What is a good storage container to use if meal prepping a breakfast meal?

Douglas E.
I am super ocd and have Tupperware type containers that mismatch. I use the Rubbermaid four tab click plastic containers (like lock and lock). Everything stacks easily and they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Brianna U.
It depends on the type of meal I am preparing, oats or yogurt and muesli, chia pudding and the like I will put in to a mason jar. If I’m having cereal I will put the dry cereal into a Tupperware with the milk ready to go in a leakproof container.

Konstantin Z.
Depends on the breakfast, but glassware works fantastic! It will be easier to clean then plastic. You avoid that greasy feeling of used plastic.

Thomas Y.
For over night oats I use Mason jars. For breakfast burritos I wrap them in foil and toss them in the oven while I'm getting ready and snag it on the way out the door.

Asher Z.
For thing like oatmeals and other foods in bowls, mason jars are fantastic. For more “classic” breakfast foods (i.e. eggs, bread, etc.) glass tupperware-like containers are best.

Gunhild I.
I rarely prep my breakfast in advance. Mostly I just grab some slices of Toasted bread, mayby an apple, and eat on the go. However, I'm very fond of my travel mug, which enables me to bring coffee from home. The brand is called "emsa".

Ayten C.
If your breakfast is a sandwich or wrap or something, use a plastic bag of appropriate size or a square box that’s exactly the right size for your sandwich so it doesn’t slide around. If your breakfast is like overnight oats or a parfait or chia pudding or something, use an old jar like a jam jar, pickle jar, or a mason type of deal. Sometimes I use this to prep cereal too, because I like to keep track of exactly how much I eat (I have a tendency to either under- or overconsume in the morning), so I measure out 2 DL of cereal, put it in a jar, and measure out 1,5 DL of milk and put in another jar, and then in the morning: bam, perfect amount for my breakfast without having to whip out the measuring tools! Anyway, really it’s just about thinking through what it is that you want to achieve with the prepping.

D Bia T.
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Ana S S.
I would use a container with two slots. One for fruit and the other for something you enjoy. Make sure it’s healthy! Then I would always take a drink such as green tea or water.

Hans F.
It depends on the meal. Oatmeal – jars with all the ingredients in them. Any other meal probably any standard storage container. I prefer and have glass. Could even set out cup for morning tea or coffee and get all the fixings set up. Slice apple ahead of time.