How do you have a healthy yet REALLY QUICK breakfast?

Ma Lia B.
prepare all the things you will need the night before, then when ur ready it's quick and easy to make. for hot foods like porridge or eggs, get the utensils you need ready for you in the morning.

Jess A.
Look again carefully at your 8-week challenge chart: the black week numbers should be across the TOP. Also there seems to be only 4 weeks with 4 categories. Hmmm?

Isabelle F.
well i normally have yoghurt and muesli so it’s as easy as a couple scoops of yoghurt and sprinkle over some muesli and mix it together. It doesn’t have to be a lot just enough to get you to lunch. If i have a few more minutes i like to add some diced fresh fruit to the bowl 🙂

Ingo X.
Have a simple plan ready or noted down on the night before. Make sure you explore with multiple ingredients till you find the efficient combo for yourself. Keep exploring you will find it!

Odair Q.
Prep things the night before – cut up fruit and portion yoghurt. I also make overnight oats the night before so I just need a spoon to get going. When we make things easy for our future selves, we follow through.

Alfredo C.
I usually eat healthy whole grain cereal with milk, or some healthy pieces of fruit. The day before, if I know I'll be in a rush the next day, I pre prepare a hard boiled egg or other healthy options.

Samantha P.
I set up a tray next to my keurig each night. The tray has a glass of water, my supplements, and a piece or fruit or pre-prepped breakfast on it.

Silas C.
I make sure I buy all the ingredients weekly. I know what I will have in the morning, I cut it up (fruits), mix all together ( Coco yoghurt, almond milk, chia seeds, gf granola, nuts and honey), then take it to work and eat is as soon as I arrive.

Taleen N.
I recommend doing a overnight breakfast if you want a healthy but on the go breakfast . You could do breakfast smoothies a ready batter of pancakes fresh fruit an açaí bowl or overnight oats you can top them off with fresh berries too they’re so delicious
I hope I helped keep going and don’t give up !!

Noham U.
There are 3 ways I do this. Some mornings, if I’m really pressed for time I order a breakfast sandwich from a coffee shop on my way to class. If I have 10 minutes or so I make some scrambled eggs, or a fried egg with some toast cause it only takes about 5 minutes to make and I can eat it pretty quickly. Finally, I sometimes make some egg bites the night before and just warm them up and eat them on my way to class. This last one is great because it takes no time to heat them up in the morning (I usually put on my shoes while doing it), and they’re portable, so I can eat on the go.