Is there a good warm meal that you can make it in a short time, like in three minutes? Quick meals are rather cold.

Selma Z.
Maybe fry an egg with some salt, pepper, herbs and some toast
You could try some Indian breakfast options like upma, poha, etc
Abigail Z.
Fried eggs, heating up a baked good (eg microwaving a muffin for a minute or two), microwave cheese burrito. The best speed-to-flavor-to-filling ratio is imo instant cup noodles. The only prep you need to do is heat up the water & wait 3 minutes, which means you don’t have to prepare any other ingredients in advance. If you want to spice it up a bit, add an egg to the instant noodles before adding water & covering.
Rachel P.
Instant noodles are good. You can add some new flavor to it like I add mine with milk because Its seafood flavor and milk goes well with it. You can add egg as well.
Doris C.
Make a big meal in advance of your next day! With the leftovers you are not able to consume the day before, you have your quick meal to heat up.
Giovana Q.
microwave pasta all you have to do is get a microwave safe blow and put some water and pasta in it and stick it i. there for 3-5 minutes and then add seasonings and enjoy
Rasmus X.
Weetabix and Milk

I warm up some milk on the stove, doesn't take much time. Or in the microwave oven. I pour into a bowl with one or two weetabix biscuits and add some honey for taste.

Dee N.
Depends on watch you like unthawed chicken breast is always my go to or Mexican street tacos or any tacos the key is always having the meat unthawed before cooking I always cook hmu for recipes !
Nereu O.
Hi there! I have a few hot meals I can think of. Fried eggs and toast or scrambled egg sandwich, and stir-fried instant noodles where you boil the instant noodles till they’re almost done, drain the noodles, then I quickly sauté kale or eggs in an oiled pan, add the noodles with seasoning, and squeeze lime on top. I use mama instant noodles or Korean instant noodles like Jin Ramyun for this but I’m sure any really works. Sometimes I skip the seasoning and put garlic in the oil till fragrant, caramelize a small amount of sugar in pan , add soy sauce, then stir in the drained noodles
Rosa G.
You can make any kind of eggs for 5-10 min.
For example, u can boil them and have a healthy lunch w boiled eggs and bread.
Adam C.
Depending on the time of day recommend for breakfast if you like oats. Purchase the uncle Toby oats you can make in under three minutes
Johanna F.
It can be a warm sandwich of wholemeal bread with ham, cheese, a fried egg, lettuce and tomato slices. You can heat it in a pan or in the microwave. I do it in that way.
Sheila O.
You can noodle soup. It is quick, warm and perfey for winters and rainy days. You can find noodles in any grocery store and cook it. Just put the noodles in hot boiling water and let it cook for two minutes along with the seasoning and it's ready in three minutes, just don't throw away the excess water. If you want you can add boiled chicken or pork or egg or vegetables to the noodle soup to make it more hearty.
Daniel N.
If you have time for a bit of weekly prep, a soy sauce marinated hard boiled egg is a ramen game changer. While the water boils, cut the saved egg, some chives, and whatever else you like on top of your ramen for quick salty goodness!
Michael N.
A quick warm meal is very difficult since the process of heating up food takes a little bit of time. Something like mac n cheese is 3:30 minutes in the microwave but thats not healthy. Im sure somewhere out there is a quick good warm meal you can make in less than 3 minutes but in my house i dont think so.
Darija C.
The first thing that comes to mind is a grilled cheese/sanwich, it always gets me in a cozy mood and i love how crunchy it is.