What foods will give you energy?

Carsten E.
Energy can go into w collums, short time and long time. Short Time is sugary foods and drinks including coffee. Long term is things with protein like peanut butter, meats like steak, cottage cheese, and nuts.
Avery B.
I strongly believe protein like eggs and meat gives me more energy. Also, fruits and vegetables. On the other side, sugar makes me feel lazy and with less energy.
Patrik Q.
It depends on the person. If you exercise you should eat a smoothie bowl or drink a smoothie. If you don't exercise you should eat a full on breakfast with all the proteins and bitamins you need but without receiving to much sugar. Personaly I try to do both based on what I do later in the day. If I decide to exercise later, a eat fruits and drink a smoothie. After I am done working out I eat something fuller to keep me energized for the day. But if I decide not to exercise I just eat a fuller version of breakfast.
Francisco A.
The energy I seek on food now it's the one that keeps me feed in body and in spirit, therefore I have changed my diet into a vegetarian one, now I can rest easy in my mind that I am committed with my way of perceive life forms different and equal so a good pound of nuts or almonds could do the trick for me
Elias N.
Granola and milk. Oats as well. I really love cow milk but I am trying to avoid it for the sake of the planet. So I am learning to enjoy other types of milk.
Loredana M.
i thank that when I eat healthy, like fruit, vegetables,white meat and smoothies I have more energy.
I also make my "healthy"cake ,just to don't give up my diet.
Jacob Z.
I'm allergic to eggs so I make scrambled and breakfast burritos with tofu. Sometimes I add Turkey bacon or chicken sausage, or sometimes just veggies. I always feel energized and full for a long time after.
Colleen G.
I would shoot for snacks that have a high protein content. Nuts are very good for you, as well as some varied fruits. Rice can also be filling, and eggs fill you up best in the morning.
Karl U.
I like rice and meat. I like fish.I like vegetables but I prefer meat.i like pasta and we have some other irannnaian food that I like.