What normally you eat in the morning? I love bread so I want something healthy with it. Any ideas?

Lauren O.
Scrambled eggs w cheese and maybe even spinach on toast is a favorite of mine…even peanut butter toast has tons of protein in it!
Noemie Z.
Eggs are a good start, cooked any way. Avocado is also a healthy choice. Peanut butter as long as it is only ingredient is peanuts is also good.
Mads W.
Avocado and eggs seems like a good combination with bread. I usually eat some protein, like eggs, oatmeal and bananas. I also like to drink tea in the mornings!
Ariosto F.
Smashed avocado with some cherry tomatoes, add some herbs and seasoning. So simple yet super delicious! You can also spread some peanut butter, banana slices and chia seeds on top if you're feeling like eating something sweeter.
Elmer O.
I love having a healthy loaded piece of toast in the morning! It means I can enjoy bread but still get my nutrients in. I like doing a piece of whole grain toast with either 1) avocado, seasoned with a little olive oil and salt/pepper, 2) a layer of peanut butter and sliced bananas, sometimes with a drizzle of honey too!, or 3) buttered with a fried egg on top!
Kaitlin F.
So my wife makes this awesome toast with honey, Bananas and cinnamon… and as a topping she gave me some nuts as well.. very filling and I also enjoyed it throughly!!!
Moema N.
The best kinds of bread are brown or whole-wheat. They will give you the most fuel for your body and are less starchy than white bread.
As for what to put on it, I say avocado on brown toast is a quick and easy option to begin with. Hard boiled egg sandwiches are tasty and full of protein. You could also have fish in your sandwich – smoked salmon is great, or else tuna (without mayonnaise to avoid saturated fats). Salad sanwiches are good too, as long as there is no fatty/oily dressing.
You could also eat a portion of fruit and some nuts and seeds on the side.
I normally eat Müller Light Greek Style Whipped yoghurt for breakfast. I also enjoy strawberries or bananas, and occasionally a square of dark chocolate. I have a very sweet tooth, and I like to eat light, so it may not fill you. Stick to what makes you feel good!
Good luck with your breakfast!
Nicole Q.
I always have a healthy smoothie before I head to work. They are quick to make and you can add so many things like fruit, veggies, granola, greek yogurt, almond milk, flax seeds, vegan protein powders, cinnamon, you name it! If you like to have bread, have avocado on top! And find a dressing or oh! Peanut butter! Happy healthy eating!
Katie O.
I love having wheat toast, over easy eggs and avacado for breakfast. It's light but filling and holds me over until lunch time.
Ol Via Q.
I'm gluten free, so I don't normally eat bread unless it's a gluten free one. If you're going to though, you could spread some peanut or almond butter on it. Those will give you protein and healthy fats. I've also read that almonds are more alkaline than peanuts if you're interested in that. I've read mixed opinions about keeping one's body in an alkaline state.
Piotr U.
i eat bread everyday in the morning. i usuallly also eat avocado and some type of eggs. i would really like to include fruit in my breakfast. any idea how to do that?
Sofia W.
You can cut a circle in the middle of your piece of bread. Put the bread in a small pan with a little butter and crack an egg in the hole. Cook it up and have an egg in a nest. That way you get a little less carbs, some protein and a little fat.
Jakob Z.
I would suggest something high in nutrients, such as banana or avocado, on the bread or toast. This will add that much needed nutrients into your breakfast, as well as tasting great!
Alfeu F.
I too love carbs and bread. It seems out of convenience and preference I reach for this in the morning. I try to think more savory than sweet. Starting with a whole grain or sprouted grain bread is a better choice , or so I’ve read. Adding an egg and or making Avocado toast is a good idea. There are some great clean eating suggestions online as well as cooking light/ eating well magazine and website have some great breakfast ideas.
Derek Q.
Since i live in a hostel i cant make it sure that all i am eating is healthy but i try to keep it healthy i am a south indian so eat idli and sambar or dosa and sambar.. I dont have access to healthy life style that much
Chloe U.
My absolute favorite thing to make for breakfast is overnight oats. It's healthy and delicious, and doesn't take very long.
I use 1 cup rolled oats,
1Tbl chia seeds
1 Tbl fennel seeds (you can also use other types of seeds)
A handful of blueberries and raspberries
A banana
2 Tbl honey
And about 2 cups almond milk
Then if I have it I'll scoop a Tbl or two of almond butter on the side. 😍
Just combine everything but the fruit and honey and allow to chill in the fridge overnight.
But if it's just additions to bread you're after, a boiled egg with avacado and chili flakes are nice toast toppings
Suzy Z.
I make my own bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches in the morning, and I put homemade, copy-cat Chik-Fil-A sauce on the toast. On the side, I usually enjoy an apple or banana, a glass of milk, and some yogurt: a meal high in protein with a serving of fruit.
Jerueza E.
Bread is okay because it has carbs which are slow acting sugars so it will keep you energized for a longer time rather than regular sugar. I like bread too so if you incorporate peanut butter with a banana and honey on your bread and maybe an orange that is considered well balanced. Also I like to make breakfast sandwiches with two eggs and lean ham and a slice of cheese in between the slices of bread. Just remember balance is key and everything is okay to eat in moderation. Hope this helps.
John V.
Ron O.
I like making breakfast sandwiches! So ham and cheese, a BLT, eggs and salsa, whatever works for you. As long as it's not super heavy or unhealthy, it's a good way to kick of your morning
Ricky U.
Avacado on toast is a big win. Try doing banana slices on toast too. If you prefer 'uncooked toast' I would say try and add bacon and egg with bbq sauce.
Luis U.
Lentils with rice or flour made chapatis. It's way better than bread for digestive system. Actually bread is so unhealthy that our family tries to avoid it altogether but if we sometimes do happen to eat it, we take it as a mid day snack with mixed fruit jam and butter along with some Indian tea.
Gabrielle T.
I love to eat something simple because normally i forget to eat breakfast. I need something fast and easy if need to hit the road right away.
Hugh A.
I’m a big fan of toasted bread with mashed avocado and arugula dressed with lemon and olive oil on top like a salad! Also good with the addition of a fried egg.
Louisa P.
Some creamy yet fluffy scrambled eggs on toast with salt and pepper is scrumptious. On the side you can have some fresh berries or a smoothie for a perfect breakfast.
Jeanette J.
Peanut butter on a toasted English muffin is a pretty healthy choice. I also like Starbucks’ bacon Gouda breakfast sandwiches.
Jordan Q.
I too love eating bread! I would pair bread with some scrambled eggs or having avocado toast. Remember white bread is yummier, wheat bread is healthier!
Derek U.
First, pick a whole grain bread and toast a thick slice. Add mushy avocado, sliced tomatoes, maybe some mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

For more protein add an egg.

Cecil E.
I eat cereal and milk because it is packed with vitamins & minerals. You can eat a multi seed bread with peanut butter and tahini.
Mia B.
If bread is your go to (as it is for me too :D) I always choose multi grain without high corn fructose syrup. The brand I use is high in protein per slice so paired with peanut butter is a no time, healthy way, to jumpstart your morning. You can try almond butter or if you find yourself with a little more time in your hands go, and try and avocado toast with a sunny side up egg. Enjoy!
Alberte B.
Sprouts mung, 15 almonds,. Then 250 ml milk with 35 gram oats + 1tbsp peanut butter. ….if you love bread then u can use fruit jam and peanut butter or almond butter with it.
Joanna Z.
I typically have some sort of toast. Peanut butter with sliced strawberries or avocado with an egg. Enough protein to give me energy for the day. And I have coffee with honey and milk.
Emma W.
Something with protein – eggs, or peanut butter, or oily fish like salmon. You can add herbs for flavour and presentation.
Johanne B.
I have a protein coffee first thing as I'm not super hungry. Then when I get more hungry around 9:30/10 I usually have some oats.
Thomas E.
Smear avocado on it or use real butter with cinnamon and stevia (natural sweetener) for some cinnamon toast that contains healthy fats and no sugar
Emin O.
Me too are a 100% sandwich breakfast eater. But since I tried eating oatmeal for several days I feel more balanced for the beginning of the day. During summer you can also try smoothies. Enjoy – most importantly! 😁
Ka S Q.
I also like bread but I haven’t had any I drink A protein shake for breakfast. Bread is my weakness and if I’m going to succeed I have to give it up because I have no control when it comes to o bread.
Martin J.
For me, morning is for fruits. I eat 2 types of fruits every morning along with various types of tea.

How about avocado toast? Whole wheat bread with poaced egg and avocado on it?


Whole wheat bread with almond butter

Toasted whole wheat bread till crispy, then add fruits puree

Whole wheat bread with banana slice, with homemade nutela recipe from deliciously ella.

Whole wheat bread with banana slice and nut butter.

Whole wheat bread with home made jam. There are healthy jam recipes without sugar on internet. Try search vegan strawberry jam.

Heather P.
I prefer something quick like bread (preferably the high fiber kind) and peanut butter (low sugar varieties) with a side of yogurt.

To change things up, you can inject all sorts of random fruits in there; banana slices on your peanut butter and toast or blueberries in your yogurt.

Hope that helps!!

Richard P.
Normally I would just have toast for breakfast. But you could have :
Peanut butter (or nut butter)

If I have a day off work, I enjoy having scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast. Very nice

L Andro O.
I eat 2 fried eggs and I slice of toast that I cut in half do it makes me think I'm eating 2. After my water I drink coffee. This keeps me full and gives me energy.
Gregory N.
I generally don't eat bread as I follow keto diet so no carbs.. I either have berries and yogurt with some mixed grain granola that I make myself sometimes 2 hardboiled eggs and half a yogurt
Suzy W.
Sometimes I will eat an avocado toast, with eggs or a protein. That could be a solution to your question. I normally love to eat an omelette.
Thea C.
Hi there! Im not a nutritionist or something, but i might help so i'll share my answer with you.
I also like eating bread as part of my breakfast, *consider changing the white bread with whole wheat bread, it is an healthier option
Eggs are going great on a toasted bread, and with a nice salad next to it it'll be a great breakfast.
You can also try making an omelet with an onion, parsley and even mushrooms if you like, and eat it with the bread. Bon appetite! Good luck with your journey to be fabulous!
Terry J.
I either eat a smoothie with fruits, flaxseed, and spinach, or I make a shake I bought that has all the calories and nutrients necessary for a healthy meal.
Heiderose X.
You would need to add protein to your bread to prevent an energy dip mid-morning, so perhaps add organic eggs, or bacon, to your bread, or perhaps some cheese, ham, and lettuce or other vegetables for a filling sandwich.
Coline S.
It could be some eggs, or there is another receipt, it's called pan arrebosado you can do that in a grill so you don't have to use oil
Phoebe T.
I personally have two eggs on a piece of light rye or wholemeal bread with an apple. The eggs are there for the protein which is proven to make you feel less hungry for longer. I'm very slim and want to add some weight so I add the bread for carbs. The apple is for the longer lasting energy and the natural sugars. (I'm a sweet tooth so to avoid eating heaps of sweets, I turn to sweet fruits.)
Sasha Y.
Make sure your bread is whole grain with as few ingredients as possible. Some healthy things to go with it would be avocado or cheese with a slice of tomato. "Eggs in a basket" (cut a hole in a slice of bread and fry an egg inside of it) with a piece of fruit. Salmon and cream cheese on toast with some greens. I try to have a fat, a protein, and something fresh/raw.
Augustin P.
i normally eat rice and some fried processed food like hotdog, corned beef, luncheon meat, etc. But since, Fabulous has suggested healthier options, i'll try to consider it. They say fruits and vegetables are the best… i just don't know how it will blend well with bread