What do you do for a “great” breakfast when you are short on time?

Constanze F.
I always make sure that I boil eggs that’ll last me about 4-5 days. This way when I’m in a rush, I have boiled eggs ready to eat on my way out. I also like to have a banana as well since bananas are good with represses hunger.
Carl P.
If I'm short on time I have breakfast at a drive through rest. Anyway I do take care of the value of nutrition. I choose salads and real meat or fish and real potato or bread and real fruit juice. No shake no beverages no sweets.
Oto Q.
A great breakfast would be, coffee and a toasted plain bagel with ham,cheese,eggs and creme cheese. Also a 10minute video of a motivational speaker like (will Smith)
Terry N.
I really enjoy fruit and greens smoothies to start my day, organic frozen chunked fruit from Costco makes it easy and quick, then add some fresh kale or spinach or really greens of your choice. While energizing and revitalizing it isn't filling so I pair it with a couple hard boiled eggs for protein!
Irene O.
When time is short for breakfast in the mornings and you know you'll be in a rush. perhaps meal prep you breakfasts the night before so ingredients are at the ready. Also, quick and simple high protein breakfast ingredients will keep your energy up for the day. Eggs are an ideal quick breakfast which fit the bill for quick and high protein. Also, don't neglect adding fruit and veg into the equation smoothies and juices only take a few minutes to prep and you can be on your way. Variety keeps it interesting too so if your breakfast is getting a bit boring change it up
Regina Y.
I always like todo a hot chocolate with some bread. It’s fast,easy and very nutritional also it will keep you full the whole morning
Malthe C.
I grab a quick granola bar snack or fruit, depending what I have in stock. And if I don't have time to grab a shake/smoothie for a morning snack while out being busy, than I would have a more conscious (in other words, indulging) lunch to make up for the nutrients I need and have missed.
Terrance U.
Have a smoothie with protein powder, fruit, almond milk, spinach, probiotics, fiber powder, and MCT oils. It's easy to put in my little blender, and take it with me.
Adam O.
Eggs are always my answer, and fried eggs are incredibly fast—otherwise, an oatmeal flax cereal is easy to eat quick bites of while my hands are full with the baby, or one of those yogurt drinks.
Alison E.
Prepare my breakfast the night before, making overnight oats which is quick, easy and healthy.
Tastes great too! This means I can eat it on the train journey to work if rushed or relax with a cuppa first thing and enjoy.
Cemal I.
Porridge with protein powder, eggs (boiled or fried) with tomatoes/cucumber/celery, avokado sandwish with gluten-free bread
V Ndel Q.
I grab something quick. Something that doesn’t involve cooking or baking or anything time consuming. For example fruits, vegetables, nuts, trail mix, overnight oats, or a protein bar. I eat it on the way to school and it isn’t messy. It’s a great breakfast! 🙂
D Rcio Z.
I try to prepare food ahead of time that I can either eat quickly or take with me. Otherwise, I just grab some fruit for an ok breakfast.
Dragica C.
I don't have any special solution here. Maybe it would be good to prepare breakfest ingriedients day before? Like in example a Juice.
Elias F.
I usually go for raw oats with flaxseeds, banana and oatmilk. If I know I’ll be on the go, I prep some overnight oats and grab a jar on the way out. Granola bars are also a good alternative for something quick, but watch the sugar levels.
Milica Z.
When I am short on time, I usually grab a granola bar, cup of Chibani yogurt, and an apple or some fruit. I also bring a bottle of water
Marek Y.
Sometimes we run out of time in the morning before going to work. However it is important to eat before so that you have the energy to do your best. I don’t think you should skip breakfast and sometimes it’s hard to have a great breakfast. That’s why my normal routine includes porridge with banana and penut butter. It takes 1-2 minutes to make(if you have a kettle to boil the water) and maybe 10 more minutes to eat( I am faster tho because I always eat fast-I know it’s not healthy). Think of how those 10-15 minutes can change the next 3-5 hours. It’s a bargain. Such a small act for such a great impact.
Francis E.
Sous vide egg bites. They’re pre made and take 1 minute in the microwave. They’re low in carbs and loaded with protein.
Lineia C.
I always have cooked bacon in the fridge so I can just throw a couple of pieces on a slice of whole wheat bread and toast it in the toaster oven. If I have a few extra minutes I'll cook an egg and put it on there too. Add a small glass of OJ and you have a great breakfast!
Louisa P.
Eat an egg sandwich from Starbucks or burrito or eggs from the cook in my office building. Also have oatmeal, protein shake, or cliff bars as back ups.
Warren Z.
I usually don't have a lot time to eat breakfast before going to work. So in order not to skip breakfast, I have several quick options always ready in the kitchen.
I always drink my coffee with milk, I like it better this way and I get some good energy from the whole milk as well.
My Breakfast options:
1- banana/apple + 2 tbsp peanut butter.
2- 2 slices whole wheat bread + 2 tbsp peanut butter + 2 tbsp jam.
3- 1 avocado + 2 pieces of dark chocolate .
Hope this will help 😊
Stanislaw X.
Banana i one hand, whole grain in the other 🙂 something like a muffin, bagel, roll, slice of bread, crisp bread.. something made mostly of whole grains, added bonus if there are seeds or nuts in it.
Jerome F.
I take easy to prepare personalized protein shake.
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There are all required vitamin and minerals in 1 glass of shake.
6 different flavours mango,chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orangecream, and awesome kulfi flavour.
Delicious breakfast !
Viola U.
I try to have breakfast prepped the night before. If it's something that needs to be cooked, I put the ingredients together and then store it in the fridge the night before. That way, I can just put it in the microwave as soon as I get to the kitchen. If it's something that needs to be pre-cooked, do that a day or two before, then store in the fridge until you can reheat.
Cesaltino Z.
I try to have my fridge / freezer stocked well so I know I have exactly what I need. Less is more because then I’m not trying to decide from the variety of options what to make. There is only 1 breakfast option during the work week: eggs with avocado and greens, and oatmeal with fruit. This definitness helps me autopilot my breakfast preparation, reducing the need for decision making, meaning I can concentrate on other things while making my food or not concentrate on anything at all.
Emma E.
I always have a fresh green smoothie in the fridge from the night before ready to go so I grab it and I’m out the door! Spinach, kale, ginger, lemon, spring greens and avacado, pinch of salt, is my usual recipe and I mix it up from time to time 😊
Mary E.
1 packet instant plain oatmeal , 1T nutribiotic rice protein powder, 1 T peanut butter powder. Pour boiling water over it, microwave for 30-40 secs to make it super fluffy
Marie X.
I've bought a box of Clif nutrition bar. Unlike the other bars, it's not that sweet and consists all you need to kick start your day. On days with no time for making a proper breakfast, they'll work out for me.
Alison E.
Some furits or fruit juice and an egg these are filled with nutrition needed for the whole day. Also they are easy to make, with egg you can boil it or just make an omelet, you can do many things with it