Could you tell us more about food we have to eat during the day

Heather Q.
Make sure you eat plenty of protein, wether ur trying to lose weight or maintain what u got going on, it's what keeps your body going!
Max O.
Eat food that makes your body and mind feel good. To not necessarily always eat food that stimulates the need of your tastebuds. Don’t eat till you get stuffed/full. Eat till your hunger has been reduced. Wait time for the sugar that you’ve consumed to digest before consuming more. Have a steady up and down with sugar intake throughout your day. Meat is good for you, if you pick the right kind. Sometimes you don’t always get the most amounts of nutrients from blending or juicing foods than you do eating them whole/natural.
Chris B.
I personally like to space out my energy. I break my food into 4 or 5 smaller meals throughout the day. My start is 3 scrambled eggs, then after my morning walk and shower, I have some oats. Lunch is usually a protein source with some rice. Something I can either eat hot or cold depending on my mood. And my dinner is whatever I feel like making. That's my free food for the day, no stress about healthyness or calories, just food to enjoy.
Madhura J.
The first meal of the day that is breakfast should be nutritious and healthy….. Like an oatmeal,fruits, nuts or something like that. It's the most important meal of the day and it saves us from hunger pangs till our next meal. When it comes to lunch, i prefer to keep it heavy compared to my dinner.