What breakfast do you eat?

Marion J.
Before I got fabulous i ate cereal everyday but now i am trying to eat a more protein filled meal that will last longer. i eat oatmeal, eggs, or sometimes pancakes or waffles and i always try to include fruit
Victoria Y.
Protein rich. I try to incorporate veggies or fruits with it. Proteine Oatmeal with fruits or a priteic shake with rye crakers cotage cheese and veggies
Heather N.
I get up, drink my glass of water in the kitchen, open a banana, and put some peanut butter on it.

I have also thought about some hard boiled eggs, and some granola with dried cranberries and nuts (but I haven’t done those last two yet). I don’t like a ton of food when I first wake up, and it needs to be done quickly so I can finish getting ready in the morning. These are things I can do without too much angst.

Gundula C.
It depends on my mood. However a typical breakfast is some sort of bread like toast or bagel and an egg. Sometimes I'll have a little fruit or bacon. But I start off my day strong with protein and carbs. Sometimes if I don't want something heavy then I'll have a nutritious protein smoothie
Anna O.
Hi, I don’t know who asked but my breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs, cake, orange juice and a giant cup of coffee ✨
Eliza P.
During the week I usually switch it up between breakfast burritos or a plain bagel. My breakfast burritos consist of eggs, spinach, bacon and cheese inside. I put cream cheese on my toasted bagels and a little bit of Everything Bagel seasoning.
Zee N.
I’ve never been a breakfast person – always makes me feel sick to eat in the morning. So now I have a shake every morning instead. I prefer chocolate protein shakes personally. Or a Yoghurt with granola or cereal bar.
Caroswan N.
Eggs, turkey bacon with fresh fruits

Oatmeal with white eggs, dark chocolate, almonds and fresh fruits.

Pancakes with almond flour.

Codi G.
Oatmeal with berries, apple, or banana. Sometimes I eat scrambled eggs with turkey bacon. If I do eat cereal, it’s NOT sugary and I eat fruit with it.
Loris N.
I try having a bit of variation in my breakfasts! It all depends on my mood: sometimes cereal, or just fruit. Maybe pancakes, waffles, or crepes. If I have less time in the morning I just have whatever I had for dinner the night before.
Janice J.
Usually I eat yogurt with granola and honey. And a good cup of coffee. But when I'm in a Harry because I want to do my exercises early, I get a banana and a coffee and later I do my usual breakfast.
Yuna N.
I eat vegan cheese, olive paste and avokado with homemade breadlike something (I mix flaxseed, gluten free flour and chickpea water instead of egg and cook it).

I try to follow the rules of food combining.

Sean R.
I usually make chia pudding and add different kinds of fruits on top depending on my taste for the day. Also, i toast wheat pita bread and add some tzatziki or sometimes peanut butter!
Luka T.
I’ve been really enjoying oats for breakfast lately. If I don’t have time for a warm breakfast I keep yogurt, berries and granola on hand for a quick parfait.
L Onard T.
I ate a scrambled egg this morning. I made it myself with the new recipe from the internet. I use milk, salt, and pepper this time and it felt really tasty!
Mille Z.
I usually eat home made/ at home breakfast. It does not have to be anything fancy.
A cup of oatmeal with milk. A cup of kefir/ milk with some cookies or bread or cake.
If I manage the time well, I cook some noodles using the left overs from previous meals, or just add eggs, some vegetables like carrots, kohlrabi and I'm good to go. I try to keep it as healthy as possible by eating some veggies/ fruits/ food with fibers.
I occasionally eat out for breakfast. I live in Vietnam, so there are many food stalls that sell freshly cooked dishes, like sticky rice with stewed meat/ fried eggs, steamed buns, phở, bún, …
Ma Wenn P.
i really like using eggs and fruit for my breakfast because it is low cal and provides protein and a sweetness that i like. i also use ezekiel toast because it’s made with whole grains and has no added sugar. oatmeal is also a very good option in the morning. i like to put protein powder in my oatmeal to add more protein in my diet, you can also add a fried egg on top. if i want to sweeten my oatmeal, i use honey bc it is a natural sweetener
Elizabeth B.
I usually switch between granola, regular breakfast cereals and milk (I’ve switched to oat milk now and I try to have it as much as possible to be more plant-based in my diet, but that is completely up to personal preference). Some days I might have toast with some sort of spread on (margarine, jam, both) and I always, no matter what, try and include some fruit in my breakfast (my top three would be bananas, pears and apples). Hope this helped 🙂
Lady Q.
I like to eat fruit like bananas and apples, steel cut oatmeal in the instant pot, kichari also in the instant pot, gluten free toast with nut butters, fruit spreads, honey, and banana slices.
Alder S.
I usually take out an extra hour in the morning to make sure I always have time for breakfast cause rushing your breakfast undoes all the good
Alex O.
Oatmeal… with chopped almonds and a small amount of pumpkin seeds added. Half a glass of plant protein milk (Ripple).
Then, herbal tea! For a while, I've been loving this turmeric and ginger tea…as my 1st 2 cups in the morning.

I don't eat dairy or gluten. I also need low sugar and I can't have caffeine.

Georgia S.
Breakfast is usually a mix of these:
-1 egg either by itself or with a few tablespoons of egg whites.
-two good Greek yogurt with fruit & chia mix as topping
-2 slices Turkey bacon
-English muffin or 1 slice bread (sometimes plain or sometimes with pb/jelly)
-measured out smoothie bowl
Angela E.
I cut out a circle in a slice of bread and Crack an egg in side, top with honey cinnamon and a side if fruit and plenty of water! It makes breakfast a little fun and more worthwhile after you ypu are done because it takes time to make it and you feel so good after
Melody Z.
I fell in love with eggs in a basket. That's where you cut a hole in a slice of bread and toast it in a pan and pop an egg to fry in the middle. Pro tip: a tiny bit of mayo on the bread makes it super nice and toasty! I usually have a small cold brew latte and some mandarin oranges and a banana or pear with it to round it out. Since I started making this breakfast, I look forward to it every day! And I used to HATE eating eggs for breakfast! I guess I just needed to find my favorite kind.
Aquira Z.
I eat a lot of fruits or veggies every morning. Some are smoothies, they help a lot during the day and keep you full in the morning.
Nicky O.
Sometimes eggs, other times porridge or muesli. If there are some good leftovers from the night before then I may have those instead
Georgia Z.
I used to eat a big breakfast with eggs and sausage and all that, then I moved to a smaller breakfast or no breakfast at all which was bad but ever since I went vegan I’ve been eating regular sized good breakfasts like oatmeal and fruit or a tortilla and yeah
Ann O.
Yogurt or hot cereal, eggs with spinach and a little cheese. Every now and then bacon, and coffee cake and fruit and Hash browns.
Sergio I.
My go to, almost everyday breakfast is oatmeal pancakes. I make it with oat flour, an egg, flax seed, vanilla, water/milk and that's pretty much it. I eat it with honey and fruit. You can add yogurt, nuts and seeds, and adjust it to your diet and requirements. It's a balanced, delicious and easy breakfast.
Isabella P.
It really depends on the day because I definitely like to shift ideas. Nonetheless, between my favorite dishes there are French toasts, arepas, scrambled eggs with bread and cheese, and more. Try to really enjoy your breakfast in behalf that it could change your whole day! 🤍
Sammy Y.
I usually have oatmeal, vitamins and sometimes fruit. Lately though I have been having more fruit, and that has been feeling very good on my body.
Cl Ment O.
usually i just go on my day without having breakfast. But if i’m feeling extra some days, i either drink a glass off orange juice or have some cookie and tea!
Marcus W.
Before eating anything firstly I drink water and then proceed to breakfast. The foods that I eat in the morning are eggs , grains, veggies and milk I usually eat the food having proteins so I could be full with energy.
Alessandra N.
Today for breakfast I ate pancakes that my sister did.I also had an iced coffee but I didn't finished. Had my breakfast with my fam and its the best to start my weekend.
Tammy U.
Oatmeal with honey n cinn. Sometimes add banana n pb. Try to get oats with flax n other healthy grains. Yogurt. Nuts. Eggs! Avo toast
Raena O.
Protein shake with double digit protein snd single digit sugar under 300 calories. I’m super into the Fairlife chocolate protein drink. No lactose for my complicated guts, tastes LEGIT like chocolate milk. No chalky taste. No gritty feel. Love it. Often I’ll add a little apple or other piece of fruit too. Not a huge one, just a smaller one.
Rodolfo N.
I tend to keep things easy by going through phases. Once you've got into the habit by beginning with small breakfasts (maybe a handful of nuts) you can move up to cereals and muesli if you like them. My top tip would be to choose something that excites you. You wake up and cant wait to make or eat your chosen food. It gets easier the more you try and do. By the end, you're making poached eggs on a plate with 7 other colours. Smile, you'll get there 🙂
Toll E.
Please resendlnk on question about how igot back on track doing this app againcafter sinkng into sverecdepression again andhaving to get back on track i ate yogurt
Verdi Q.
I usually eat Cheerios and milk or bread and cream cheese. On weekends or good days I might have pancakes with some berries and organic maple syrup.
Vicky N.
A few days a week I’ll one egg cooked with safflower or olive oil, topped with salsa. I’ll also drink a cafe latte shakeology. Other days I have a bowl of oatmeal with fruit!
Carolina F.
I use to have a very early and softer breakfast of almond milk, coffee and oatmeal. After this first breakfast I make my 1 hour workout. When I finish the workout I got a big fruit and vegan protein smoothie that I make myself. All these food gives me energy enough until lunchtime. If I feel very hungry and Its weekend, I add a boiled egg and avocado toast to the breakfast or tomato toast (typical Spaniard breakfast)
Emily F.
Porridge, handful of dried fruit and nuts, a piece of fruit and 2 boiled eggs sometimes. I don't really like throwing them all in the same bowl so I usually eat them seperately #fussyeater
Michael Z.
To at least eat a little something before a intense workout is always best. Then you can have a bigger one when you get home. The reason is you can pass out if you don’t eat properly before something intense. In fact my sister almost did one time😅!!
Abram O.
I take bananas and passion fruits and eggs, with the nutritional value of all these ,i get to have a well balanced,long lasting diet, carries me through the day where i have a late lunch
Patience E.
Mostly something quick, like a breakfast protein shake or some toast. But I try to ensure I have time to put a little more effort in to be able to make homemade oatmeal or avacado toast. I'm always trying to make sure I eat enough in the morning! If not, I feel the consequences pretty quickly once my day gets going.