Is it still breakfast if it’s after 12 noon?

Ma Wenn T.
Break- fast: I would say it is as long as it's the first meal just after waking up, you are interrupting the "fastening" over a night sleep
Alfred W.
I think it really depends on when do you wake up. If it's 11 o'clock, I'd say yes. In my case it is not as I get up early, around 6-8 am.
Aiden O.
Technically, that would be in the brunch/lunch territory. But if it's pretty soon after you wake up, it serves the same benefit as breakfest in Fabulous.
Joel O.
Uhm, within what context? Is there an ‘intermittend fasting’ routine you want to commit to? Do you work late ours and do you have an alternitive routine where as you wake up late? Do you have 3 meals a day and the first is after 12? ‘Rules’ are guidelines not written in stone. You might want to go back as why you ask this question to find your answer: take your needs as a startingpoint. And there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Good luck!
Nicoline F.
i don’t think so since your metabolism is faster earlier on in the day. so it’s probably better to eat breakfast early in the morning since you can eat more and feel full longer.
Gilbert P.
Not for me. Eating within the hours of waking kick starts my digestion and reinforces my circadian rhythm. So that usually means by 9-10am.
Anita N.
I would call it brunch instead of breakfast, but if your schedule requires you to wake up at 12 noon, then yes. I consider the start of your day or your first meal of the day to be breakfast….. not 12 noon.

Thank you

Emil W.
No. I consider any meal after 12 noon to be lunch. I think waiting until after 12 noon to have breakfast is way too long and it should be eaten within the hour when you wake up.
Augustin E.
Yes., it’s just breaking the long fast. Yet There are right ways to do the fast which is very important. Consult a nutritionist or read for yourself on different topics such as intermittent fasting etc.,
Suzy C.
Yes, if it's the first meal of the day, especially since I don't have to work until 10 am. Sometimes doing intermittent fasting will cause later eating for me.
C Lio C.
Noon Time is “traditional” time for lunch. It’s your decision to follow or discover.

Working shift hours, you will find that “shifting” your clock to your waking hours will help.

Example, Swing Shift, 3:00 P Start:
2:00 P Wake, Shower, “Breakfast”, Travel, Clock-in
7:00 P Lunch
6:00 A Bedtime

Graveyard-Night Shift-Dog Watch, 12 A Start:
11 P Wake, Shower, “Breakfast”, Travel, Clock-in
4:00 A Lunch
3:00 P Bedtime

Does this help?

The term, “Breakfast” is a cultural label that signifies the first meal after waking.

You, as an individual, are capable of naming your first meal as “George” or “Jim” or whatever you fancy at that moment.

Eden F.
It would depend on your schedule. When do you have to be at work? If it’s evenings, then sure. Otherwise I would say no.
Agnes Y.
I fast from 12 to 20, I still call it breakfast.
The name says it all, it's the first meal you eat "break fast".
So I would say yes. 🙂
Lewis T.
I guess it depends on what time you wake up and how you go about your day. If you wake up at 11 am but don't sleep until 3 in the morning then I would consider it breakfast, but if not… I don't really think so
B Rbel E.
I think that it depends on your life style. For example if you're doing an intermittent fasting it is.
But for me, the breakfast must be at 9 at maximum, so at 12 I'm having the lunch.
Gary C.
Depends on when you wake up. Technically whatever your first meal of the day is always your break-fast meal. But if you are waking up at a “normal” time in the morning and then not eating until 12 noon – that meal is lunch (you skipped breakfast). If you are waking up later in the day, say 11 am, and then eating at noon it’s reasonable to call that breakfast.
Eugene Z.
No. Fueling the body with nutrients prepares me for a productive and energized day. After I eat I feel like moving and accomplishing my tasks. Waking up way before noon is important to me because I want to make the most of my time. So fueling the body early is most beneficial. But hey who makes the rules?
Valentin Q.
It depends what time you wake up and go to bed. If you go to bed at 3 am and wake up around 11-12 noon than I think it is your breakfast.
Benjamin C.
If people can say it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, does it really matter if you occasionally start the routines that are good for you a bit late?
Sebastian X.
If you are waking up from night sleep after 12 noon then yes. Break fast means break the fast. The whole night we did not eat. And whenever we wake up our body need food, a huge number.
Fabiano Q.
TLDR: Yes, but imo it’s not the best choice if you want to build a fabulous routine.

I would say breakfast is the first meal you eat in the day so if that’s after 12 then yea it would be. But there are some caveats. First, you should be making sure that you eat breakfast decently close to when you wake up. With some exception such as maybe you do a fasted cardio workout first thing in the morning or maybe you practice intermittent fasting. But regularly try to eat it within the first two hours of being awake. For those reasons I would say the only time you should eat “breakfast” after 12 would be if you are waking up after 11. Now that brings up another issue, maybe that’s the schedule your daily routine falls into due to work or maybe your internal clock makes you the most productive this way. If it’s not a necessity to maintain that routine, I would recommend to avoid it. There are a lot of scientific studies conducted around sleep patterns that say differing results but it is hard to argue against one thing. If you look at most of the successful people in the world, as fabulous points out, they almost all have great morning routines. This includes waking up earlier in the day.
In my option this is due to the fact our brains are the most ready for cognitive function about 2 hours after we wake up. This in the time you should schedule the most difficult/complex topic you will face in a day; because your brain is fully rested, has received the breakfast fuel you need and has not been impacted by other hard decisions made in the day.
In the end your daily routine is whatever will work best for you, be something you can stick to and beneficial to your future success.
Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Filippa G.
Not technically but that would depend on when you start your day. If you work at night and sleep during the day then your breakfast would just be your first meal of the 'day'.
Elfriede O.
I think breakfast is the meal you eat when you wake up and start to do your daily chores so no thats not breakfast unless you wake up everyday at 12 pm
Sonia X.
No but a meal is a meal and every meal you’re having should make you feel great and energetic! Be that breakfast, lunch or brunch – the latter might appeal better to you. If you wake up early and wait until after noon to get breakfast then no – it’s important to get nutrients and vitamins soon after waking up to get your body going. Just keep that in mind!
Nikolaj P.
If this is the time you usually wake up, then yes, but i will suggest you to wake up early and eat your breakfast earlier in the morning. (Maybe 10 am)
Everett P.
Sure if it's your first meal of the day. I had breakfast at 2pm one day this week because i had to fast for a medical procedure.
Jacqueline J.
Breakfast is literally breaking your fast from sleep. If someone has an overnight schedule or a schedule that switches their dietary needs up from the norm, the first meal after sleep is STILL breakfast!
Wanda O.
Technically yes, since you are still breaking your fast. Personally though, I think you need an earlier breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism
Louise N.
I’d say probably not, but it depends on when you wake up. You should try to eat breakfast no later than 2 hours after waking up to prepare and stock up energy for the day.
Amalie W.
If breakfast means you’re breaking a fast, then technically every meal is breakfast unless you’re continually eating.

More seriously, the importance is that your first meal of the day gives you energy to accomplish your goals and won’t make you crash. As long as it’s one of the first things you do when you start your day, that’s what matters.

Selma C.
Surely. Breakfast for me is the first meal of the day. We all have different routines and daily schedules. Some of us work overnight, some early mornings and mid-shifts. Just remember, no matter what time your day starts, start the day right with water, a good meal, and exercise.
Andy C.
Yes, if that is what time you first wake up.
Everyone is on different schedules due to work or other life demands.
It is important to start your day with a good meal no matter what time or what you call it.
The habit is important not the terminologies.
Angela J.
I'm going to say no. Your body will need fuel much sooner. Even if you wake up at 11:00 AM, your body needs a regular input of nutrients to work efficiently.
Marc Lio Q.
No, I think if you don't have a chance to do breakfast you should still put an effort into doing something which is simpler for instance take a piece of fruit or a hand of nuts. Breakfast is an important part of my morning routine and if I don't finish my morning routine I feel like something is not right and a bit dissapointed in myself. I can't t start my other activities.
Leni O.
I like to call breakfast after 12, brunch. Because you can easily make some pancakes and bacon, or you can make a turkey sandwich. Whatever you prefer. I, myself usually eat something more in the breakfast category like sausage or an omelette. But do whatever is right for you.
Penny J.
No, it is not a breakfast. After noon, it becomes lunch. Considering that “breakfast” is really skipping breakfast, which is not healthiest to start your day, metabolism, or for your health in general.
Odair P.
No, I don’t think so. Even if you eat a breakfast after 12 noon, I don’t think it’s ‘effective’ as the purpose of a breakfast is to make you feel energized and provide the nutrients you need once you wake up. If it’s several hours away from when you’ve woken up, you probably feel less energized for not eating anything for so many hours. I would call a meal after 12 noon a lunch.
Ruben Q.
It is not still breakfast if itnis after noon because you are already part way through your day. The benefits that breakfast gives you in the morning when you start your day are no longer the same if you eat "breakfast" at noon.
Calvin J.
Any meal that breaks your fast (from sleep) is considered breakfast. So if that happens after noon, then I'd consider it breakfast
Sharon S.
This is difficult for those who work at night, so it is not necessarily linked to the time of the day. If you have shifted you entire day, and your last meal is at midnight, it so still time to have breakfast. But if you just skip one meal, it is generally the breakfast.
Oscar S.
For me it is right now. I had a night shift, just woke up a 2PM. It's slightly more difficult to have a healthy meal that you can call a break fast than, but I had some roasted chicken with cheese and a banana afterwards. Feels good.
Jordan T.
No I don’t think so because overnight fasting is to be broken early or fairly early in the morning – not around 11:30 or 12
Christoffer F.
If it's the first meal of the day after sleeping in, then certainly! But ideally, wake up and breakfast would be more consistent and prior to noon on a regular basis. Also, taking overnight shifts into account, breakfast is your first meal that sets the course for the rest of the day, regardless of time.
Regina J.
By definition, it is probably not. Perhaps Fabulous is trying to encourage early rising by putting breakfast in our morning routine. However if you sleep in, take time to excel use and shower and then only eat after noon; be kind to yourself and check it off on that habit list.
Frida U.
Hmm…. I think it’s lunch, not breakfast. But if you work overnight and get up around 12, that should be breakfast for you. Depends on how you work.
Jannis F.
Why not? Isn't a meal what we make it? And then what about those of us who work "odd" hours and get up around noon? Would breakfast be the fare then?

And then of course, why not have breakfast any time.

Andre Z.
It certainly can be! Basically just the first meal of the day. Not everyone has a standard morning schedule and that’s ok
Ad Le F.
I think breakfast is the first meal of the day, regardless of the time. In the end, I think it is up to you to decide whether it is or not! 🙂
Maurice T.
No. Even if it may be breakfast food. Breakfast is in the morning, lunch is after 12 noon. If your first meal is after 12 noon, then you've skipped breakfast.
Abel Q.
I don't think so. If you have breakfast so late it means you haven't eating for a long time (in case you wake up at a reasonable time).
Otfried A.
People have different sleep cycles & schedules. The start of your day should be marked with a nutritious filling meal — breakfast.
Andrew G.
It depends on your schedule, I think. If you work a second or third shift (like I used to) your schedule is turned upside down.
Salemo A.
It depends. Is breakfast defined by the time of day of eat or the type of food you eat? I'd say breakfast time is usually before 12 noon. After noon comes lunch time. Although if you eat breakfast at noon it becomes brunch (breakfast- lunch). Lastly, you can eat breakfast "food" at anytime of the day. You can have breakfast food for dinner but the legit breakfast time is definitely before 12 noon:)
Lori J.
Yes, in a way. At least if it's your first meal in a day. But don't worry if you feel that's wrong. Actually there is no real proof that breakfast makes you healthier. Just read the article about the topic and how real science is treating with that.
Lia Z.
I believe the first meal eaten after waking is breakfast. The origin of the word is breaking the nighttime fast, and so it isn't constrained by the social construct of times of day be when certain meals should be consumed.
Lolita Y.
No, it is not. You are breaking the fast when you wake up in the A.M. This time is considered breakfast. When 12P.M. or Noon comes, that's lunchtime. If you choose to eat a breakfast meal at that time, that's perfectly fine. It would still be lunchtime nonetheless.
Bob P.
I guess that depends on your normal schedule! Some people have the night shift, so their breakfast may be after 12 in the afternoon. Otherwise, it sounds like a skipped breakfast and straight to lunch to me!
Freja N.
It depends on what time you got up that day… I think technicly breakfast is supposed to be before noon but if you work nights and get home late then breakfast should be the first meal of your day.
Austin J.
It depends on the type of food. If you eat breakfast food then it can be considered breakfast. However, this should only occur if you are not awake. Breakfast should be eaten soon after waking up.
Evel Cio Q.
If your rotine starts in unusual period, it can be. If your day starts in the morning, then no, because your brain already had started