wanna know what a good time is to have a breakfast because I only have my brew and most of time, that’s only my breakfast. But if I was in the mood, I might have breakfast but late like at 11 a.m. or so.

Kyla N.
The best time to have breakfast truly depends on how your day pans out. I mean by this is if you have to be somewhere at a particular time, like school in or your job. Hypothetically, if you had all the time in the world, I would suggest you have one h after waking up. During that hour eat nothing, and drink water. That way, your body can fully wake up, and once it's time to eat, you'll already probably be somewhat hungry. But also, I dont recommend waking up too late. I would say the newest time you should have breakfast would be 10-11 a.m.
During times like these, you need to prioritize yourself and take good care of yourself. Do that by preparing a healthy breakfast. Now healthy doesn't mean you can't have coffee or cereal. But I would genuinely recommend something good for your body—something like an avocado toast with an egg. Something you know will leave you feeling full and satisfied afterward. Having a good breakfast is essential as it starts off your day. And starting the day off on a good note is the best. Getting back to the main point, I would recommend having breakfast an hour or 30mins after waking up, latest at 10 a.m.
I hope this helps and good luck. 🙂

Isolda S.
I used to struggle with having breakfast early, 11 would be times that I would have breakfast too. Getting up early and going for long walks help me to have breakfast 7:30, 8:00. I find that exercising would open my appetite and having my breakfast early really helps me to have a much better day. So a good time for breakfast would be anytime after you finish your early morning exercise.

Nero Q.
For me I eat breakfast at like 7:30. It helps me to wake up and get energized to do stuff. I would recommend cooking your breakfast, but if you dont have time I would eat a granola bar and a fruit.

Monica N.
It really depends on what time you wake up and what your body is asking for. Remember, breakfast is not only important for your health but it determines how the rest of your day will look like.
Think of it this way; when you sit down to eat your breakfast, the one you made sure is fulfilling and tasty, your mind and body are grateful, the energy level is rising and you can go on with your day with a smile!
Even if it's 11am, as long as it is before your body needs to beg for energy refill.
Stay strong! Eat well!

Kyla N.
I usually drink water first thing after I wake up, then I have my coffee and do my workouts, then I have my breakfast around 9,30 am. It gives me a boost in my energy till lunch time.

Athanasios T.
I think a good time for breakfast depends on when you wake up so iff you wake up at 10 eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up

Hans Ulrich J.
I think the best time to start breakfast is 6-9 am because some people go to work and school and i am still school so.. Yeah! 😇

Andrea W.
Before I go off to work, I normally wake up at 6:30 AM to exercise. Then, I eat breakfast at 7:20 so that I have time to prepare or cook. Really, you need to get in the habit of waking up early and stick to it, otherwise, you’ll always wake up really late.

Kyla N.
I say about 8 o clock with your morning brew if u can because then u can space out your breakfast lunch and dinner better i mean i usually do it like that so idk 11 a.m is good too but just remember to eat because u cant function without food in your system, its physically impossible even if its like a banana or an apple i think u will get the hang of it if u make it a routine and it will be easier then.Good luck !

Kyla N.
A good time to have breakfast would be as soon as you wake up. When you make your brew, just make a piece of toast and grab a piece of fruit. Something is better than nothing, if you start small and make it a habit, eventually you can work on making bigger things, like adding an egg to your toast and making that piece of fruit into fruit and yogurt.