What proteins do you prefer at breakfast?

Billie W.
I really love bacon & eggs. Also if shirt on time, a bowl of high protein cereal with fresh cut fruit like bananas is wonderful. Or if on the go I grab a high protein snack bar.

Theodor F.
I rotate between three different breakfasts, fried eggs or an omelette, oatmeal with whey protein and berries and peanut butter, or a smoothie with berries, spinach and whey protein!

Kjlau Z.
For breakfast, I usually eat oatmeal porridge with peanuts, seeds, banana slices and cinnamon. Sometimes wholemeal sandwiches and fried eggs

Bianca F.
eieren denk ik en ik hoop dat proteïnen ook in Brinta zit.
Ben geen grote fan van brood in de ochtend maar wat niet is kan nog komen

Pamda Y.
It depends. Sometimes I would go for protein oatmeal, usually adding protein powder. Other times I eat pancakes with some protein spread. Sometimes for my first meal I go for lean meats or fish. Today I had a chicken burger with sweet potato fries.

Jonathan C.
Eggs, nuts but im not sure if they have protein, a small sausage is nice too. Hmmmmmm
I would not mind peanut butter, but i believe its a bit heavy for me!
Tuna is great as well